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St Petersburg anti-gay law passes second reading

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Reader comments

  1. Gleb Sitnikov 8 Feb 2012, 3:55pm

    the only party that voted against this law was Yabloko

  2. Disappointing …

    Will the UK, US and UN pressurize Russia on their human rights record?

    1. They will say ‘tut tut’ and that’s all.

      Russia is far too rich and powerful and heavily armed (and we need their oil and gas) to do anything about this.

      1. Vauxhall-Boy 8 Feb 2012, 5:18pm

        I would like them to say a hell of a lot more – but gas and nuclear weapons probably talk ….

  3. Russia is not a democracy remember.

    It pretends to be but there is no freedom of assembly or press, their elections are rigged to the hilt and politicians not loyal to the dictator Putin seem to die or disappear at astonishing rates.

    The life expectancy for men in Russia is 59 (compared to 78 for Russian women; and 78 for British men). The reason for this is the chronic alcoholism of vast numbers of Russian men.

    The population of Russia is collapsing as any who can get out of that dump of a country does, the birth rate is very low and men die so young.

    Within 100 years China will have taken over vast sections of Asian Ruissia.

    Which is something we should all celebrate. China may not be perfect (far from it) but as a country it is far more advanced and civilised than Russia.

    1. don’t drop your crystal ball

      1. I don’t need a crystal ball. Asian Russia is vast and largely empty. Just to its south lies the superpower China with its upwardly mobile population of 1,300,000,000 looking for nice new homes.

        I’m surprised China hasn’t started expanding already (but there is a growing Chinese population on the Russian side of the Chinese border already so perhaps they are remaining quiet about it for the moment.)

  4. Russia is sliding into the bad old days of the Communist Czars. It is a hairs breath away from Putin voting himself President for life and then the Russians can say goodbye to any democracy. It is a kleptocracy ruled by a powermad short arse with a macho complex.

  5. Time to ask all those American and European cruise ships taking tourists to St Petersberg to join a boycott.

  6. I find it surprising that people who are as straight as it’s possible to be tolerate and even vote for this sort of repression. If I was straight I would find it liberating to live in a society in which people could express their sexuality. Apart from that I would bear in mind that it could be me who is next to be oppressed?

  7. Ikenna David. 8 Feb 2012, 6:51pm

    What a russian way of thinking.. I just wish Nigeria would only fine gays… Even as a gay, i’d rather live in russia than i nigeria.. Though nothing seem different between these two wicked, straight over populated countries.. Am sure hell is a better place…

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    President Putrid Putin’s favorite song in the shower. (with thanks to the Village People).
    What a tosser!

  9. Its their country, nothing to do with us, let them run it how they want to.

    1. They (the people) don’t run it at all. Vladimir the Action Man, (well they are both the same size) and his gang of criminals run it, supported by the Russian Religious nutcases and the thugs and murderers on the Far Right. Nothing to do with us? You are obviously in a gang of one all on your own, the rest of us know it has everything to do with us.

      1. Criminals? You mean the people who steal marriage from the religious nutcases as you put it, those kind of criminals?

  10. This law, like the law “On prohibition of Holocaust denial”. And here and there, settled the charges, and may not be justified.

    The creator of the law – the ruling party “United Russia”, has long held a sign of equality between homosexuals, drug addicts and pedophiles. For these people, homosexuality – the evil.

    For the complete victory over homosexuality will be a federal ban on “propaganda of homosexuality.”

    If this happens, the Russian Internet ban all sites directly or indirectly devoted to homosexuality. Shut down all the ways of online dating for gays, begin to censor gay messages in microblogs.

    If, together with human rights organizations do not file a collective complaint to the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights, homosexuality in Russia – banned.

    This is not a ban of homosexual sex, this a ban on discussion of homosexuality, gay dating, gays in public, and so on.

    The Russian authorities do not help, the only hope for human rights organizations and international media.

  11. There is some common sense in the world, where the minority don’t get the right to rule the nation. Stop trying to oppress your views onto others, especially in other countries. Thank that Russia has wealth of oil and gas, otherwise they’d be put to ransom just like the rest of us.

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