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Top Tory blog editor backs gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Good for him, and some very sensible comments for someone who is otherwise a neoliberal laissez-faire loony.
    Don’t go along with his acceptance of religiously motivated discrimination, though, except regarding performing marriages.

  2. Who cares.

    I am getting mighty sick of these people working hard to get good PR for the Tories but not doing anything practical to advance it.

    LGBTory is the guiltiest in this regard – why hasn’t that group actually taken a stand on equality and condemned the party leadership for its appalling decision to wait until the last possible second of this government to introduce equality.

    Do they think we don’t realise that the 2015 date has been set to allow Callmedave to pretend he ran out of time (when in fact he has no intention of legislating for equality as he doesn’t want to ruffle the christian/BNP elements of the party).

    I want the government to finish this horrifically offensive ‘consultation’ on whether I deserve equal civil rights or not, and get moving on having marriage equality by this year.

    1. James Incer 6 Feb 2012, 11:53am

      The consultation clearly states that it is investigating HOW to introduce equal marriage, not WHETHER to introduce it.

      1. So you’ve bought the bulls*** then?

        The ‘consultation’ has been repeatedly delayed and is only happening after a backlash against the delay.

        And Callmedave’s assurance that we will have 2015 is meaningless – this is a 3 year delay.

        Why is a 3 year delay necessary.

        It’s a stalling tactic because Callmedave is worried about the religious/BNP element of the Tory Party.

        The Tories remain the mainstream party for homophobic bigotry.

        Marriage equality could be a reality by this year if the will existed.

        I think the Lib Dems needs to insist on marriage equality by this year. If we don’t have equality before the next election and the Tories get an overall majority then there is absolutely no chance that the religious/BNP style Tories will allow it to happen afterwards.

        1. no it can’t all laws can be legislated, but it still needs to be approved by the HL (where the real problem lies – those pesky religious leaders have seats there), if they block it they have to wait a year to propose it again (where the HL can block it AGAIN), and only then can Parliament bypass the second house and legislate it (it then will need an effective date – normally about a year). Its not the Houses of Commons thats the problem it is the 2nd House full of bigots thats the problem.,

        2. Spanner1960 7 Feb 2012, 5:31pm

          I agree it’s a stalling tactic, but I suspect the real reason is it will be a vote winner come the next general election, so they are holding back their hand until it becomes the most valuable.

      2. Don Harrison 6 Feb 2012, 2:16pm

        Indeed James, there are many homophobes who will try stop it.

        Jesus says nothing about same-sex behaviour.
        The Jewish prophets are silent about homosexuality.

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 6 Feb 2012, 12:26pm

      Not like Labour eh, they were well behind marriage equality after all weren’t there … oh no, actually they weren’t … although mysteriously they seem to be much more behind it now they’re not pulling the strings … wonder why …. but of course, there was no requirement from Europe to introduce it was there … so I guess that’s why they didn’t …. they weren’t being forced to, so they didn’t both …. answered my own question I guess.

      1. Labour are no longer in power, unless you’d failed to notice.

        It’s up to the Tories/LibDems now.

        The Law and Justice Tories are stalling for no reason other than cowardice in taking on the extreme-right elements within their party.

        There is no valid reason why marriage equality should not be a reality by this year.

        And we need to start questioning how this arbitrary date of 2015 has been set.

        What’s wrong with 2012?

        1. Labour introduced second rate CPs because to secure votes from the LGBT, no other reason then did nothing further for the other 5 years or so they were in power. At least Tories are addressing near the start of their term when they can actually DO something about it

      2. Don Harrison 6 Feb 2012, 2:18pm

        Very true Sister Mary.

    3. David, we have the most pro-gay government we’ve ever had and instead of welcoming that you choose to play pathetic little political games. Wake up and stop being an idiot. This is a more important issue than playing silly political games!

      1. Indeed – the LibDems have shown that they are pro-gay. Such a pity they lack any real influence.

        How are the Tories pro-gay?

        Please list the specific things they have done.

        All I’ve heard is PR bulls*** from them,

        When LGBTory is forbidden from condemning the toxic bigotry of such a large percentage of the Tories, then you know that Callmedave is engaging in some meaningless PR.

        Why do we have to wait until 2015 for equality.

        I have not heard a valid reason for this unacceptable delay.

        What’s wrong with 2012. Callmedave supports equality allegedly – surely it must be his priority to end the civil partnership segregation.

        1. The government is bringing in gay marriage, foreign aid to countries who persecute against gays is being cut, historical convictions against gay people are being withdrawn, homophobic bullying is being tackled and, in case you hadn’t realised, one of the most influential ppl in Tory media circles has now come out in support. Issues like this are above silly little political games. We know there are homophobes in the Tories, as there are in Labour, but issues like this are above stupid points scoring. Get real!

        2. Omg. Gay marriage is happening, foreign aid to countries who persecute gays is being cut, historical sexual convictions against gays are being withdrawn, homophobic bullying is being tackled and, in case you hadn’t realised, a leading Tory commentator has now backed gay marriage – which should be welcomed. Instead you choose to moan about the time. There are some objections to it, as you’ve said, so things like this do actually take time. There are homophobes in the Tories, as there are in Labour, I admit that – which is why it’s even more impressive that Tories come out in support. Backing gay marriage is hardly going to swing an election is it? So they deserve credit for following it through, despite opposition from their own benches.

      2. Don Harrison 6 Feb 2012, 2:21pm

        We will find just how many are saying that to get votes

      3. Erm, Harold Wilson did wonders for LGBT rights I don’t think you can put gay marriage and cutting aid (which you notice doesn’t happen to the kongo’s which are homophobic but also willing to sell land to the big corporations, which is why they still get aid) in the same category.

        1. Instead of political points scoring we should be welcoming the fact that a religious Tory has come out in support of gay marriage. This shows that more and more people are accepting gay rights and should be welcomed. It shouldn’t be turned into a game of ‘my party was more pro-gay than your party’. Its childish and uncalled for, quite frankly.

        2. I’d also ask how you can criticise the govt for not doing enough, when the last government did nothing? That seems to be a theme of Labour. Doh!

          1. Adam, you haven’t passed your history lessons…. who do you think you’re fooling?

      4. The Tories have done nothing nil zilt nada never for us. Adam go back to your history lessons …

  3. David Cameron gets no real benefit from supporting same sex marriage that I can see. It would have been very easy for him to oppose it and say that he thought civil partnerships were sufficient. For him to come out in support of it means that he will want to get it through because it would make him look weak if his policy proposal failed. Delaying makes it more likely to succeed because it will be easier to get it through in Scotland and this will set a precedent for the rest of the UK. If he wanted it to fail he would try to push it through quickly now instead of waiting for that precedent.

    1. Quite frankly I don’t care whether Cameron benefits personally from equality legislation or not.

      Our civil rights are more important than his personal benefit,

      And bear in mind as well that the fact that Callmedave has said we will not have equality until 2015 indicates that he has absolutely no intention of introducing marriage equality. He’s throwing us a bone to pretend that he has overcome his disgusting homophobia (remember his voting record on LGBT issues).

      2012 is the right year for marriage equiality,

      2015 is an unacceptable delay. We need to start pressuring the LibDems as the BNP elements of the Tory Party (and this remains a huge part of the Tories) have no intention of letting us ever gain equality.

      1. 2015 is the earliest possible opportunity because the religious bigots in the House of Lords need to approve it, it is only until they rejected it twice that the Commons can legislate on their own. Look up the process for making new law and you will see it takes Parliament 3 years to make legislation if it doesn’t have support from the House of Lords (the unelected house). Thats where the real bigotry occurs

    2. Don Harrison 6 Feb 2012, 2:23pm

      We will see.

      1. Spanner1960 7 Feb 2012, 5:40pm

        Yeah right. Blair, Brown, Mandelson & Co were just SO much more trustworthy…

        Let’s count how many Tory ministers got locked up for fiddling their expenses… Ah yes, 3-0 to the Tories I think. The Conservatives may not all be the nicest of people, but at least they stab you between the eyes rather than purport to be the “people’s party”, smile nicely and then sneak around and stab you in the back.

        You gay socialists are all the same, scratch the surface and what do you find?
        More surface.

  4. Whilst I do not support his politics, nor his theological viewpoints ….

    I do think it is a very welcome event that a well known Conservative commentator, and a well known evangelical is supportive of equal marriage.

    I would like him to go further, but it is progress …

    Glad to see public evidence that support for LGBT people and equal marriage extends beyond lutherans, MCC, quakers etc … to evangelicals and senior Bishops in the CofE …

    Next week some RC clergy or commentators speaking out???

    1. 2012 is the perfect year for marriage equality.

      2015 is an unacceptable delay.

      1. Its only you saying that 2015 is when it is going to happen dAVID …

        The government are saying by 2015 (not in) … that could mean 2012,2013,2014 or 2015 …

        So, lets celebrate that we have progress and hold the government to account to bring in what they say … but lets not mislead on what they are saying …

      2. Even Labour admitted that it takes time:

        In April 2010 Labour Minister for Equality Harriet Harman when asked about same-sex marriage said the issue was a “developing area” and that the government still had a long way to go with what it had done with gay rights.[25] Then Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the government did not allow same-sex marriage because it was “intimately bound up with questions of religious freedom”.[26]

        So stop being a complete and utter thicko!

      3. Spanner1960 7 Feb 2012, 5:41pm

        Live with it. It’s not going to change.

  5. Father Ted 6 Feb 2012, 1:05pm

    I like that he has taken the common sense view that society is simply extending marriage to gay couples, not radically redefining it, which is the meme that US evangelists have been trying to propagate in their efforts to create fear and loathing of gay people.

    1. And what are his plans to help introduce marriage equality by 2012.

      It’s blatantly obvious that 2015 is an unacceptable delay, and the fact that the year 2015 is being mentioned means that Callmedave has no intention of introducing marriage equality.

      1. he can’t do it this year its the process of law making you can’t just write something and make it law, it has to be carefully drafted and approved by a committee, then read several times in the commons for approval then the lords need to approve it. Its impossible to do it this year but it will be between 2013 – 2015 we have waited almost 10 years for full legal rights, 1 – 3 more is not asking a lot is it?

        1. Father Ted 6 Feb 2012, 2:32pm

          It does take time to do these things properly, but it would also be good to see a sense of urgency about it, to put right the social injustice as soon as possible. But I suspect the timing is to ensure they retain the support of gay people to the end of the parliament.

          1. I’ve already said they moan that it’s taking too long, when the last government did nothing at all with regards to gay marriage. Doh! Even Labour admitted that it takes time:

            In April 2010 Labour Minister for Equality Harriet Harman when asked about same-sex marriage said the issue was a “developing area” and that the government still had a long way to go with what it had done with gay rights.[25] Then Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the government did not allow same-sex marriage because it was “intimately bound up with questions of religious freedom”.[26]

          2. Everything we have gained in terms of rights comes from the Labour years. The nasties who usurped the power left by Labour are successfully deceiving some of us, but not all of us. It doesn’t take time to make us equal, it takes will. And the political will, the most important factor, is missing….

          3. @Beberts

            So Labour introduced equal marriage?

            Labour introduced the policy to cancel wrongful convictions related to homosexuality?

            Labour introduced a strategy to combat homophobic bullying in schools?

            Labour introduced a policy to link aid to tackling homophobia and ensuring human rights for all?

            No, I think you will find that equal marriage has been proposed by the coalition and the remainder achieved by the coalition (which does not involve labour)

            Thanks to Labour many things were achieved … but they didnt finish the job (and had no intention to pursue equal marriage) … nor are they the only party that seeks to support LGBT people and if you think otherwise then you are blind.

          4. Spanner1960 7 Feb 2012, 5:45pm

            Labour had no intention of brining in gay marriage, and it was only when the ECHR forced them to that they grudgingly threw the dog a bone in the form of a second-class civil partnership legislation just to appease the religious right.

            Labour were always far more concerned with letting immigrants pour across our borders and banning foxhunting just to piss off the Tories.

      2. Daniel Kapper 20 Feb 2012, 11:23am

        Are you capable of writing anything else??

        Maybe if you actually knew anything about the process of law making you would realise that it can not be done at the drop of a hat.

        You don’t care about marriage rights, you are just intent on going on a political, anti tory rant. If you do not like cameron then don’t vote Conservative at the next election, which as it happens will be in 2015, maybe you’ll get two things you want that year.

        Oh, and when the new legislation is passed I assume you’ll go to as much effort to thank the tories as you o to slate them on here.

  6. ““Many people of faith are considerably more progressive than the religious leaders, such as Dr Sentamu, who often speak intemperately in their name.”

    “Archbishop of York (Sentamu) gets racist emails over gay marriage views”
    “The police have been called in after racist abuse was sent to the Archbishop of York following comments he made opposing gay marriage.”
    “Amongst many positive emails that he has received, there have been a small number of abusive and threatening emails of a racist nature which North Yorkshire Police are investigating as hate crimes.”

    1. That’s very shameful. I hope they were not sent by our side. They could have been sent by trolls to try and discredit the pro-equality lobby, I’d put nothing past them.

    2. Be interesting if someone makes a counter cloaim of homophobic hate crimes against the Archbishop …

      In no way am I attempting to justify the racism – that is reprehensible and ignorant …

      Would the police investigate both with equal vigour?

      1. The police works in tandem with this homophobic government… so… computer says NO.

        1. Yeah whatever conspiracy theorist …

    3. Spanner1960 7 Feb 2012, 5:46pm

      I think it was probably someone in the scat community. ;)

  7. It is the vile anti-gay and anti-equality bigotry of Sentamu that I totally object to, his race is of no concern to me at all but his bigotry is.
    It is ironic that he doesn’t see how his anti-gay prejudiced opinions are so much the equivalent of racist views, prejudice is ugly.

    1. @Pavlos

      I didnt think you were trying to make any link to Sentamu’s race …

      His opinions and views that he deliberately sought to perculate in the Telegraph are the equivalent of racist views …

      Thats why north Yorkshire Police should also investigate the Archbishop.

      1. Some people are expecting and demanding homophobe in chief CaMoron and his bullyindon gang to treat Sentamu’s declarations as hate crime…. let’s wait and see if they will grant their wishes… naivety in its purest forms…

  8. dAVID – look the Tories appear to be doing something. Wouldn’t it be better for you and of course all of the rest of us to also do something and start writing to all the old farts in the house of lords and our MPs asking them to support gay marriage. After all that’s what all the Catholics etc are going to be asked to do.

    There still an epetition out there that we can all sign as well

    1. I signed this already.

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