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Male models back after falling foul of Facebook rules

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Reader comments

  1. radical53 7 Feb 2012, 2:27am

    This is just not only censorship, but anti – gay.

    Even today the world has become so self-righteous and moral. There is no bounds to what society now places on itself and it’s holier than thou mentality.

    So anything that even suggests “gay” is now an offence, even for Facebook. Who wants to maintain a family friendly social website. Boycott FACEBOOK. PROTEST

  2. I received an email from Facebook once telling me that they had removed a picture that they claimed was inappropriate. When I asked them to clarify, strangely, no response from them.

    Facebook really does need to up it’s game when it comes to customer service. There is no way of contacting them and getting a response a nigh on impossible.

    1. Dont use it.

    2. You’re not a customer of Facebook, you’re their product. They essentially sell users to ad companies. And I’m saying this as someone who’s paid for ads on Facebook in the past… The targeting of the ads that you can pay for is actually slightly scary…

  3. ‘Some may have thought the image of Leo Silva posing almost au naturel, taken by Brazilian photographer Antonio Bezerra, had a certain je ne sais quoi.’
    Je ne sais quoi? I think we all know very well!! Yum yum!

  4. Suddenly Last Bummer 7 Feb 2012, 12:18pm

    Facebook is for sad fools clocking up ‘virtual’ friends. Go out and meet people face to face ffs.

  5. What a silly non story. FB takes pages down all the time. Just because some totty site was under threat and then didn’t get taken down we get this article full of ridiculous cliches….

    Nothing to see here, move along

  6. Homophobia is an infringement of my human rights!

  7. darkmoonman 7 Feb 2012, 6:27pm

    Had the image been of a woman, Facebook would have said and done nothing. Empirical evidence shows that FB’s politics are to the right of Newt Gingrich’s.

  8. Facebook definitely needs to be much more specific about what its standards are. Anybody who found this photo objectionable I can only assume does not watch swimming and diving events and never goes to the pool or beach.

  9. I have a similar story to D.McCabe.

    I uploaded a picture of me sitting in a bubble bath. All you could see was the top half of my body, nothing else. Facebook removed the picture and gave me an “official warning” stating that the picture was inappropiate. I e-mailed Facebook asking the to elaborate further.

    I got no response.

    Why are girls allowed to post pictures of themselves at the beach in bikinis and that is not inappropiate?

  10. These are not the crème de la crème of male photographic subjects. These are Photoshopped Ken dolls, and I for one find all of them ugly. So some people lost their wankstack for the weekend? So what?

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