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New West Ham midfielder’s gay slur tweet deleted

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Reader comments

  1. Illiterate half wit

  2. Will West Ham and the FA take action on this matter?

    According to other reports West Ham “dis not wish to comment”. So can we assume West Ham condone homophobia? What action are they considering in relation to this matter?

    Its disappointing that West Ham think its acceptable not to make comment on a matter such as this.

    1. correction – typo – did not wish to comment

      1. actually the original reads better could of come of Ravels own tw@tter account

  3. I’m an avid West Ham Utd fan and Season Ticket holder. I’m also gay. I’ve been following Ravel on Twitter, and regardless of what he does on a football pitch, I won’t be following his tweets if this language is used. However, at 19 years old, he has a great deal yet to learn. The tweet was completely wrong, whoever he plays for, but I can only hope the guidance he receives in dealing with the negative media attention he’s had over his tweet will help him to simply grow up. It would appear from this that he needs to.

    1. He certainly needs to grow up and receive some advice.

      Sometimes the only way people learn is from some discipline. It may be that money needs to speak in the form of a fine or a temporary suspension.

      He needs to learn that homophobia (whether intended or not) will not be tolerated.

    2. What difference does his age make? My daughter regularly berates classmates who use homophobic language and she’s 14. It’s not about age, it’s about the cultural and social conditions in which these people live. Until the FA tackle their culture of institutionalised homophobia, then some of the players will continue to think that they can say what they like.

    3. If he does not know right from wrong at 19 , he has no hope. Quit making excuses for the bigot.

  4. Just because West Ham don’t want to comment to a newspaper may not mean – and indeed I hope it doesn’t mean – that they condone it. They offer in every match programme a confidential helpline for if you are offended by any homophobic comments or chants, so I’m not prepared to believe they are suggesting they condone it, they just don’t wish to get drawn into public dialogue with newspapers. How they deal with it internally is a different matter.

    1. If they really believe in supporting LGBT people, why would they not issue a holding comment to the press when homophobia is alleged against one of their players …

      Something like
      “West Ham are aware of the allegations made against Ravel. It would be inappropriate to comment whilst this matter is investigated internally. West Ham do not support or condone any discrimination in any form. West Ham are supportive of measures to combat homophobic bullying and will continue to seek to eliminate unjust discrimination in any form”

      It would not be difficult to say something like that in a media release, it covers them whilst they decide what to do and does not leave the option of it appearing that West Ham don’t care about LGBT people as an option.

      Disappointing reaction, particularly in a climate when LGBT issues in football are becoming increasingly relevant in the media.

  5. There’s so much in the press now around the issue of gay footballers and ‘coming out’. I personally think that the underlying reason for all the anti-gay tweets (etc.) that we’ve heard about recent ly is the clear message of “stay in the closet you queer team mates because you will face this kind of hate if you don’t”. Nuff said! All sorts of ‘isms’ exist in football and sport in general. I doubt that Players attitudes will never change unless the supporters attitudes change and I dobut that this is achievable sadly. Sports fields are like the old ‘tap rooms’ of pubs from yesteryear – they are places where ‘straight’ men can be bigoted, sexist, racist etc. without fear of censure. Just as these men have fought for years to exclude women from their bastions, they will fight to keep their ‘freedom of speech’ too. Personally, I don’t care what idiots like this boy (for make no mistake, he is a boy) say because I don’t respect his position or his sport.

    1. Well football is also a home for racism – as witnessed by the several cases of footballers being investigated and suspended for racist abuse. Yet racism is absolutely not tolerated on the terraces.

      I do not think it is fair to blame supporters for the culture of homophobic bigotry pervading football.

      It is the responsibility of the clubs and the FA to address homophobia – not the fans.

      This guy Morrison needs to be made an example of, to send a warning to other players about inappropriate behaviour.

      He is 19. He has plenty of time to retrain to get a real job – like a mechanic or electrician etc.

      He is privilieged to be footballer – but he does not have a right to be a footballer. He is required to behave in an appropriate manner – and if he fails then he should be sacked.

  6. It’s not just on the pitch is it. It’s his friends and family who share his hatred.

    I have to seriously consider moving as I cannot leave the house nowadays with some anti gay comment from people who look like him.

    It was not this bad 10 years ago

    1. @James!

      Curious … what do you mean “from people who look like him” ,..?

      1. Ok I’ll say it. Chavvy. Shaved head into sports ignorant violent and uneducated and always anti gay.

        There is a big estate near where I live and the thugs crap all over their own doorstep. A man was stabbed in an argument in a gym who carries a knife into a gym?
        This generation are violent and aggressive and are turning ctities in no go places for gay people.

        Show affection in public and it may cost your life.

        1. Is it how they look we should judge them by or their behaviour?

          Surely when people judge on the basis of appearance this is like judgeing people on their race, and visible disabilities, clothing etc …?

          1. It’s a uniform. gold chain sports wear baseball cap = chav. Lets not be silly now Stu

          2. Spanner1960 8 Feb 2012, 3:27pm

            Of course we should. Why do you think malls banned hoodies?
            Dress like a thug and you will get treated like one.

          3. It’s completely wrong to judge people on their appearance and James! could easily have been wrong but in this case he was unfortunately spot on.

            This guy is a violent, moronic, thug, which is why he plays for West Ham instead of Man U (No offense to West Ham fans but Man U are obviously the better side). Alex Fergusson couldn’t stand him despite the fact he apparently has the potential to be one of the best players in England.

            He is ruining his own career I don’t think it matters if the FA sanctions him or not, the “faggots” of the world will have the last laugh when he crashes and burns of his own volition. Call it self-inflicted karma brought on by idiocy. I only wish such things would happen to all homophobes.

          4. Spanner – malls did not ban hoodies. They merely banned the wearing of hoodies. They still sell them in the shops inside.

            Which seems rather daft.

        2. You say it’s a uniform, yes you could say that, like some say wearing black and been depressed is the uniform for emo. But to imply that all chavs the same “ignorant violent and uneducated and always anti gay” is wrong, I have met loads of chavs at uni and when I worked in a sports shop, they all excepted me for been gay, and never made me feel like an outcast, and some of em that I met at uni happened to be gay themselves. Its comments like that, that inspire hate, why should any new chav you meet be civil to you, when you just say that they are all ignorant violent and uneducated and always anti gay. DON’T generalise, that as far as am concerned is as bad as homophobia!

          1. dress like a cu nt and ill treat you like one

          2. You go to uni? Haven’t they taught you the basics of spelling and grammar yet?

          3. Yeah I went to uni, I apologise for my spelling and grammar, but I did do I computer graphics degree, spelling and grammar’s to high on the list in order to make things look pretty and what not. Oh and the main reason for my spelling and grammar is cus am dyslexic (think its spelt right well google says it is anyway)

        3. I See your point, as it’s human nature, a nainstintive response from your negate experiences of chavs, to make you wary of what your senses are telling you , when you see similar. Yes , i used live in london too, and chavvy , inbred, homophobic scum was primary reason for leaving and it is astonishingly rare to see public gay affection in london outside of the ghetto of old condom street . Try walking round southwark/lewisham etc hand in hand , you will get loadsa homophobia.

          1. Typo, “an instinctive response”

          2. Spanner1960 8 Feb 2012, 3:30pm

            That’s mainly because it is full of foreigners unwilling or unable to accommodate the British way of life and it’s associated tolerance.

            Call me racist, but it’s true. Half these people can’t even speak English, so how the hell do you expect them to treat us when their own countries would still lock us up or worse?

          3. There are also many places where you can hold hands without verbal physical attacks – Dulwich/Islington/Highgate and many areas in North London – I’ve seen it!! Southwark/ Lambeth are very deprived, inner city areas and unfortunately, you tend to fing intolerance to gay people in areas like that

          4. @bob , u taking the mick?, dulwich? bubble world , 5 mins down the road in scummy peckham u be chi chi man u ge me

          5. @Sanner , not foreigners , but londoners born and bred of recent foreign ancestry, who refuse to integrate and segregate themselves from english values. They may refer to themselves as bengali, jamaican ….. but they are born and raised here but there is stigma for londoners to just admit to being british, instead they adopt their parents/grandparents origins.

  7. Amazing football player. But no brain. Such a shame when natural talent is wasted because of a lack of intelligence. I’m happy manu sold him.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Feb 2012, 12:23pm

    I wonder what the education level is of this young man? Probably not too bright. I think a lot of homophobia and racism is rooted in sexual oppression that instills fear, inferiority, anxiety and irrational outbursts which is what this clearly is.

  9. Only a week in and already he’s managed to embarrass West Ham. I hope he gets some help for his homophobia.

    1. After he has been sacked of course.

      He’s able to run fast and kick a ball – he is an unimportant person who is in a very privileged position due to then fact that he can run fast and kick a ball.

      He can retrain to be a plumber (or another useful profession).

  10. Just take a look at his Twitter account @RavelMorrison49 to determine the mental fire-power this bloke may not have

  11. FFukkkin dump Ape

    1. You’d know

  12. Maybe its time for all soccer clubs to sign up to a social educational program for ALL new players, regardless of what age or experience (or lack of it) in playing the game. Newcomers & transfers & Managers to get a few days of courses on homophobia, sexism, racism etc which they have to complete and sign up to say they understand. Better still if the course is supplied by groups that are affected by those issues.

    1. Most of them can barley read or write. I doubt they would understand what they are signing.

      1. Spanner1960 8 Feb 2012, 3:24pm

        Barely. Barley is what you make malt from. :)

  13. jamestoronto 8 Feb 2012, 1:27pm

    I am wondering if this sudden rash of anti-gay slurs on Twitter, etc is a way by which the players are trying to deflect media attention from themselves in light of the recent public and media attention of gay athletes. By making these irresponsible statements they will make people think “Well he sure isn’t gay” and attention will be on other players instead. A pre-emptive strike you might say.

  14. Mumbo Jumbo 8 Feb 2012, 1:38pm

    From the Guardian:

    “The 19-year-old has seen his career blighted by a number of incidents including charges of witness intimidation and an altercation with his girlfriend.

    Morrison had been hailed as the greatest youth talent to emerge at Old Trafford since Paul Scholes but joined the Hammers for a fee thought to be in the region of £1m, rising to £2m, on transfer deadline day after Sir Alex Ferguson reportedly ran out of patience with his behaviour.”

    1. West Ham need to stamp down on this harshly and show him that they will not tolerate the little games he played with Fergie …

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Feb 2012, 2:06pm

    The obscene amounts of money these nitwits earn just for kicking a ball (not much talent needed to do that) boggles the mind. Makes me wonder where our values are.

  16. West Ham need to investigate this and fire him.

    He has brought the game into disrepute with his violent bigotry.

    The FA and clubs have been willing to sack and punish players nearing retirement.

    Just because this monstrous, violent bigot is only 19 does not matter. He must be treated in the same manner.

    Otherwise it is proof that the FA and West Ham condone violent bigotry and that they are merely lying when they claim to be against homophobia.

    1. Let’s be honest: if, as someione said earlier, “Morrison had been hailed as the greatest youth talent to emerge at Old Trafford since Paul Scholes”, then no-one will be sacking him. Real politik, we used to call it.

      1. Oh I know.

        This Ravel Morrison creature is young and talented, so therefore West Ham will no doubt issue a meaningless non-apology which says ‘We are sorry if YOU were offended’.

        Which would give credence to the theory that the FA does not care about homophobia – except in a meaningless PR context.

        Morrison can kick a football – good for him. However in the grand scheme of things he is a nobody – nurses, teachers, firemen etc are far more important than some super-privileged guy who can run fast and kick a football.

  17. Spanner1960 8 Feb 2012, 3:24pm

    Yet another Neanderthal that’s sure to get all upset at racist comments made at him but is unwilling to offer the same respect to other minorities.

  18. what??? not only is this homophobic, but this sort of childish outburst is only found flowing from under educated man childeren that make a living by lying to the staff at their local job centre and selling bad hashish to the hopeless.

    stop giving this man money.. hes an idiot!

  19. Vauxhall-Boy 8 Feb 2012, 5:14pm

    On West Ham’s website: “West Ham United are aware that the FA have written to Ravel Morrison asking for his observations regarding comments on Twitter.

    “Ravel and the club will co-operate fully with the FA’s request and have until Monday evening to respond. There will be no further comment from West Ham United or Ravel at this stage.”

  20. So it’s only players in the lower leagues who get sacked / fined for offensive homophobic tweets?

    The ones who nobody knows about anyway.

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