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Lost man ‘jumped’ from gay cruise

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Reader comments

  1. Singapore Sam 6 Feb 2012, 1:13pm

    Should there be the mandatory death penalty for drug dealers on cruise ships?

    1. should there be death penalty for drug users?

      1. on principle im against any death penalty, but should there be death penalty for unobjective thumb scoring ?

    2. How about mandating that people come out of the Bronze Age and join the modern world?

    3. I’m against the death penalty on principle …

      Surely this story is more about the man overboard than the historic case of the drug dealer?

    4. Does that mean that tobacconists and pub owners get the death penalty aswell? All drugs all equally damaging, not all nice and taxable!

  2. Erm, I’m not sure what relevance the drug thing is to the bloke that chucked himself overboard. Except they were on a cruise ship.
    Most odd

  3. He would have been killed the minute he hit the water from that height.


  4. Terrible tragedy. My sympathy goes to the poor man’s family and loved ones left behind.

  5. Is PN explicitly trying to direct its readers to the consclusion that once onboard the man consumed illicit substances that made him jump from a balcony… ??

  6. who said it had anything to do with drugs…what a very sad situation…i been on many a cruise and the sea is a great alure….sorry to his family…

  7. Steven Rowland 7 Feb 2012, 12:35pm

    Who say it was a gay cruise ?. That ship holds over 5000 people on it and i don’t think for 1 minute that it was 100% gay more like 5%.
    I was on gay cruise last year from New Orleans. That ship had over 2000+ people on there and there was only 500 gay men on it so i would not say that it was GAY cruise

    1. It was chartered by Atlantis Cruises which are exclusively gay

  8. vanderleun 8 Feb 2012, 4:34am

    Just replaying Hart Crane: “While on board the steamship SS Orizaba[6] enroute to New York, he was beaten after making sexual advances to a male crew member. Just before noon on April 27, 1932, Hart Crane jumped overboard into the Gulf of Mexico. Although he had been drinking heavily and left no suicide note, witnesses believed his intentions to be suicidal, as several reported that he exclaimed “Goodbye, everybody!” before throwing himself overboard. (The legend among poets is: He walked to the fantail, took off his coat quietly, and jumped.) His body was never recovered. A marker on his father’s tombstone in Garrettsville includes the inscription, “Harold Hart Crane 1899–1932 lost at sea”.[7]”

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