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22,500 thank JC Penney for hiring Ellen after anti-gay complaint

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Reader comments

  1. GingerlyColors 3 Feb 2012, 11:26am

    Penney for your thoughts?

  2. I sometimes wonder if this is really necessary . We do need to address the problem of homophobia, but why is a lesbian put into a position of the average typical mother…they’re not… We are different, we are sometimes overtly proud, but we are as good as you get, the old rickety pedestal is not where we should be sometimes.

    1. hiring Ellen was a business decision not a charity for gay people, the whole thing was blown out of proportion by bigoted american families association

    2. So a lesbian can’t be a typical mother?

      1. Helen Wilson 3 Feb 2012, 12:50pm

        I take it Dirk did not read the research that show lesbian mothers do a far better job at raising kids than the average hetro family.

    3. A mother is a mother, from amarketing perspective, she is one of the most known TV presenters in the USA and has one of the most recognisable faces. This is Marketing, not Family

  3. Wow they clearly misunderstood how many straight people love Ellen Degeneres.

    If only gay people watched her show her ratings would not be so high

    1. Joss instead of saying straight and gay people just say decent well adjusted people.

      we come in all sexualities

      1. Yes I know “we come in all sexualities” James, however their point seems to be that Ellen is irrelevant to the JC Penney “traditional families” (which in my bigot speak to English dictionary translates to straight).

        My point is that they have underestimated Ellen’s universal appeal.

  4. These bunch of loons need to realise that most gay people come from “traditional” families, and that gay friendly straights also come from “traditional” families. Therefore stating that JC Penney’s customers are from “traditional” families in order to back up their ridiculous call against Ellen being hired is nothing more than illogical nonsense.

    Utterly crazy words from an utterly crazy organisation. Well done to JC Penney for brushing aside their stupid campaign for the irrelevance it is.

  5. Sometimes I am so happy that I decided to live in the UK, I could loose everything in 26 states just because I am gay. THis is absoloutely ridiculous

    1. The really awful thing is that there was a period when the USA looked to be leading the charge towards equality in the Western World. To see it fall behind so badly due to partisanship and the misplaced entitlement attitude of the religious is truly saddening. We can only hope that the current trend towards the introduction of anti-prejudice laws in some states continues and becomes federal policy before much longer.

    2. I don’t know about the other states, but at least in Indiana it is not just discrimination against gays. Laws are set up to benefit corporations who can fire a person for no reason. They do not have to state a reason and none is ever asked. This is the case in most states. In addition, they can fire you for being seen or heard in public that reflects bad on their company. It doesn’t matter if it is your personal time or not, the laws are such that corporations have full control. I would be surprised if you didn’t find this in most states and even in most countries. It is corporations after all that get politicians elected.

  6. Just an FYI – you can go to the site and “report a complaint” about an organization. So reported them, to them. :) I simply left a few polite but strongly worded sentences about how misguided I believe they are. Might not do any good but why not?! They should have to hear from all the “traditional” families they think are so offended.

    1. Dani, I can assure you nothing will be done. Organizations like that one are only concerned with their own views. If you had said that they were not strong enough in their objections, that might have gotten some action, but objecting to their point of view, will go nowhere.

    2. Not going to do much good I’m afraid. They are actually part of the American Family Association; a group which is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Hate groups are called that for a reason.

  7. Father Lovejoy 3 Feb 2012, 4:55pm

    Thank you JC Penny now I will shop with you more since I will have a lot of money to spend that I would have given the Komen Foundation which has chosen to fall from grace by submitting to the pressures of Christians inside and outside of the Foundation. Shame on you Komen for turning on women, the very people you said you would help. No amount of excuses or false propaganda to cover up your decision to no longer help women can hide the fact that you have given in to the Christian agenda of hate against Planned Parenthood. The truth is the money you use to give was only used to take xrays to look for breast cancer. Shame on you Komen and shame on you Christians for causing them to stop helping women.

  8. The irony of all this is that when Ellen came out back in 1997, JC Penney withdrew their adverts that used to air during her show.

    1. Fifteen years is quite a long time for a company. Social attitudes have changed, even if not as much as we’d like. The executive team responsible for that decision is probably no longer there. Let’s be pleased they’ve done the right thing now, rather than criticising them for something done a long time ago.

  9. Robin Evans 3 Feb 2012, 9:13pm

    “Australian radio host Jackie O, whose middle name is also Ellen, told listeners it now “sounds a bit lez”.”

    Come on… Is this for real… Maybe this Jackie O should retract that comment….?????

  10. That map is a disgrace! And America is supposed to be the land of the free and the greatest democracy on Earth! What a joke, if it wasn’t so tragic!

  11. Thank you JC Penney for standing with Ellen and refusing to cave in to ignorance and intolerance. This mom and grandmother will DEFINITELY shop at Penneys doing my part to stand behind this intelligent company.

  12. Paddyswurds 4 Feb 2012, 7:53pm

    Isn’t it so telling that according to the graphic, 99% of the States where Ellen could be sacked for being Gay are redneck and what could be termed bible belt…….

    1. Because stupidity is genetic, and it gets worse with possible inbreeding.

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