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Guilty verdict for killer of gay teen Jack Frew

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Reader comments

  1. Martin Lawrence 2 Feb 2012, 3:05pm

    How sad, how very sad. This is not a time for judgement, but instead reflection on how easily we humans go wrong, especially in matters of relationships.

    1. If he wasn’t gay we’d slag him off. The man is a monster I hope he’s in hell

  2. Sad indeed. What Jack must have gone through in those few final moments…….

    Craig has lost the person he hoped to have a future with… he too has been unwittingly dragged into this.

    RIP Jack, and lets hope that Craig learns a lesson from this.

  3. Terrible story for all concerned,lets hope that Jacks family find some peace in the guilty verdict?

  4. Murdering scum I hope rots in jail

  5. Roy is 20 not 19 and looks very cunning and sly and to stab someone 20 times and slit their throat only implies to me that he is a monster and the attack was obviously calculated/premeditated…… this type of evil couldn’t possibly learn their lesson – EVER

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Feb 2012, 5:01pm

      I have to agree. It does come across as the sort of crime where someone has lashed out in a moment of madness. To stab someone 20 times and slash their throat kind of suggests he meant business and his victim wasn’t every going to get out of there alive.

      I do think its extremely sad that it involved two people with their whole lives ahead of them, but I also think that there is no place in society for someone that could inflict such horrors on another human being.

      I’m damn sure as well if I was the father I would never be forgiving or forgetting. After safely nurturing his son for 16 years through childhood, only for some twisted maniac to stove a knife into him repeatedly, and have him die isolated and alone in the woods, must be truly heartbreaking.

      1. Moment of madness if you’re gay and gay panic if you’re straight. Shame on you

        1. Is it just me or does your posting not make any sense

          1. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Feb 2012, 9:36am

            Doesn’t make any sense to me either – a moment of madness doesn’t really apply when you go equipped to stab someone and then do so 20 times and further slit the victim’s throat. ‘Gay panic’ hardly applies to someone who has been in a series of gay relationships, if in fact it EVER applies or is merely an excuse used to cover up murder plain and simple.

        2. @James!

          I don’t think anyone is trying to minimise the seriousness of this crime …

          I don’t think anyone is trying to suggest the penalty for the murder should be minimised …

          I do think they are trying to understand why it happened …

          Crimes of passion do happen … and that includes involving LGBT people …

          That doesn’t necessarily mitigate in the favour of the murderer … in fact, it may harshen the penalty (particularly if there is evidence of premeditation) …

          Understanding why, can be a useful process for those involved, those onlooking and society in general … it doesnt dilute the seriousness of the offence by seeking to understand …

  6. Roy is 20 not 19…….. Stabbing someone 20 times AND slitting their throat/windpipe isn’t tragic or sad it is pure evil….. Roy looks very cunning and sly in the pictures which I have seen when he has been entering/leaving court….This wasn’t an accident – it was a calculated AND premeditated attack of extreme violence…. To say that Roy hopefully will learn his lesson is an insult to Jack’s family…….

  7. sorry about the 2 different posts – the first one when posted said error and didn’t appear and then after posting the 2nd – it appears

  8. Dan Filson 2 Feb 2012, 7:37pm

    What is really distasteful is that the killer’s twisted version is published and the victim’s tale is not heard

    1. Dan

      Thats always going to be the case when the victim is dead …

      In a system of justice – its appropriate that the defendent gets to present their case of defence or mitigation …

      Or would you prefer justice be subverted?

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Feb 2012, 2:39pm

        Nevertheless understandably distressing for family and loved ones to have to endure the character assassination of a loved one by a heartless killer

  9. To stab someone 20 times and then slit their throat is NOT a reason to try and justify a verdict of manslaughter and his QC should have told him this from the outset I was pure and simple murder when he took the knife out in the first place and he knew exactly what he was doing when he took the knife, to then try and say it was manslaughter it was of no surprise that the jury took so little time in coming the the murder verdict which was right in this case. To stab someone once, possible could be manslaughter, but to stab 20 times and slit throat is pure callous and utter depravity and he should receive a sentence of 20+ years for this crime

  10. I read during the trial ‘he has no memory of the incident’.

    How very convenient.

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