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Roland Martin’s Beckham crack ‘about soccer, not gays’

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Reader comments

  1. In isolation it might be argued he was taken out of context, but given his previous form a pattern of homophobia is emerging.
    Sounds like he regrets being caught out rather than saying it in the first place.

  2. Is he gay?

  3. I love how they always say….I’m sorry for any offence it caused. Well you know if it’s something that will offend either shut the f*** up or have the balls to stick to what you said! I’m of these people saying things then apologising only because they were caught saying it!

    1. Yes… I hate these passive apologies that celebrities and politicians are so in love with nowadays. If you’re sorry, say “I did something wrong, I offended people and I’m very sorry”. Anything less than that is nothing more than a bit of PR fluff.

  4. Please sign the petition and have him sacked, he deserves it.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Feb 2012, 12:21pm

    The teachings of Jesus Christ? Really? I’ve read the new testament, NO WHERE is homosexuality mentioned or condemned by him. Where do they get this nonsense from? Do they really think nobody in the gay community has read the bible?

    He’s retracting what he said so he doesn’t face getting sacked. Amazes me how these holy rollers deny what they meant once the pressure is on them and their bigotry exposed. Who gives a flying f__k about his wife either? She loves gay people? My arse she does!

    1. That’s the sad truth about Christianity these days. Too many of the followers don’t even read what the Bible says. They instead accept what someone else tells them it says.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Feb 2012, 2:51pm

        A lot of the ignorance can be traced to general lower intelligence in childhood years and lack of cognitive ability which is often found in rthe right wing brain in relation to prejudice and discrimination against LGBT people especially when religion is brought into it. They are very low information people, they don’t read much and definitely don’t research anything that comes out of their mouths. Lazy thinkers undoubtedly assuming their devolved brains are capable.

  6. It was all going so well..the apology sounded sincere…then you read his history, his religious views and his wife’s standing on Gays. Sorry bud…I’m not buying it…nor am I buying Davids range of underwear!

  7. Clearlty it’s a slow news day?

    This is not a news story – it’s just flliing space where real news should be.

    Some irrelevant person whom no-one has ever heard of writes an ugly tweet during the American Superbowl.

    So what?

  8. Mumbo Jumbo 7 Feb 2012, 1:16pm

    So he was only suggesting unprovoked violent attacks on the followers of a different sport?

    Well, that’s all right then……

    1. Ben Foster 8 Feb 2012, 6:52am

      sounds like he’s racist, too. He attacks a ‘non-American’ sport.

  9. Caught!

  10. LMT Home Phone 7 Feb 2012, 1:37pm

    I have a problem with people using religion to practice hate to fill there pockets with coins. A lot of closeted gay men lash out at others to take the focus away from them. The gay community is not interested in David’s underwear we have better class!

    1. Oh dear. This member of the gay community bought a pair of David’s undies – trunks – and has to say that he thought they were rather fine, very comfortable and reasonably priced. So do I have to go back to Calvin Kleins at 3 times the price?

      1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 7 Feb 2012, 5:22pm

        No John F, Calvin Klein’s are horrible undies! Unless you have a fat bum of course! Me, I’m a skinny runt and so they are more fluid and uncomfortable. I recommend H&M undies, at least they hold everything in a comfortable way!

        1. Hello David Beckham:

  11. Bigots. Always the first to deny their true nature

  12. i bet beckham brand is enormously benefiting from the furore in terms of publicity.

    and i think its rather telling when a man of martin statute enjoys wearing french cravats

  13. So, just smash anyone in the face who likes soccer then… ? What, all those millions of American schoolkids, or the billions around the world who watch and play the beautiful game.. Save? Nah.. double FAIL.

  14. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 7 Feb 2012, 5:44pm

    “Smacking the ish”… anyone care to define this for me? Sorry I don’t do americanese – we gifted them the most beautiful language and still they can’t get it right!!

    His tweet was directed to a supposed dude being hyped at DB’s H&M advert, not at (proper) football or DB in particular. Therefore I can only assume he was implying that said dude at a superbowl party was getting off at the H&M advert implying that said dude was gay. Martin’s consequent apology diverts attention away from the reality of his tweet: so I must agree with GLAAD, he is advocating violence towards the gay dude at the supposed party.

    But hey, it’s America! Their national sport is just rugby – but with padded bits and a shiny helmet in case the player gets hurt ie. un-macho!

    1. Huck Sawyer 11 Feb 2012, 11:06pm

      I’m sorry but did you say gifted? I guess your right we still can’t get it right. Gifted means something totally different in “americanese”.

  15. I’m a bit confused by the outrage around this story. Looks a bit manufactured to me.
    Becks is a pretty straight bloke – looks nice in his knickers….silly commentator can’t keep his comments to himself……end of story

  16. wheres the petition to sign?

  17. Also the usa doesent have the same cross game hatred that europe has.

    Mainly due to they have many largely popular sports, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball.

    Europe mainly has Football and Rugby.

    Also they celebrate sport more and team spirit. We seem to promote rivalry and conquest.

    It all leads me to believe he is obviously homophobic and backtracking.

    1. good one… ;)

  18. Buffoon openly incites violence against guys who fancy David Beckham (talk about making lots of enemies!), brazenly denies it, and is revealed to have appealed to the piety of a wife who ‘upholds the integrity of Christ’s teachings’ regarding subjects in which Jesus had no evident interest, and violates Pauline teachings by being a female pastor. You couldn’t make it up, and why the hell would you want to?

  19. Staircase2 9 Feb 2012, 3:00am

    But it AIN’T “a teaching of Christ” though is it….

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