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Trans charity to speak at Leveson Inquiry today

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Reader comments

  1. I completely support this. The trans community are treated disgustingly by the majority of the media, and this treatment only fosters the climate of fear, prejudice and discrimination against us. I hope they take whatever TMW says into serious account. More accurate, sensitive and positive portrayals of trans people in the media will be a big help in wider acceptance, if only they can get over their own bigotry first.

  2. Christine Beckett 8 Feb 2012, 10:58am

    This is brilliant news, and the end result of a lot of hard work by the charity.

    I doubt that it will take long for some of the more rabid and vindictive members of the press (did anyone say the Daily Mail?), to try and exact pay-back, by running as many negative stories as they can dreg up from around the world.

    One hopes the days of such bullying, poisonous rags are numbered, though.


    1. Unfortunately many of the stories you say they “dreg up” (and I have to agree that is how they seem) are the result of people seeking publicity, or having committed crimes, such as the recent case involving stalking and theft from, and impersonation of a well know English celebrity. There will unfortunately always be such people; one just has to trust that people recognise we are all individuals and highly diverse. Although many readers might, I don’t think the papers are saying these are any more than individual storys; not representative or typical. Over the years I am sure there has been improvement in the UK, and at greatly increasing speed, so I feel that much of the evidence to Levinson was besides the point.

      What I think is getting worse is people who do claim know everything about and to represent everyone who has ever in any way not complied to the gender stereotypes of their apparent sex of birth, but don’t. That makes me want to curl up and die.

  3. I know of several people who have been hunted down by the media for being trans. Initiating this matter at the Leveson enquiry is very welcome!

  4. I completely support a trans perspective being brought to the Leveson inquiry and I hope the evidence is well received and considered …

    Who is doing the same for lesbian, gay or bisexual people?

    1. Whoever is marking me down – do you think that LGB people should not have a voice at Leveson?

      1. Peter Tatchell knows a lot about the Homophobic Press. I remember discussing with him a particular case. It involved the Murder of schoolboy Joe Geeling, by Michael Hamer in what some people would call self defense. The Police showed the Press the Letter that Hamer wrote to Geeling:

  5. Christine Burns 8 Feb 2012, 1:06pm

    Tim Toulmin’s statement to the enquiry stretches the boundaries of what can be considered truthful.

    It was my campaign in 2004 which forced the editors’ code committee to reluctantly discuss the problems with coverage at the time. They really didn’t want to, and their response to my detailed dossier (containing dozens of personal testimonies) was to make a one word change to the code, which technically meant it could be interpreted in some circumstances to apply to trans people.

    Not surprisingly, papers continued just as before and their coverage became increasingly intense over the 8 years since, as more trans people became visible.

    Here’s my report from 2004

  6. Good for transwatch, Christine Burns and Paris Lees and everyone involved. Much respect to them for fighting.

  7. I support this whole heartedly, but is amazing that somebody going through transition is considered public property and can be reported on freely its disgusting and fuels discrimination and prejudice. So good luck today

  8. I’m watching this on-line as I write. As a gay man, I hugely commend Helen Belcher for both the quality of her evidence and her courage in appearing in public to “fight the corner” for trans people.

    I’d like to see someone (possibly Peter Tatchell?) giving evidence too on behalf of lesbian women and gay men.

    Well done, Helen Belcher! I admire you unreservedly.

    Mike K

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