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Barclays and other banks top employers for gay Scots

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Reader comments

  1. So the industry which destroyed the livelihoods of untold numbers of British people (including the LGBT population) are Scotland’s top employers.

    Can Stonewall even get any more pathetic and irrelevant.

    I want Stonewall to tell us what sizer financial contribution these banks made to Stonewall last year.

    The banks have clearly purchased these awards from Stonewall.

    How much did they cost.

    Hasn’t Stonewall rebranded itself as a solely anti-bullying charity yet. It’s no longer fit for purpose as an equality group.

    1. Before I agree or disagree can you tell me what Stonewall are doing behind the scenes just now. I have no idea I have to admit but clearly you must do to claim they are not fit for purpose.

      And on your other point, yes the banks helped cause the mess that we are in just now but that does not relfect on how they are as employers.

      1. Just as Target in the USA was given a 100% rating as an LGBT employer. Even though they were making massive financial donations to extremist homophobic politicians who were campaigning to remove LGBT civil rights?

        A company is not an island. In order to be viable it needs to be involved with the wider population.

        Working in one of these banks as an LGBT person may mean you won’t face discrimination in your workplace. But if your house is in negative equity and the cost of living and unemployment is soaring thanks to the behaviour of these businesses, then these businesses cannot pretend they live in a bubble.

        These banks have been involved in creating hardship for most of the population (including the LGBT population). Therefore they do not deserve these paid-for awards.

  2. “A labour market where competition for talent is stronger than ever before” ? I think he’s delusional, there is plenty of talent competing for a small number of jobs. And 7 out of 100 is not that great even when you compare Scotland’s population with the rest of the country.

  3. Sorry dAVID…but that sounds like a tad of bitterness laced with a lot of personal opinion…not fact! If you have any FACTS that stand up on their own I suggest you go to the press with them. The article was not about the good/bad points of banks…or for that fact, Stonewall, but employment figures within the LGBT community in Scotland. Stay on point please

    1. Some facts:

      1. The leader of Stonewall – Ben Summerskill – was caught red handed, engaging in a campaign against marriage equality at the 2010 Lib Dem party conference, when the subject of marriage equality becoming official LibDem policy was being discussed.

      2. Summerskill has never explained his reasoning for this appalling move.

      3. How Stonewall sets its agenda, and who it is answerable to remains shrouded in mystery.

      4. Inclusion on Stonewall’s Top 100 employers seems to require a financial contribution.

      5. Stonewall only decided to support marriage equality after threats of protests by LGBT people at its annual awards dinner. It has never campaigned for full civil rights for the LGBT population (marriage is a civil right.)

      1. 1, 2 & 5. This is now 2012. What he has done in the past doesn’t matter. People change, their ideas change, their objectives change. Let’s move on and focus on what’s important now

        3. I would imagine their agenda is set by those at an appropriate level within the organisation. I have no idea who sets, for example, Oxfam’s strategies towards their objectives. So long as they remain legal then they are free to do as they wish. Anyone who taks issue with this would probably be best to get involved in the organisation so that they may have their opinion heard or feel free to start up their own organistion to do this.

        and number 4. “seems to require” so you don’t actually know but hey let’s get tore into them for that anyway.

        I don’t particularly feel one way or another about Stonewall, I appreciate they have their job to do and I leave them to it. Therefore I don’t see why I have the right to then criticise them when I have nothing to do with them in the first place.

        1. What he has done in the past doesn’t matter?????


          So the head of nation’s largest LGB organisation is caught campaigning AGAINST equality, and it doesn’t matter????

          As for how the set their agenda. Well I expect full disclosure from Stonewalling on how they set their agenda.

          After all it positions itself as being representative of our community, but in fact it refuses to even acknowledge who it represents.

          It’s board of directors? It’s 19,000 backers? It’s corporate donors? The LGB community?

          The continuing presence of Summerskill and Stonewall’s secrecy on its running and policy making, means it should be monitored very carefully. It cannot be allowed to pretend it represents our communities if in secret, it only represents it corporate donors.

          1. So what are you doing to get your opinion represented. Who are you getting involved and engaging with Stonewall to ensure the direction they want to go is refelctive of how you feel? Or are you just being a bit of a keyboard warrior who’s happy to criticse without doing anything about it.

            No group can ever be truly representative of everyone within such a broad community. They can only represent the opinions and views of those are involved with the organisation. So if you ain’t happy with Summerskill or Stonewall then sign up and get your point heard. Otherwise don’t complain if they go a different way from you if that’s how those within feel they should go.

          2. I am not engaging with Stonewall at all. I prefer Outrage! (at least there is no suspicion that they are working on behalf of their corporate donors like there is with Stonewall).

            I do not know who Stonewall represents.

            Do you?

            Don’t you think it is beyond bizarre and sinister that Stonewall point blank refuses to tell us who they represent.

            Don’t you think that Ben Summerskill should be fired for his campaign against marriage equality?

            He has never even explained why on EARTH he was engaging in such homophobic activities.

            Yet he remains the head of Stonewall.

            That delegitimises Stonewall and everything it does.

            Nobody knows who Stonewall represents or how it sets its agenda.

  4. And just how many Barclays Bank Branches are there here in Scotland – one or two, I think!

    1. Really?

      I wonder how big of a financial contribution Barclays made to Stonewall last year then?

      Why else would they be included after all?

  5. GingerlyColors 10 Feb 2012, 6:21am

    Nowadays you are more likely to get aggro if you are a banker than if you are gay, especially as it is going to take decades to sort out the mess that Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin and his mates have made. I much rather work for a company that is held high in the public esteem, even if they are way down on Stonewall’s list of LGBT friendly employers.

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