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Comment: No more stalling, gay and straight couples deserve equality now

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  1. Absolutely, Peter

    The time is now for real, meaningful and full equality …

    I accept that some issues require consultatons ….

    Common sense says ensuring people are treated fairly does not require consultation …

    That said, I dont think we have anything to fear from a consultation … but I wish they would hurry up and sort it …

    1. Consultations??? Are you really that stupid?

      1. Have you bothered reading my comment or are you so stupid that one word just jumped out at you …

        Ah – its Beberts, I know what the answer to that is … Knee jerk reaction is normally your MO …

        Thinking and understanding viewpoints different to your own- never a strong point …

        1. If you follow your own many comments, you can see how very very very slowly you’ve been abandoning the consultation idea. Many people in here have told you this government is not to be trusted and is up to no good, for obvious reasons, but you need your own time to digest and understand … stu….

          1. @Beberts

            I have consistently said I would prefer there not to be a consultation, but there is going to be one – and we should have nothing to fear from that …

            I note your comments remain bluster and deflection and refusing to engage in the concerns with your comments that others raise …

          2. Give it another few months and you’d be criticizing the totally useless consultation. Some people are that slow stu… just accept it and move on…

          3. @Beberts

            Continuing to evade the questions with bluster …

            I have never supported the consultation – merely said it is happening and we have nothing to fear from it …

            How is that supporting it?

          4. By tacit approval. A long, delayed, stalled, totally useless and insulting political tactic… so… no…. it is not happening …. it’s planned to happen sometime in the future, with delayings and all… nothing to fear huh … why bother huh?…
            Students had nothing to fear… until… Cancer patients have nothing to fear… until ,,,the poor, the sick, the old and the vulnerable have nothing to fear… until… why are they all bothering stu?

          5. @Beberts

            Ah I see

            No relevance to equal marriage, whatsoever …

            Pure rhetoric … irrelevant to the subject matter in hand

  2. CaMoron and his cronies are acting in a calculated manner in accord to their nastiness. This is why they’re diverting money that should be used to treat cancer patients and instead are giving it to their millionaire supporters.

    1. What has that got to do with same sex marriage?

      As for your comment on cancer patients and benefits, you are very wrong and obviously haven’t actually read the welfare reform bill.

      1. It’s disgusting what this government is doing. Welfare “reform” shouldn’t touch the sick, the poorest and the most vulnerable in our society darling. Instead they’re the ones paying (sometimes with their lives) to keep rich bankers and tory millionaires afloat.

        1. Irrelevant to the case in point …

          1. Irrelevant huh? During election campaign, CaMoron and his gang of spoiled criminal millionaires have made countless promises to protect the most vulnerable in our society. That was then… this is now… the complete opposite… darling… that is how irrelevant my comments are… according to your slow motion understanding of the situation…

          2. @Beberts

            The relevance of bankers to legislation on equal marriage .. is where in bizarre parallel world?

  3. CP could be the new marriage why bother with the religion element ?

    1. Civil marriage does not have a religious element nor does it have any stigma attached to it.

      1. Ok I geddit now. But marriage is so old

        1. Spanner1960 5 Feb 2012, 9:39am

          Well it’s worked for the last 2000+ years, so if it ain’t broke, why fix it?
          All we want is a piece of the action.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Feb 2012, 6:24pm

    Well said, Peter, as always! There is absolutely NO excuse to delay opening marriage to gay couples and civil partnerships for straight couples. The consultation for CPs for gay couples should be sufficient. Why procrastinate on marriage equality? What is the difficulty? This only convinces me that CPs and marriage aren’t the same as some think they are. I don’t see CPs becoming the universal standard around the world for gays or straights, so it makes me wonder though why a straight couple would opt for one, in spite of the patriarchal language in religious marriage that many women object to.

  5. Homosexuals are not the same as heterosexuals, they cannot bear children, they are not what god intended, he did not create homosexuals, they chose, therefore they are not *equal* and should not have the same rights, as they have chose their own path to go along, they should be denied marriage, health insurance and should be given the chance to change.

    Oh and gay ‘marriage’ as you lot call it, will never happen, its propaganda and you are all believing it.

    If it does happen, it will cause unrest and life as a homosexual will become very difficult indeed.

    1. @Kyle

      You are in Denial …

      Gay marriage is a reality in many countries and terrotories …

      Many more will be adding it soon

      As much as you can not change your race, you can not change orientation …

      You can choose to change your bigotry – unfortunately it appears you are too hate consumed to even think of being honest, decent or humane …

    2. Oh and werent those the same arguments that were used in 1967 whemn homosexuality was decriminalised?

      or when section 28 was abolsihed?

      or when civil partnerships were introduced?

      The outcome, being homosexual does not mean we are treated fairly … although it is certainly improving … but its a hell of a lot better than it was … and unrest linked to orientation is almost unheard of …

    3. “and life as a homosexual will become very difficult indeed”

      Are you threatening us?

      1. I’m sorry for you feel that way, I’ll make it clear, Its not a threat, its an insight, people already are quite hostile towards homosexuals for their continual whining, and demands, why can homosexuals not be happy that you have what they have, why do they always want more? And Stu you haven’t answered that homosexuals are not the same as heterosexuals, which they are not, so how homosexuals being equal and given equality when they are not equal for a start is a non starter.

        My views are a debate, and opinion that I am entitled to disagree with you and challenge you just as people have and are to say rude and uncouth things about Ms Widdecombe on here.

        1. “My views are a debate”

          No, they’re based on fallacy and lies, and you promote hate. Do not fool yourself. As you can see, the site is now reporting your comments to the police…. lets see how brave you are now.

        2. So Kyle, if they are a “debate” …

          the evidence to support your views is …. where …???

    4. Dear Kyle, the Bible tells us that god created man in his own image – so homosexuality is equally part of God.

      We cannot hope or need to understand all of God’s puposes. If we truly have faith in him we should honour his creation and not seek to judge or threaten our fellows, who are precious to God each and every one.

      1. disease free! 3 Feb 2012, 9:39am

        So little understanding of the bible. Related to Stu(pid) perchance?
        Sin, which includes homosexual disorder and it’s manifestations, is a product of mans FALL from grace and resultant alienation from God.
        Also, where in the bible does it say to honour sin? There will be a destruction of wicked ones and a saving of righteous ones (Psalm 37:29).which means that even the prcious sinnrs that are unwilling to become righteous, will be adversely judged (1 Corinthians 6:9)

        1. Is this the same bible that you know sweet F-all about when it came to polygamy, Keith?

          Weren’t able to make an intelligent response to the last time you were proven wrong on biblical content, so why would this time (or any) be any better?

          I am still laughing at you, and your stupid rage. The more religious nutters like you, the more we win!

          1. disease free! 3 Feb 2012, 2:13pm

            What are you on about you mental midget? My replywas deleted of course for your protection. I asked you to show me where God sanctioned dpolygamy and you could not and have not. Nobody denies tha God tolerated it, just as he tolerated homosexual disorder an idolatory and did not always act immediately. However, for an understanding of God’s eventual action, see Solomon and how he lost Gods favour (and the Kingdom after his death) due to his polygamy.
            This comment may well be deleted but hopefully not before your homosexually disordered and diseased brain can assimiliate the truth therein.
            PS Please show where God SANCTIONED polygamy.

          2. I think we all know where you let yourself down last time, Keith, don;t we? Ahhh, didn;t the little freak know the bible? Poor Keith, shown up once again as a mental retard.

            But I just LOVE your tantrum! Its soooooo funny.

            And I assure you, Notting you say has any affect here, on anyone. I’m already very happily married to my partner, and nothing you do or say will change that Keith. How does that make you feel? I’ll let you in on a little secret my, drunken little basket case, I f-ing love how it makes you feel!!!!! LOL! I am actually laughing right frickin’ now at it!

          3. @Will

            It seems you have gathered a fan, but an irritated one at that – such a shame …

            Obsession is such a sad thing …

          4. Still, Stu, it keeps him off the streets. He’ll catch his death of cold what with all the shouting at traffic in all weathers…..

        2. Stu(pid) is a retort that has been used by kindergarten children for many years …

          So grow up (not that you can giving your actions on here)

          1. that was very clever stu… playing with your own nick… well done boy…

          2. @Beberts

            That was clever ignoring the comment I was replying to …

            Or maybe you can only read one thing in isolation … trying to consider two comments confuses you too much?

          3. @Beberts

            Of course, now Keiths comment has been deleted its not so obvious … but the comment was very much there when you made your flippant commentary …

    5. “as a homosexual will become very difficult indeed.”

      My life is fine, so why not get yours sorted instead ? Anyone that makes cowardly threats on a gay site under anonymity is a fool and in need of counselling, so run along an get the help you need.

    6. Kyle/Keith (whatever your name is). Why do you change your name so much? It would be like carrie changing her name, but still putting everything in capitals. Everyone would still know it was carrie. You are the most hate filled person to ever leave comments on this website. You should read that part of your bible that talks about Love. Something you know very little about.

  6. 1 month to go before the consultation!

    The only thing I can see that they need to consult on is what to do with CPs..

    Personally I don’t want us to be dragged into a long discussion on CPs, particulary straight CPs!!

    1. Spanner1960 5 Feb 2012, 9:42am

      Scrap and upgrade. Simples.

  7. The consultation is a stalling tactic.

    No consultation is necessary if you believe in equal civil rights for all.

    I’ve said it before – there is no reason on earth why marriage equality should not be law by summer 2012 (and if those unelected, undemocratic dinosaurs in the House of Lords try to pervert democracy and justice as they also do, then it simply gives even more reason to replace the House of Lords with a democratic upper house).

  8. GingerlyColors 3 Feb 2012, 11:24am

    Stop dithering, lets bring it on!

  9. disease free! 3 Feb 2012, 2:04pm

    Except for promoting promiscuity and dangerous sexual practices that perpetuate killer disease that kils even innocent babies, what have the LGBT disorder brigade ever done to improve sexual morals?
    Thousands of babies are killed every year due to HIV breast milk or contaminated blood, passed on by a promiscuous heterosexual, bisexual or transexual. A brief perusal of the bibles comman to abstain from fornication (unmarried sex) would easily prevent his. Abstinence until mariage is a moral bridge too far, particularly for the hedonistic bum buggerers who must fulfill their rectal lusts at all costs, jut like the filthy Sodomites who met with God’s judgement.

    1. disease free! 3 Feb 2012, 2:15pm

      The above is for the homosexual Will.

      1. Wow, I’m delighted to be the centre of your obsessiveness nature with sex and men, Keith, but I’m not into basket cases, sorry – all I want to do is laugh at you and your deleted comments. I’m sure you’ll find someone in the parks at 4am where there wont be enough natural light to see how ugly you are and might give you the cuddle you’re looking for.

        And we’ve well established you know nothing about the bible, your last little drunken tantrum showed us all that!

        1. Wanna swap colognes Will …?

          Keith doesnt like me so if you wear the one that attracts my loons perhaps …. lol

          1. LOL @ Stu!

            Darn, I though it was only you who attracted the nut-bags! Its contagious :)

            I mean I’m flattered at all this his attention, but what would all his 4am park boyfriends think!

        2. It gets worse! 4 Feb 2012, 12:25pm

          I have a lifetime of bible research behind me which is why I slaughetr you when you are able to reply. Yo have not shown me where God sanctioned polygamy as you assert. You in your ignorance believed from hearsay.
          You should check for yourself before committing to a reply. The scriptures indicate that God was displeased with Polygamy. Would you like me to spoon feed you the scriptures again or would you be able to locate the account of Solomon.
          It is in the latter part of he Hebrew scriptures. Read how God dealt with his polygamy and learn from it. It shoud prevent you from making dunb replies in the future and revealing yourself as a complete ignoramus regarding the bible.

          1. Don’t want to read it again …

            It’s not relevant

            It means nothing …

            From Stu the proud gay guy …

          2. “why I slaughetr”

            LOL! “slaughetr” me? Sure you do. Pity you can’t validate any of your nonsense when you are proved wrong! NOW you’re coming back with a response to what I posted days ago? And if its a “lifetime of research” – THIS is the best you can do? How f-ing stupid are you?

            LMFAO! Just gets better all the time, doesn’t it!!! What a retard you are Keith.

            Run along, I’m sure you can beg for a bottle of methylated spirits from a real Christian in the street….

  10. Forgive me.

    I don’t understand why there needs to be equality for civil partnerships when allowing Gays to have a full civil marriage will alleviate the need for them. The civil partnership was only brought in as a 2nd class deal for us anyway?

    Please can someone who can make sense of my comment let me know?!

    Thank you

    1. I don’t personally see the needs for it (but I am gay!) …

      I do know some heterosexuals have stated they are not comfortable with the label marriage and would prefer something that did not have such a loaded name …”marriage” …

      I suspect there are not many (although thats purely a guess) but I don’t see any harm at all in having both marriage and CPs available to all couples that consent …

      1. It gets worse! 4 Feb 2012, 5:09pm

        As always, a complete misunderstandin of Equality and the law. There is no equality issue since the civil partnership and marriage laws apply equally to gays and normals.
        The laws are based on gender, not sexual orientation. That means that in theory, twos straight males would be allowed to undergo a civil partnership together whether they smke or notwhereas a gay male and female would not be allowed. The law is equal for ALL sexual orientations. It merely impacts more on some than others. This is not inequality as some ignorantly claim.
        To illustrate, anti smoking laws apply to all people. They impact more however on the smoker. The question is whether the negative impact (which usually has a positive polar opposite) is justified.
        Certainly in the case of marriage , it is justifiable to seek to maintain th traditional definition of marriage, a bedrock of stable moral society and family.
        The current ‘experimentation’ in the family and marriage will surey fail.

        1. The one misunderstanding things here is you Keith …

          You certainly have no understanding of equality …

          You definitely do not comprehend humanity …

          End of. No further debate with you – you’re not worth it.

          1. It gets worse! 5 Feb 2012, 10:23am

            It is your ethics which threaten humanity by perpetuation of HIV.
            The bible endorses abstinence (involving self control) until mutually monogamous marriage. Aids would disappear. Lives would be saved. Your way kills! YOU are the inhuman one. Your hedonistic pleaure seeking ways mean that you are always looking for a cure that will acomodate your peverse lifestyles whilst avoiding the obvious solution that is in front of your yes. The bibles standard on relationships and marriage. as amplified by Jesus and paul.
            As for humanity. I do much to help genuine need where possible. Self inflicted, preventable disease caused by reckless hedonism I have no sympathy for and neve will.

          2. @it gets worse!

            I hate to break it to you, but AIDS isn’t exclusive to gay people. Heterosexual are just as susceptible, it’s the specific act, not just the fact that you’re gay. Try and get your facts straight. Also, hedonistic? You do realise that relationships aren’t based on the sole factor of sex? If you claim that we crave relationships with other men for the simple fact of sexual gratification, then you are a very simple person. Do you commit to heterosexual relationships for purely sex? If so, you’re shallow and pathetic, but I seriously doubt it. Like all people, relationships are based on more than that. Emotions. Intellect. Humour. A connection with the other person that can’t be described. Need I say more?

        2. Spanner1960 5 Feb 2012, 9:47am

          So what is you and your Bible’s interpretation of civil, secular marriages? Are they applied to everyone equally?

          I would like to see marriage for us normals and straight people.

          1. It gets worse! 5 Feb 2012, 10:15am

            I don’t understand the question. I do not believe in absolute equaity anyway since it is unachieveable and impractical.
            One thing is for sure. No examples of same sex marriage exist in the bible as approved by God.

          2. Spanner1960 5 Feb 2012, 4:44pm

            @It gets worse!:
            You claim that marriage is a biblical invention, so ultimately anybody that doesn’t believe in God ought not to get married. Apart from all the hypocrites that prefer church weddings because of all the pomp, there are millions of others that have civil weddings where God is not even mentioned – so should they ‘remain in sin’ just to appease your scriptures?

            On top of that you use this bizarre caveat that marriage is for people to have families, to which I say ‘What about all those couples that cannot have or do not wish to have children?’ Should they not get married?

            Equally gay people can also bring up children either of their own, or to adopt/foster. Would you say that a same-sex family would also benefit from a couple that have made dedicated vows to stay together?

            You claim that having “hedonistic, promiscuous lives” increases potential infection, yet in the same breath you decry these people getting married and demonstrating that they wish to be in monogamous relationships. Just because some priests are willing to accept a celibate lifestyle does not mean the rest of us have to, and even then, just because one is married, does that automatically mean one has to have a sexual relationship? Many people marry simply for legal, official reasons, or simply companionship.

            You really need to get your head out of your arse and recognise that there are many different people out there that apparently your “God” made, so why don’t you take a leaf out of your own good book and stop judging other people and leave that to him, lest maybe one day you may yourself be judged.

          3. Spanner, that was all too high brow for Keith, and far to reasonable a comment…. you’ve probably forced him to retreat to a bottle of JD or two.

        3. “It is your ethics which threaten humanity by perpetuation of HIV.”

          Its the end of the world, run for your lives!


  11. It gets worse! 5 Feb 2012, 5:39pm

    Marriage has always been a civil.not religious ceremony,even in bibe times and belif in God is not a requirement.
    The bibles Christian code on sex and marriage is one that would benefit mankind and eradicate STDs if universally adopted. Just because most people did like the moral code does not alter the truth that it is beneficial and not harmful to society.
    As for celibacy, the bible does not force anyone into a sexless mariage, even priests. Anyone that wishes to engage in sex is allowed to after marriage. Marriage under the bibles code provides security for the family and protection from disease. It provides a loving stable background for children of that marriage also.
    It is true that there are many different people with different views. these people have free ill and may live their lives as they wish.
    This decadance and individualistic thinking is behind the moral collapse of the family, skyrocketing divorce rates, fragmented households and death due to illicit sex.

    1. Isn’t it time for your AA meeting yet, Keith?

      1. It gets worse! 5 Feb 2012, 6:00pm

        In’t it time for your AZT?

        1. I note you do not deny your alochol addiction …

          To take AZT I would have to :
          a) be HIV positive (I am not, most recent clinic test 2 weeks ago)
          b) have a CD4 count under 350 … which I dont …
          c) have it prescribed by a doctor … since I don’t need it I havent

          So … your barb was wasted, irrelevant and ignorant (as you so often are!) …. with the level of insight of a toddler (actually a toddler would have more insight ..)

          You know I’ve come across decomposing bodies that are less offensive than you …

          1. Bumhole of the Gay Bailey 5 Feb 2012, 10:22pm

            But I am an alcoholic?????
            Please leave my posts unmolested in future as you promised .you tedious bore.
            Thanks in advance!

          2. “But I am an alcoholic?????”

            Who cares, from your typing below, you’re obviously drunk again.

            A sad little ex-gay drunk screaming like a child on a gay site – a rodent would have more self respect then you.

        2. Spanner1960 6 Feb 2012, 9:49am

          AZT hasn’t been prescribed in years sunshine.
          If you are going to throw barbs, at least try and stay up to date.

          1. Anything goes in batty boys world 6 Feb 2012, 3:26pm

            I bow to your ‘expert ‘ knowledge.
            I prsonally have no need tio keep abreast. Never ave, never will…sonny boy

          2. “I prsonally have no need tio keep abreast. Never ave, never will…sonny boy”

            LOL! Looks like it’s gone and hit the bottle again! Opps!

        3. “In’t it time for your AZT?”

          Isn’t time for your Clozapine?

    2. “Marriage under the bibles code provides security for the family and protection from disease”

      But not madness, it seems.

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