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Attitude magazine speaks up for bullied gay youth

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Reader comments

  1. go Daniel! He really doesnt have to do this yet he chooses to- well done Dan (i was going to put 50 points to Griffindor but i suspect hes sick to back teeth of that!)

  2. I always thought there was some romantic undercurrents between Harry and Draco:P joking aside its always nice to see someone who doesn’t actually identify as gay stick up for gay rights.

  3. Don Harrison 6 Feb 2012, 4:07pm

    Daniel Ratcliffe is a good man

  4. I have always liked Daniel Radcliffe, he hasn’t let fame and fortune go to his head. He has remained grounded and a very mature and respectful young man. I think a lot of cynics would imagine he is doing these interviews for his reputation and to look good supporting the gay community.

    However anyone who knows Daniel Radcliffe will know that a friend of his family are a gay couple and he was raised to think it is normal. For him it is a personal cause which he wants to give his time to. Well done on using his name and “power” to help a good cause.

  5. It’s all down to the attitude of the teachers. Unfortunately many are homophobic themselves- and this is transmitted to the children under their care. For example- it’s now the ‘norm’ for teachers to insist that LGBT school kids use separate dressing rooms. It’s just an unacceptable situation.

  6. Everybody knows that the cause of all LGBT children and people who are bullied comes from the Christian and Muslim Religions. They are the trouble makers and the ones who are behind making bullies as a result of their priest and teachings. They pass their hate down from generation to generation like a cancer in the family. It is the Christian and Muslim religions who need to targeted for their religious message of hate and destruction of people who are not one of them or agree with them. We need to organize the people who know this and work together to stop the Muslims and Christians from terrorizing our youth today and tomorrow with their message of hate and destruction of people who they preach against. We know they can be terrorist and like any terrorist who kills they need to be stopped, no matter what it takes to stop them, because our lives and the lives of our children are at stake. Stop them before they stop you and your children.

    1. I find that a very broad, and frankly, incorrect generalisation to make. Your average Joe down the pub who gives out about “them gays” likely couldn’t give a monkeys about religion and what they say. People will bully and abuse other people for a variety of reasons. not just religion. And not just those 2 either.

    2. Do you really think no atheist can be a bigot? Don’t be idiotic. Bigots come in all shapes and sizes and religons and no religions.

      1. Oh shut up, B.C.

        No doubt there are homophobic atheists and there are Muslims and, certainly, Christians, who aren’t homophobic. Generally, however, studies show that the vast majority of atheists in the US (about 90% of them) are totally OK with homosexuality, whereas that figure drops to barely 40-50% when it comes to Christians and drops to around 20-30% when it comes to US Muslims.

        The damage Islam and Christianity do when it comes to, among other things, the treatment of gay people is obvious to everyone except the deluded.

      2. “Do you really think no atheist can be a bigot?”

        No one is saying that, but there is a disturbing disproportionate level of bigotry from those who claim to be “doing gods work”. Atheists are less likely to be poisoned by religions nonsense calling on them to hate in the name of god.

        Have a read of this:-

    3. actually, this is not the case. granted in some cases it can be traced back to more conservative religious beliefs but that certainly wasnt the case with a lot of the people i grew up with. they echo the opinions they hear at home, where many of the families where in no way religious but quite ignorant and uneducated.

      and now with many celebrities coming forward and condemning gay marriage or spouting all sorts of homophobic sentiments with a great deal of influence over millions of fans we also have these people to thank for homophobic bullying.

      if we just attack religion we end up discriminating against people like the nice little catholic lady who works at one of my local charity shops. with a gay son she would never dream of stoning for his sexuality.

      especially when there are many religious figures speaking out against homophobia, and for equality.

      with respect what you are doing is fighting prejudice with prejudice.

    4. and how can i forget the irrational fear of instant buggery. backs to the wall behaviour in men that are scared that a man would be so overcome by his attraction to another that he would pursue this regardless of the subjects sexuality. or on a lesser scale that to be associated with another gay man or woman would suggest the same for themselves. infact id say this was something i noticed growing up. if somebody was to show a great deal of hate towards anybody who is gay then there would be certainly no danger of anybody mistaking their sexuality (albeit a common misconception with homophobes).

  7. Ikenna David. 6 Feb 2012, 5:13pm

    Oh good Dan, this is a clear headed human being, he don’t hav to do it, yet he does it.. Well done..

    1. Martha London 6 Feb 2012, 5:28pm

      there are great organizations out there that are all ready to take awareness-raising to schools for example Gendered Intelligence and locally Camden LGBT Forum, but there is no Government will (ie funding) to take it to all schools. Also it needs to be an ongoing project as another year soon comes up who have not done the workshops. It will take a long time for society as a whole to get the message but it Can Be Done! Well done Daniel and more power to you!

  8. Daniel must great parents, for a child actor to grow up without going completely off the rails and having logical and sensible things to say. Also managing to keep his girlfriend out of the press until she feels prepared for it. Good on him, I hope he has a wonderful a varied career.

  9. Sounds like a worthy issue. I hope there’s a section on because they’re really great and apparently run entirely by teenagers who volunteer. Some kids do amazing things!

  10. Thank you Daniel and other straight and gay celebs like Brad Pitt and Russell Tovey for speaking up and trying to help.

  11. Daniel does great work. Would be great to have more high profile people to combat homophobia in the UK.

    BTW Tuesday 7th Feb is Safer Internet Day.

  12. I love Dan. He seems really down to earth and he hasn’t let being the “famous Harry Potter” become his whole life. And not only does he support gay rights, but hes also a huge supporter of trans rights as well. So he’s a good role model for people like me, IMO. This issue looks really good, anyway, so I’ll be picking it up. It has a lot of important issues in it.

  13. Craig Denney 7 Feb 2012, 1:18am

    JK was born in the Town where I live and my sister was born in the same room as JK (in a cottage hospital) and whenever I’ve tried to contact her, she ‘could not care less’ about the plight of LGBT youngsters in the town!!!

    1. In fairness, unless you’re a lifelong friend can you imagine being a worldwide bestselling author and having mountains of fanmail, millions of hangers on and a few creepy stalkers who hang on your every move?
      I’m really not that surprised you got short shrift.
      Your sister sharing the same maternity ward hardly sounds like a major reason she should grant you any preferential treatment.
      I went to the same school as track and field athlete Roger Black, it doesn’t mean I get to badger him in his spare time about changes to my gym regime.
      For what it’s worth she doesn’t strike me as a homophobe (she made Dumbledore gay for starters), she’s just very busy.

      1. Craig Denney 7 Feb 2012, 11:24am

        And where dose Dumbledore give a positive manifestation of his gayness. He is a closeted gay schoolmaster, looking after lots of boys and girls. Is that how JK sees gays as pedophiles working in schools?

        1. Never read the books. Is dumbledore a pedo in them? He’s not a pedo in the films – he comes across as one of the most important characters. Along with harry, he saves humans from the evil character with no nose.

        2. Well if you want the glass is half empty version, sure I grant you he’s closeted.
          But overall Dumbledore is portrayed as a benevolent character, and any pedophile notions are your personal take on the story.
          At no point in the books or films is he seen propositioning any of the Hogwarts students. Saying “he might be a sexual predator if left to his own devices” is just loaded speculation.
          JK has done work for Amnesty International before, I think she knows a thing or two about equal rights.

          1. Craig Denney 7 Feb 2012, 12:29pm

            Yes, Rowling established the Volant Charitable Trust, which uses its annual budget of £5.1 million to combat poverty and social inequality. The Charity gives money to charities that have a particular emphasis on women’s and children’s issues, Yes.

            But the Trust has never given money directly to LGBT youth, why? Because she is religious.

          2. How she chooses to spend/donate her money is entirely up to her. We can’t demand her financial support or give out to her if she chooses not to donate to us. Perhaps she is religious. I don’t know, I don’t particularly care. Unless she is out in public campaigning against equality for us then frankly leave her be

          3. Craig Denney 7 Feb 2012, 1:55pm

            The only reason Dumbledore was gay was to sell her books. Her claims have no weight, as there is no indication anywhere in the novels of Dumbledore’s homosexuality. She used us!

          4. I think the books were doing well enough without her having to resort to desperately pandering to the LGB audience. And she mentioned his homosexuality at some lecture, or meeting or something. You’re right his homosexuality is not mentioned anywhere. But why should it have been. He was a character who was later revealed to be gay. It had no bearing on any of the story whatsoever.

  14. Daniel is amazing! I shall be buying his copy of Attitude magazine.

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