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Comment: Does today mean change for the trans community?

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Reader comments

  1. September Meadows 8 Feb 2012, 2:43pm

    I’m a transwoman and here to stay. Everybody needs to get used to the idea, like it or not, and they better adopt a live and let live attitude because I’m gonna fight, for my right, to partake!

    1. Good for you.

      But unlike the tabloid press I suspect you don’t have millions of pounds to hire lawyers to defend you if the press decides to expose your secrets to sell a few newspapers.

      independent press regulation is required. Self regulation has failed dismally.

      Just watch the print journalists behaving like the poisonous rats that they are – they actually think there should be no restraints on what they can say, about whoever they like, whenever they like.

      1. Why can the British Press not just behave and accept everyone?

    2. I’m looking forward to the day when you don’t have to make statements like this. One small step in the right direction. A victory for just treatment of a minority is a victory for us all.

  2. ooh look that Sun newspaper story has just disappeared, well there’s a surprise:

    1. Ben Foster 9 Feb 2012, 7:10am

      the word ‘tranny’ doesn’t even need to be there. The person in question is not trans. he’s just a conman with a line in disguises. but what else would we expect from that filthy rag posing as a newspaper?

      1. Umm, isn’t that the correct usage of the word though? It is short for “transvestite” – and widely used by such amongst themselves – which would be too long for a tabloid headline about someone who sometimes cross-dresses. No one is saying he is transgender or transsexual, surely?

        Whilst usage might encourage the hateful to use the word inappropriately, usage is not going to stop, and it would seem best all round for everyone to understand that there is great diversity (and individuality) which needs respecting, with harm and offence caused both by imposing terms, labels, or stereotypes upon others, and by censoring their language. For example, asserting that “tranny” is short for “transgender”, and can be used for all, or, on the other hand, banning the word.

        Just use the terms people wish. And on the flip side, stop inventing and changing terms unless you want to cause trouble, which some do just love. “Woman” has been fine with me for 40 years now.

  3. Nothing will change until the PCC is replaced with an independent print media regulator (or alternatively Britain enacts privacy legislation which will ban the press from pokiing about in private individuals lives unless there is a clear public interest in doing so – British tabloid press does not understand ‘public interest’ – they want to print whatever they like, whenever they like, about whoever they like in all circumstances).

    The print press will fight tooth and nail to protect their abiiity to self regulate.

    Self regulation by the press has failed dismally. Until an outside, indepedent regulator is established (similar to Ofcom for TV stations) then things will carry on the same.

    1. Self regulation of the press is like self regulation of the City or any other business. If ethical behaviour gets in the way of profit, profit wins.

      1. See also: estate agents.

        1. See also the alcohol industry.

  4. i’ve watched helen giving her evidence to leveson inquiry, she has painted clear and coherent picture of what is it like to be trans in the uk today and also with great care dispelled many myths and misconceptions surrounding the trans community. great job helen

  5. Shame no one saw fit to comment on the petition by a very, very brave 10-year-old girl, who managed to get on both national television and radio to promote it.

    I cannot but think she should have been a witness at Levinson, which seems to have heard from no children.

  6. saffy james 20 Feb 2012, 7:51pm

    “Shame no one saw fit to comment on the petition by a very, very brave 10-year-old girl, who managed to get on both national television and radio to promote it.
    I cannot but think she should have been a witness at Levinson, which seems to have heard from no children”

    I was looking on here to try and find the petition link somewhere and it is only included in Janes great article. I’m slightly confused as to why it hasn’t been featured on such a website?! We are constantly complaining and yet there is a petition out there that has yet to be featured in this medium.
    When we were asked to go on BBC Breakfast we were told they were thinking of having someone else on with us and asked if we minded and if I could think of anyone. I suggested someone from TMW or the Tavistock.
    Just wondering why when we are putting link upon link to other organisations, support and help pages or sites why PINK hasn’t pushed this important petition?

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