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Premier League clubs sign anti-homophobia charter

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Reader comments

  1. Finally! Why has this taken so long? Because the FA had not bothered to address homophobia in sport! Why didn’t they lead the way in this instance? Maybe because the FA’s homophobia & lack of willingness would’ve been called into question! Well, that’s backfired, hasn’t it? Their total inaction of not tackling homophobia in British football demonstrates that they don’t care about LGBTQ football fans, players, managers & match officials, however badly they can be abused. The FA’s main excuses would probably be: 1.We cannot show favouritism to any minority group; 2.FIFA have not done anything about it; 3.There is no issue with homophobia in football; 4.Sexuality is a private matter; 5. It’s peoples own fault for exposing themselves, they deserve all the abuse.
    FIFA & UEFA have done nothing positive about the issue either. Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise me, because they took years to start dealing with racism in football. Homophobia is just as important,kick it out of football,NOW!

  2. Is this serious or is it a useless PR exercise?

    I want a commitment by each of these clubs that if a player or manager or fan is caught engaging in homophobic behaviour then he will face a lifetime ban from the sport for bringing the game into disrepute.

    After all despite the 20 year anti-racist ‘Kick it out’ campaign the FA remains institutionally racist.

    I hope they are being serious but I suspect that it’s a PR campaign and that unless you are a rich, straight, white male then you are not really welcome in football.

    1. @dAVID

      Are you telling me that the commitment you seek is not in the document signed by the Premiership and each of the clubs?

  3. What I find amazing is that 30 years after Elton John was a football club chairman this is still being debated at the foundation level. The footballing establishment is well behind the attitudes of the average football fan in this country. Whilst this statement of policy from the Premiership clubs is a step in the right direction it is long overdue, and I’ll wait to see whether it turns into anything other than words in the coming seasons.

    Oh, and BTW, Jim Gannon’s Blue and White Army!! :-D

    1. @David

      Absolutely, it has taken far, far too long …

      The Fa and the cloubs need to get their fingers out of their arses and get on with it …

      but sheesh Stockport County …????

      1. Stockport County indeed.

        “I am what I am, and what I am needs no excuses….” ;-)

      2. Jimmy Krankie 4 Feb 2012, 7:00pm

        “fingers out of their arses”
        That is a vulgar turn of phrase you employ. Could you tone it down please as my 8 year old son (boy trapped in girls body) reads this site.
        Thanks in advance!

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