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Video: Washington state governor: ‘States can’t be in the business of discrimination’

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Reader comments

  1. The snowball is getting bigger…

  2. Strange how it’s always the South that is the last to empathise with minorities, I wonder why that is? Is it congenital?

  3. No ‘if’s’ and ‘buts’ about it, Govenor Christine Gregoire is a true American leader.

  4. “As governor, I believe the state of Washington cannot be in the business of discrimination. As an American, a wife and mother, marriage equality is fair, just, and right. And it is time.”

    I love that statement. Go Americans!

  5. Wonderful Washington State!

  6. You can’t realistically argue with the truth of what Christine Gregoire said, so simple,straightforward and elegant with nothing to hide…
    Unlike when the opposers of marriage equality speak forever trying to cover their true hateful discriminatory motives in ambiguous and coded language.

  7. I wonder if Governor Christine Gregoire would consider a move to Australia – we have no real leaders here, and I am sure she would do a great job.

  8. Hmmm – I am suspicious of this because of the involvement of the HRC – a group even more useless than Stonewall in the UK.

    Did you know that HRC is having a gala dinner this weekend HONOURING Goldman Sachs – a company absolutely involved in the global financial meltdown.

    The HRC (along with Stonewall) has no legitimacy and do not represent the LGBT population. Therefore we should all be immediately suspicious if we hear about their involvement .

    On whose behallf are they working?

    Their corporate sponsors I suspect.

  9. Father Lovejoy 3 Feb 2012, 5:09pm

    God Bless the Washington State Governor for being strong and standing up and having the sanity to speak out for all the people. It is people like her that give hope that America is still free and will continue to be free from discrimination. We all need to be strong now and stand up and demand an end to discrimination against gays and all people who are being oppressed. They say Freedom is not free and that we have to fight for it. This my friends is one way to fight back, demand an end to discrimination. Take it to the streets like my good friend Martin Luther King who took his African American Civil Rights Movement to the streets to get freedom is you must, but do so peacefully like this great man did. MLK was a true Freedom Fighter of out times who got freedom for all blacks and today America had a black president to prove that if you stand up and fight for your rights then one day America will have a gay president.

  10. jamestoronto 3 Feb 2012, 9:54pm

    Well said Governor. Washington will soon be among the equality jurisdictions. Welcome.

  11. This is good news. Congratulations, Washington state.

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