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Video: ‘Weekend’ screenplay wins Evening Standard British Film Award

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent news, this is a superb movie to which many of us gay men, and I dare say women can relate to

  2. Where has it been screened, not heard of it. Is it going out on DVD?

    1. out on dvd in march. might still be playing in london, it was at the start of january

  3. Carl Rowlands 7 Feb 2012, 4:59pm

    Trailer looks amazing- one to look out for!

  4. In American English, we usually say “beat out” or “fended off” or simply “beat” – because “beat off” is part of our masturbatory slang.

    So, naturally, the images this conjured up in my mind were . . . interesting.

  5. Robin Evans 7 Feb 2012, 8:19pm

    I saw it and I couldn’t believe it… It’s a crap movie… Fine its gay, but if it wasn’t I would not have gone to see it – it’s crap….

    1. Why is it crap? Just as a measure of what you think is good, tell us what you think the best movie that was made for £120,000 last year is? Trailer looks like good to me, I’ll get it on DVD. Romantic dramas are not my thing, but I know the gay community needs these kind of movies to be made for us.

    2. Staircase2 9 Feb 2012, 3:17am

      Well the clip certainly doesnt look crap to me

  6. radical53 8 Feb 2012, 2:17am

    Great film. I loved it. Just when all the awakenings of feelings that have been repressed, along comes somebody to awaken them, only to have them taken away again.

    Enjoy the moment while you have it.

    Wonderful film.

  7. Geoff Wane 8 Feb 2012, 10:36am

    This is a fantastic movie with a plot that has depth and emotional feeling. The reationship of the two principal actors is very convincing. I would say, amust see movie. I saw it on Netflix in the US.

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