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Comment: Why I made an It Gets Better video on being gay and Jewish

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  1. Chris Fleming 8 Feb 2012, 9:12pm

    God bless Benjamin Cohen! X

  2. Helen Wilson 8 Feb 2012, 10:19pm

    Its great to see you stepping forward in this way Benjamin.

    Well done :)

  3. A very inspiring story Ben. Your message can only be a beacon of hope for others. It is great that you give back to the community in this way. Keep shining! :)

    1. PNCommentator 9 Feb 2012, 12:33pm

      Such a hypocrite Samuel……………you are the resident bully boy on PN.

      1. I’ll second that, bullies should be exposed and never be allowed to get the upper hand

        1. Anyone wanting to know what all this is about should ask W6s’ master Stu who you may notice has been less visible today………….

          1. …..and that is because Samuel has bullied Stu, who is a very well respected contributor here! Bullies must be stopped at all costs, even the ones who troll on these comments threads

          2. Why are you brining your arguments here? I heard that Stu had confessed to posting on here using false aliases to bolster his standpoint and attack an opponent he was disagreeing with and that you were with Stu attacking tyhe same people who i assume included “Samuel” above who at least has the decency to use this thred to praise Ben. Isnt that against rules of this site?…………
            Why do u destroy the tone where ever your name appears W6_bloke………….
            Point us to the action so we can make up our own minds thank u very much………………….

          3. Ben, sorry your great artical was spoiled by W6. He is a pest. Can u block him from your gr8 site?………

          4. Bless Samuel, Paul is his alter ego, he pops up from time to time when Samuel wants to hide…….interesting that Paul has not commentated on the thread Samuel is referring to…..

          5. Samuel is a bully he as never denied it, and he has totally run Stu off this comments board, I feel readers are more likely to support Stu than you Samuel (or your fake alias Paul)

    2. Apologies to Ben for this unwarranted intrusion. My sentiments are sincere and I should point out that Stu of course already provides a great service with Pink News, so to suggest he is “giving” back with his video may have sounded disingenuous when it was not intended to be.

      I had intended forgetting the Stu incident, but since his cohort, W6, is determined to let everyone on here know I am responsible for Stu admitting to posting aggressive comments under a different name, I provide the evidence below for people to make up their own minds.

      (For the full picture go to Peter S’s post at:-

      Here are some extracts from 2 postings Stu made yesterday where he pretended to be a “Marcus” (note:- I did not hold a gun to his back – he masqueraded as someone else of his own free will) –

      “What the hell does any of this have to do with comments to support…

      1. combatting homophobia? …

        “the fact that you take pleasure in your perceiving someone else to be a fool speaks volumes of your character traits and humanity … perhaps it explains why your friends would not support you (if they share a similar personality to you) if you chose to be more open and honest about your orientation …”

        The above attack was aimed at Peter, who was trying to explain to Stu why, for him personally, being gay does not got better, and neither does it for everyone.

        But Stu refused to accept what Peter was saying and challenged and pecked and gnawed away at him, as we have seen him do many times before, to wear Peter down until he gave up his stand.

        However, Stu quickly admitted:-

        “Now I have made a fool of myself …

        I apologise for using the same tactics as Samuel …

        He goads me into using his childish ploys …

        I am horrified at what I have just done by posting a flase post … its not in my morals …

        Taking a break from this thread for now”

        So in W6 and…

        1. …Stu’s eyes I am responsible for Stu attacking someone he was losing an argument with using a false alias:- the classic cry of the victim who refuses to take responsibility for their actions.

          I’ve merely been pointing out what has become obvious to many:- Stu has/had effectively appointed himself Pink News’s unofficial moderator to subvert debate and enforce a left-wing/PC agenda.

          By monopolising these boards Stu has stymyied open and honest debate using various underhand methods, including using aliases and unleashing attack dogs (witness W6) to attack and berate people like me.

          This has/had the potential to damage PN’s credibility as an open, impartial and balanced forum:- can 400+ posts a week by one person REALLY be justified when the modus operandi is constantly to challenege and antagonise those with individualist, free-thinking, non-conformist belief systems into accepting the PC/”groupthink” concensus?

          Some time off will do Stu and these boards the world of good.

          1. PS: A classic ploy of those who try to enforce a left wing PC bias is to accuse others of engaging in the same underhand tricks as they indulge in, which is why according to W6 anyone who agrees with what I say is supposed to be me!

            Sorry, in my opening paragraph I make reference to Stu in the 2nd line when I should have said Ben. Yes, this whole incident has gotten to me but I will always maintain a stand and speak my truth when up against PC baiters and hecklers, come what may.

          2. PPS: THE classic ploy of the PC shill is to label those they attack the bully and aggressor. Yet what is more bullying than the PC shill who starts by challenging your stance with demands for evidence or whatever?

            Then, when that is not enough, takes the weakest part of your argumennt and starts knawing away at it, nit-picking away in an attempt to wear you down?

            Then, when that is not enough, tries to smear you or paint you as a crackpo?

            Then calls in the bully boys like W6, Will and Rob to heckle and intimidate you, then full-on bully you in an effort to chase you off these boards…

            Note W6 accuses me of “chasing” Stu off these boards. I’m flattered you think I’ve the ability or power to do so, W6.

            No, Stu left these boards of his own accord when he realised the tricks he uses – as described above – were in the open.

            And when a PC shill is exposed, their opinions and arguments no longer hold any weight or validity, as yours stopped doing the day you began posting here, W6.

        2. All bluster and half truths Samuel – you are a bully, prove your innocence, you should be ashamed of yourself for stifling free speech – you have systematically attacked Stu and ridiculed him time and time again, whilst you hide behind your faceless profile here – you are rotten through and through, if anyone should be removed from this comments board it is you – put up or shut up bully!

          1. Excuse me, W6? How, exactly, do you define free speech? Isn’t free speech precisely what Stu is against, as demonstrated by his constant challenging, heckling and nit-picking, and as per his recent PN comment piece:-


            As AdrianT astutely observed:

            “Stuart’s case is a call to halt free speech. I don’t buy it.”

            That was also the debate you hijacked with your constant attacks at me for exercising my free speech by disagreeing with your stance as Pink News’ unofficial HIV sector spokesperson.

            We disagree is because you follow to the letter the PC line on HIV prevention which must never be challenged or questioned.

            Why? Because the definition of PC is to stamp out free speech and individualism by stymying and subverting open debate.

            Engaging in proper debate is anathema to PC disciples because it means accepting and respecting different opinions that have validity when the ultimate end goal of PC is to control all thought and speech, period.

          2. We disagree Samuel because you are a bully………….prove you are the natured party or shut up! (it’s so boring having to repeat myself time and time again, provide the proof and I will apologise instantly to you…….get your PDF file sorted out because you will need it I do hope Peter S comes to your rescue!

        3. Who are the many Samuel, name your supporters, who are these people who support you? The same 8 or 9 individuals who see you for who you are? No you are a bully and you have run a very well respected contributor off these boards, you should apologise unreservedly to him.

          You took the opportunity to enter a debate where you saw an opportunity to bait Stu into a corner, like an opportunistic infection, you take hold weaken and then snuff the life out of people who dare stand up to you.

          Prove you are innocent or shut up its very easy!

          1. Samuel you use at least two other alias’ but because you hide yourself with no avatar you get away with it…….I notice you do not refute you are a bully, that may be progress!

            And Peter S can speak for himself why have you became his spokesperson? Rightly or wrongly I have seen you wear Stu down, he is only human after all and recovering from illness, which you have mocked.

            He probably would prefer I didn’t stand up to you on his behalf, but I will not stand by and let you get away with your disgusting treatment of someone who is worth a dozen of you – put up or shut, prove you are the injured party here!

          2. How exactly do you mean I have run Stu off these boards?

            He shamed himself, I did not hold a gun to his head and tell him to adopt a false name and attack the guy you ave been constantly challenging and nit-picking at in an effort to wear down.

            If I am supposed to have worn Stu down then he jolly well got a taste of what he has been doing to others for too long now. Need I remind you that Peter’s opening comment to Stu when Stu made his obligatory, no, mandatory comment was “You again?”

            Doesn’t that tell you something about how people feel about Stu constantly hogging the debate, W6?

            Have you actually read through the forums today and noted how much more refreshing and balanced they seem than of late?

            Need I remind you that at 400+ posts a week, assuming Stu was spending 8 hours a day, 7 days a week glued to PN, he was posting at a rate of ONE POST EVERY SEVEN MINUTES!!!

            How can that possibly be justified in anyone’s eyes, apart from your own, of course?

          3. For all the shame Stu brought on himself yesterday, nothing could possibly compare to the damage done to his crediblity nor the liability he has heaped upon himself in having you as his cohort and, I presume unofficial, spokesperson.

            Wouldn’t it be better to cease and desist now before you put the final boot in to Stu’s PN career altogether?

          4. You have treated me n the same fashion, but on balance you have treated Stu far worst than me, and that is saying something! In your world as you put it gut feelings or “free thinking” rules the day, which roughly translated means you think you have carte Blanche to make assumptions and speculate about people, and then peddle it as fact……there are others on here that are not your fans, so take a hint!

          5. Samuel all you ave to do is provide the proof, you have prepared documents so now is your chance to use them. If I am going to be barred from this site then I might as well be hung for a sheep than a lamb!

          6. For the final time, let’s be clear about what happened.

            Stu confessed to posting under a different alias – and one presumes he has been doing this repeatedly – because he tripped himself up and knew that someone would point out the linguistic comparisons that married his usual style to that of his impromptu creation “Marcus”.

            If Stu felt under any pressure to invent Marcus it was in order to maintain his stand against Peter and make it appear that he had support whilst isolating Peter (a classic “groupthink” device, incidentally).

            Please note that I was not a part of the ongoing “debate” between Stu and Peter, and that the alias Stu created was solely in order to despicably attack and blame Peter’s alleged inadequecies as the reason for Peter not finding being gay, in his experience, getting any better.

            Now please back of with your libellous accusations, W6, or you may soon find yourself in very deep water.

          7. Prove I have made libellous accusations about you. I’m skint Samuel so take me to court – you can join the queue of creditors!

          8. This is a very simple situation to deal with, provide the evidence that you are not a bully and that you are the innocent party here, you have claimed you have PDF documents that will exhonourate you, and that your behaviour is exemplary – prove it.

            I am more than happy to spend time to show to the readership that you are a bully – so again I say put up or shut up, how difficult can that be for you to understand?

          9. W6: Samuel only wanted to leave a kind message for Ben!
            Are you sure it’s fair that you’re hounding him yet again~~~?

            It can be a good thing to learn when to let something go..

            You know, by chasing every message Samuel leaves here; you are providing proof of what he is saying~

            Samuel, Stu admitted his fraudulent post because he accidentally posted a message from himself right after – but forgot to change his fake name back~~

            And now he can’t troll people’s posts in his usual manner because there is proof of his deception forever stored on the web..

            I feel a bit sorry for him now, but that’s karma I suppose~

          10. “I’m skint Samuel so take me to court ”

            When I said take a good, long hard look in the mirror I meant it, W6 because you’re projecting all your behavioral traits and inadequacies on to me.

            You try to berate me that I am a poorly paid retail assistant while dislosing you are skint…

            You keep calling me a bully when anyone reading this can clealry see who the bully and aggressor is…

            You accuse me of adopting false aliases when the first response to my original post here is by you masquerading as “PNCommentator”…

            You accuse me of rigging the thumb-scoring system when the system is clearly being manipulated by yourself as the votes that are always in my favour suddenly swing the other way when you suddenly appear…

            W6, when you are disingenuous and paranoid verging on delirious and delusional, and lack the ability to take it on the chin or be man enough to be likened to a Dalek or pitbull when your behaviour calls for it, this is the VERY LAST PLACE you should be hanging out…

          11. “This is a very simple situation to deal with, provide the evidence that you are not a bully and that you are the innocent party”

            W6, it’s impossible to reason with someone as close-minded and rigid in their mindset as you.

            All the evidence is presented here, there’s nothing more to add.

            I PDF these discussions in case for whatever reason they’re removed as a record of what occurred.

            I don’t know why I even continue to humour and indulge you by responding as you can’t reason or empathise with anyone elses’ viewpoint but your own.

            Unless you want to be seen as the pariah you are fast becoming, I suggest you also PDF these pages and show them to someone who is a little more open-minded than yourself and who you may be prepared to accept some sound advice and guidance from.

            If their intervention wakes you up and helps you gain a better sense of self-awareness and an ability to engage in respectful debate with others, then I’ll be the first to welcome you back to PN with open arms.

          12. “Samuel, Stu admitted his fraudulent post because he accidentally posted a message from himself right after – but forgot to change his fake name back~~”

            Thanks for pointing this out Peter. I had not actiually spotted that.

            I thought that Stu had actually done the noble thing and realised he had boobed by writing as Marcus in the same linguistic style as he himself adopts, and n that basis was prepared to forget the incident and give Stu some cooling off time in the hope that he had learned his lesson.

            That he actually fessed up because he forgot to change his handle back from Marcus to Stu to cover his tracks, period, is even more damning, as has been the total ball and chain job W6 has done by broadcasting Stu’s misdemeanours to a wider audience than the threa this was relegated to.

            I think it is safe to say we won’t be seeing Stu around these parts any time soon, so he’ll have to find some other forum to shill and troll at on behalf of the PC brigade…

          13. And W6, I hope you can at least appreciate the fact that had you NOT trolled me to this thread in a determined effort to continue your bullying attack, the whole Stu misdemeanour incident would have blown over and been forgotten in a couple of weeks.

            As it is he will never be able to show his face here again as the real truth of what occurred has been revealed.

            And it is truly damning because all the while he was hogging these boards and submitting comment pieces which advocated criminalising free speech, effectively, he was seeking to subvert debate using various shady practises in order to entrap and chase of these boards those who refused to bow down or conform to his idealistic PC belief system.

            If anyone has chased Stu from these boards it is YOU, W6, and I would suggest you follow him as the agitator and agent provocateur you are now that the truth is out there for all to see.

            With friends, stooges and cohorts like you, indeed…

          14. Does it actually say anything in the terms and conditions about the number of user names a person can have? It doesn’t seem to, so suggesting someone has been fraudulent or subvesive is ridiculous. Samuel you are obsessed with ratings, which we all know are not 100% secure – you have accused me of running from one PC to another. Yet you also conceed that all PC’s on the same network can only record one vote. Which is it – make up your mind?

            Why do you criicise others for using different user names when you do it yourself “Paul and Paulo” have been your recent alter ego’s. You forget you have a very distinctive style of writing, and despite what you may think about my educational standard I am astute enough to pick up on your style of posting.

            Anyone would think it a serious crime the way you headline the use of more than one user name – you are so desperate to win the argument, Im really not sure why that is? Your worldview is al about conspiracy, deception, subvertion etc, why?

          15. (Sorry, W6 is forcing me to clarify one important point:- no, there is nothing necessarily wrong with using more than one user name, but when that name is specifically being created in order to manipulate an ongoing debate, then it is utterly wrong and morally dishonest. THAT was Stu’s crime, not the creation of a false alias in itself.

            And, as Peter pointed out, Stu masquerading as “Marcus” actually made a concession and gave a little ground to Peter because Stu simply couldn’t bring himself to do so as himself in case it made him seem apologestic in any way. “Sorry” seems to be the hardest word when Stu is being Stu and not pretending to be someone else…)

          16. Very true indeed Samuel; I think it’s only fair to point that out.

          17. Thanks Peter!

            Unbelievable as it may sound, Stu is now blitzing the front page discussions with the same old same old now using “Marcus” as his official alias, and on being challenged he is blatantly denying he is doing so despite the evidence that he always himself demands being readily available for all to see

            (See JAIL FOR GAY HATE LEAFLET MEN and KEN LIVINGSTONE stories. His comments are slyly hidden away as responses to other comments but there is no hiding from the truth, which will always out…)

            So Stu’s dishonesty, fabrications and lies are in plain sight for all to see, even as he clings on to his obsessiveness and seeming need to blitz PN forums as though it is some form of life support apparatus that he needs to sustain his very existence.

            On that basis can we reasonably assume anything he has ever posted on here should either be treated extremely cautiously or not even merit consideration, and I know which option I go for.

          18. Priceless, simply priceless!

            Now another of Stu’s aliases has been exposed. This time meet “Patrick”, over on the “leaflet” thread, who like Marcus forgot to change his moniker back to Marcus from a discussion he was having elsewhere – which, as per usual, he was trying to hog and subvert – while posing as Marcus insisting that he was not Stu while all the time posting as Patrick!!!

            Confused? This appears to be only the tip of the ice berg. You really couldn’t make this stuff up!

            Stu/Marcus/Patrick/Richard/Cecil/Ethel et all clearly has no shame whatsoever.

            It seems that Pink News’ forums have been infiltrated and manipulated by a small band of PC extremists for a while.

            Action must be taken to stamp this vile practise out as they’ve been deceiving everyone and abusing this open platform with multiple aliases while accusing others of doing the same.

            How ironic all these PC shills and trolls with too much time on their hands claim to be off work “sick”.

            Never a truer word spoken.

  4. Benjamin Cohen 9 Feb 2012, 12:15am

    Thanks everyone! :)

  5. It is an admirable thing to do, Benjamin.

    The ‘It Gets Better’ program challenges homophobia and supports victims of bullying everywhere.

    I wish we could hear more from the young men and women who heard the message of hope and who are alive and well because of it.


  6. I am Jewish and bisexual and want to thank you Benjamin. We all need to speak out against the violence and hate and fight for our freedoms and civil rights and human rights everywhere.

  7. Shalom! God bless you Benjamin.

  8. Benjamin Cohen 10 Feb 2012, 12:33am

    Please stop arguing guys! Lets have no bullying here. Remember, this is a really tough space to police with the resources we have available. Every minute that Stephen and his team need to spend trying to deal with people bickering on the comments is another minute they can’t spend chasing real stories and exposing homophobes. We have really limited resources and I’d really like for us to spend them on journalism!

    1. I’m sorry Ben but Samuel has hounded a well respected contributor off these boards, I have complained about him twice for inaccuracies, this guy needs to be dealt with!

      Samuel is ruining these comments pages with his rude and bullying tactics, let him prove he is innocent and I will apologise

    2. Apologies, Ben. Just saw your post here. This was no place for our laundry to be aired.

    3. “Remember, this is a really tough space to police with the resources we have available” – I totally agree with this statement. It requires contributors to be responsible in their postings, challenge the point rather than the person making it, & provide an opinion in a reasoned way – I do not see this comment forum as a place to openly speculate about a complete stranger in an aggressive & personal manner. As we have seen this results in the exchanges witnessed above.

      “the first response to my (Samuel B) original post here is by you (W6_BLoke) masquerading as “PNCommentator” – this is a fine example of speculation that leads to mistrust, tension & the agressive use of words. I do not need to use another name on this site, I am very open about who I am – why would I need to use a different name? The relevant question might be who would and for what purpose? I will not speculate on this, but I can name at least 8 individuals on this forum who often take issue with Samuel B……

    4. ….If as a commentator you rub people up the wrong way, then you can at some point expect someone to take advantage of that. For clarity I have only ever used 2 names on this site …westie… and my current name W6_bloke. If anyone wants to question that please provide me with the evidence that I use other user names – I think this is a reasonable way to proceed.

      In my comment to PNCommentator (whoever this person is) I agreed with the statement made – which is my entitlement. I didnt mention any names in this reply, I just stated my position as I personally have experience of being bullied by Samuel. If it feels like I am being bullied, then am I not entitled to say that? I call it being open & honest, Samuel will refer to it as “the sympathy vote, or “one of life’s eternal victim’s”. Do these comments made by Samuel show reasoned and adult debate?

      Samuel B has systematically bullied me since I first made a comment on PN in August 2011 ………….

    5. ……….Samuel B has questioned my state of mind, suggested I be sectioned, & that I may be suffering from HIV related dementia. Whilst I am open about my mental health issues, I do not expect them to be consistently ridiculed & stigmatised in such a way. This to me is a form of bullying, others may think differently but as Samuel B says:

      “W6, when you are disingenuous and paranoid verging on delirious and delusional, and lack the ability to take it on the chin or be man enough to be likened to a Dalek or pitbull when your behaviour calls for it, this is the VERY LAST PLACE you should be hanging out”

      Clearly Samuel is the “expert” on W6_bloke, he knows me better than my psychiatrist, my friends and even myself! He is very talented indeed…………how does what I write here translate into “my behaviour”? This is all conjecture & speculation which serves to create a situation where there is malice and aggression……

    6. I am no angel when it comes to defending myself, and there have been times when I have “baited” Samuel B, but never to the extent he has with me…………………I think this is one of his finest examples of why he is so antagonisitc:

      “put I haven’t had so much fun bantering with anyone and laughing out loud as I have with you in years. You’ve been a real tonic and helped me through a rough patch.” This to me sums up Samuel in a nutshell, he is here to troll, pure & simple.

      But there are more examples of his intolerance towards others:

      “At least I HAVE a job and contribute and am not dependent on the state for all I need.” Is he aware of the increase in violence towards disabled people, seems to me this statement is just adding to this problem!

    7. But for me personally, (aside from the mental health claims he makes) – his views on perpetuating HIV stigma really infuriate me. Gay men should be fighting HIV together, not creating divisions, but this is what he has to say about HIV stigma:

      “Yes, if push came to shove then I do think stigma is a price worth paying if we are to safeguard the health of the next generation of gay men”

      “Oh, so you would prefer being spared a bit of stigma to preventing a young gay man seroconverting through lack of forceful and direct HIV messages”

      He has a bee in his bonnet about HIV charities, even on WAD he was criticsinig rather than supporting, THT, GMFA, EJAF, NAT all were victims of this unfounded attacks on these very fine charities.

      HIV is still sadly a much feared and stigmatised condition and many many +ve individuals lead double lives to avoid having thier status revealed. Does Samuel stop to think about other readers who may come across his damaging words? The answer seems to be NO!

    8. I think I will leave it at that for now – I have plenty more evidence to explain why I believe Samuel B is a bully, and I will publish it here if he does not back away from me and let me contribute in a way that is not stymied (to use one of Samuel’s posh words – it means slow down progress) by his bullying.

      He has two options, PUT UP or SHUT UP (Im am sure he will do neither – as he likes to have the final word).

      And for Stu – I really hope we see you back here posting, because with Samuel around the debate requires balance, and Stu is better at it than I am!!!

  9. Well done Benjamin.
    Any one who is in the closset, is virtualy condoning homophobia, and being ‘out’ doesn’t just mean going to clubs, it means the greengrocer & butcher knowing you are gay, and yes, even your family and neighbours.

  10. Thankyou Stephen (PN) for taking my complaints seriously and replying to me so promptly – I feel quite releived that this war of words has come to an end.

    Open platforms are open to abuse, and as I indicated earlier if they are to remian open without full registration, commentators should use the comments threads responsibily.

    I will in future refer any personal attacks to PN to deal with. Thats me folks, fairness is all I want.

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