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China: 16 million women ‘married to gays’

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Reader comments

  1. Will this lead for calls to let the gay men marry each other and let the women marry straight men in a country where female abortion and infanticide has left a serious gender imbalance? If so I can see pressure on lesbians to marry men being even greater.,.

    1. yea… I see what you mean..

      Men outnumber women, so straight guys are deprived of a future wife because gay guys are being forced to marry women.

      Same-sex marriage would appear to be a solution…. except that Chinese gay guys would cover their parents with shame if they came out.

      And yes, the pressure would be on lesbians to marry men…

      I never thought of that…

  2. So sad that they feel that have to marry women…no sorry…forced is a better word. Because of they way this country is they feel it leaves them little choice. Very sad indeed.

  3. The huge number of homosexual men who have been forced to tie the knot with straight women are struggling to cope as well.

    A marriage with a gay spouse will inevitably be problematic, but I do wonder if Prof. Zhang Bei-chuan is expressing an opinion or stating a fact, i.e. numbers and percentages.

    Needless to say, the children are the most innocent victims here because it can only be obvious to them that there is no real love between their parents.

    Therefore the men and women who are spouses of primarily homosexual partners and the children of of such flawed marriages who are denied the nurturing and care that only psychologically and emotionally healthy parents are capable of providing should be added to the list of victims of the heterosexual myth.

    A support group is an excellent idea because these pathological situations are first and foremost the results of massive violations of Universal Human Rights.

    1. Pretty sure Prof. Zhang is spouting nonsense, We’re talking about 16 million women, sir, if you think about it, why would a woman marry a gay man, and why would a gay man marry a woman? no matter what the circumstances (Unless it’s an arranged marriage, which i highly doubt the numbers would go even past a million), if they’re suffering that much, they can always divorce, it’s better for the gay man to live single than to marry a woman if he’s suffering that much, and those women can easily find another man to start a relationship with.

      This article is total bs.

  4. friday jones 3 Feb 2012, 11:51pm

    The problem with a Chinese marriage of convenience is, half an hour later, you’re ready to get married again.

    1. Huck Sawyer 5 Feb 2012, 12:09am

      OMG.. is it wrong that laughed at this…

    2. Spanner1960 5 Feb 2012, 4:49pm

      I have no idea why. They all look the same to me anyway… :)

  5. radical53 4 Feb 2012, 1:36am

    This is the future of gay men today. You are warned. Gay rights has created this problem. All it has done is legitimise the past for gay men and what we suffered with.

    There are many women in the gay community would love to entrap and force gay men to marry them and force them to have kids they don’t want to have. And it is going on.

    I met a guy a few years ago who was trapped into a sham marriage and had kid because he was seduced in a gay bar.

    No respect for gay men and letting us live our life styles.

    This is why we have become repressed again.

    1. Ben Foster 4 Feb 2012, 7:52am

      How does a gay man get seduced by a woman in a gay bar? That makes no sense at all. I think you’re talking nonsense. But in any case it is nothing to do with the issue of Chinese cultural pressure on its gay population to appear ‘normal’.

    2. “This is why we have become repressed again.”

      Speak for yourself, I have never been more content to be who I am and to be accepted as such.

      You really need to get some help, that you’re projecting your inadequacies on something an vague as “gay rights” is somewhat disturbing.

    3. “There are many women in the gay community would love to entrap and force gay men to marry them and force them to have kids they don’t want to have”

      Oh, sorry, I just saw this gem of delusion! LOL! Really? Where exactly?

      So, who are they, and where are you getting this statistic that these predatory women are “in” the gay community?

      Go on, show me the data…. or are you going to do your usual dump the stupid statement here and run like you usually do?

  6. GingerlyColors 4 Feb 2012, 6:59am

    Although homosexuality has never been outlawed in China, it was suppressed during the Mao era and continued to be repressed until recent years. As in pre-1967 Britain many gays were pressurised into marrying straights in order to conform. The One-Child policy (as Dromio has mentioned) has led to a surplus of boys being born, many of them are now adults. With China liberalising it’s attitudes the number of gay-straight marriages will fall but China is a vast country and in many areas conservative values still remain.

  7. Ben Foster 4 Feb 2012, 7:53am

    The article seemed to focus on the women in these marriages. What about the men forced to live sham lives?

  8. It’s a shame the article makes no attempt to explain why this is happening as I suspect the cause is more complex than simply official and/or cultural intolerance to gay people, though undoubtedly it’s a major factor.

    A low retirement age (60/55/50) and state pensions that don’t cover the cost of living mean that support for the elderly comes from within the family. The one-child policy means there are usually no siblings, nieces or nephews, and only one child, and it falls to him or her to support his parents. Very likely at least one of the person’s parents will still be alive when they themselves retire, and the social expectation is that there will be a grandchild to continue to support the family.

    If a person does not marry and have a child, they will not only be condemning themselves to a subsistence retirement, but very likely doing the same to their parents in their final years. Add to that a strong cultural deference to parents and you see the position a gay person is in.

    1. That is exactly how two gay Chinese friends have explained it to me.

      Still, documented evidence and an abundant literary history over the last 3,000 years clearly shows that the attitude to same-sex bonding in China was similar to that of the Roman Republic, that is, as long as a man fulfilled his duties to his family, he was free to find satisfaction according to his sexual orientation.

      The homophobia brought to China by western Christian missionaries has distorted oriental sexual traditions.

      Add to that the insistence by Chinese Communist officials that social ‘ills’ such as homosexuality simply do not exist in China, and we get a better idea of the plight of the LGBT population there.

      See- Louis Crompton, “Homosexuality & Civilization”, 2003

      According to this article, women are leading the way in exposing these flawed marriages and seeking solutions.

  9. radical53 4 Feb 2012, 8:08pm

    Says a lot about gay men than does about marrying women.

    How weak and spineless men are. In China it is a communist country, so they probably don’t have any choice, But we do and we can stand up and fight against it.

    1. This is Keith, as seen in the post earlier. Got the wrong thumb thingy though.

  10. So, the men get a live-in domestic servant, children if they want (for virtually no effort), a handy punching bag – the wife – for when they’re feeling in a temper. In addition the men WILL be finding other men to have sexual relationships with as they have done throughout all cultures and all history. My sympathy is limited. Really it is the women enslaved to these guys that suffer far more.

  11. Here is the original article written by San Yuan in the China Daily:

    If nothing else, this report raises our awareness of this problem.

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