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MEPs condemn gay arrests in Northern Cyprus

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Reader comments

  1. The EU trades with North Cyprus doesn’t it.

    How can we put pressure on the EU to suspend all trade with North Cyprus until they have repealed their savage and backward laws.

    North Cyprus must also be boycotted as a holiday destination until it moves out of the 19th century.

    1. Interesting, balanced account of the Northern Cyprus situation in this article from a Cypriot newspaper, which includes this paragraph that suggests trade with the EU has not yet been implemented (discussed but not implemented):

      “The regulation on direct trade between the EU and Cyprus’ Turkish occupied areas was approved by the European Commission in April 2004 but has yet to be implemented because of strong objections from the Republic of Cyprus and other member states. ”

  2. Such a pity that North Cyprus is such a backwards, uncivilised DUMP.

  3. Sister Goodlove 1 Feb 2012, 12:55pm

    Never trust a Turk. Most of them are hideous nationalists whose brain is lodged firmly in the Ottoman era. They are always right. You are always wrong.

    1. Well Holocaust denial is part and parcel of being Turkish (I’m talking about the Armenian Holocaust of 1916 of course where 1,500,000 Armenians were systematically murdered).

      The word ‘genocide’ was invented to describe what happened to the Armenians.

      1. Sister Goodlove 1 Feb 2012, 1:06pm

        But try using that word round Turks, David. They will KILL you to show how good they are!

      2. @dAVID

        The Armenian massacres, events in Africa and many other places have been horrendous and evidence of the worst aspects of humanity …

        However, not sure your etimology for the word genocide is correct.

        My understanding is the word was first used in 1944 by Rafael Lemkin (the Polish-Jewish legal scholar) in his word “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe” in connection with the German mass murder of Jews and others in WWII.

        Of course, events which led to the genocides of Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Rwandans, people from Srebrenica, people from Darfur, Cambodians etc etc are all horrendous …

        1. Sister Goodlove 1 Feb 2012, 1:56pm

          It’s irrelevant whether YOU consider the Armenian genocide a genocide or not. Sovereign states and minds far better than yours do.

          1. @Sister Goodlove

            Nowhere have I said that the Armenian genocide was not a genocide.

            For clarities sake, the genocide in Armenia was exactly that – genocide …

            What I commented on was that the use of the word and its etimology … nothing more, nothing less …

            I suggest before making snide comments – you read what others say and don’t jump to presumptions about what others are saying …

            Minds “much better than yours” tend to think before commenting …

    2. “Never trust a Turk.”

      Personally, I never trust a bigot – they tend to be mentally damaged and embarrassingly stupid in public.

  4. I lived in N. Cyprus for a couple of years. Its a beautiful country and the people are lovely; its just the government and other members of the unofficial aristocracy that are totally backwards. Reading this headline on Facebook really made me nervious as I know some gay couples out there. They are some of the kindest, gentlest most loving guys I know and I can’t believe someone would consider locking them up over being gay!

    1. They should seek asylum in a civilised country as clearly North Cyprus cannot be considered a civilised country.

    2. Sister Goodlove 1 Feb 2012, 1:07pm

      Alex, why would you go and live in occupied territory, not recognised by any state other than Azerbaijan? Doesn’t show much principle on your part. Sorry.

      1. James Incer 1 Feb 2012, 1:38pm

        Because we live in a country that allows him to do so.

        1. Sister Goodlove 1 Feb 2012, 1:57pm

          “Because we live in a country that allows him to do so.”

          Well that’s all right then. Ever heard of personal conscience?

          1. I have heard of a personal conscience, Sister …

            In my view, good personal consciences don’t stereotype on grounds of nationality or ethnicity …

            Unlike your recent comments on Turks and others on Pakistanis relatively recently on other threads …

      2. Just wondering – how long ago was it that this very website was carrying adverts telling us how Northern Cyprus was the very place for gay guys to buy holiday properties?
        Presumably Pink News was glad of the revenue!!
        And presumably many followers of this site will have been tempted.

        1. Sister Goodlove 1 Feb 2012, 10:45pm

          I have no sympathy for any traveller to Northern Turkey.

          Pink News should be ashamed of themselves for accepting money from a unilaterally unacknowledged stolen state.

          As for Stu, who is on here night and day trying to police the far better considered opinions of others… well, he won’t stereotype on grounds of nationality or ethnicity because he’s desperate for even the slightest attenton from any man, no matter what that man stands for. He’s a perfect candidate for writing to gay serial killers in prison.

          And Miss International Relief drapes her pompous, pretentious, rantings on here day and night, trying to present them as reasonableness and a level head. Head, maybe. But never level.

          1. Quite happy with the man I have thanks … and if I was desperate for attention from a man as is suggested, there are far more obvious places to go than PN!!!!!

            The reason I choose not to stereotype on grounds of ethnicity and nationality – is because I tend to see beyond assuming that everyone from London or Chile, or everyone from Liverpool or Kenya, or indeed with black skin or white skin are the same ….

            I value those decent people who treat me fairly and humanely – and realise that its only decent that I try and do the same to others (whether or not I know them) … unless I have evidence to the contrary about that specfic person …

            Sister Goodlove – message for you – must try harder, your attempts at insults are even weaker than your debased arguments …

      3. Sister Goodlove: For a start, I was 16 and went where my parents went. But thank you for assuming that I, and now probably them, are of low moral calibre. Perhaps you should also take the time to understand why N. Cyprus is ‘occupied’ before judging the situation as right or wrong. I’ll leave you to your research, assuming you actually do any before continuing your ill-informed rant.

        1. @Alex

          I’m not sure Sister Goodlove understands what research is …

          Gut feeling is more her standard … why bother with facts, just see the word Turk and jump to a bigoted reaction is her MO …

  5. Sister Goodlove 1 Feb 2012, 1:05pm

    You can never expect anything better from a country like Turkey – or its illegal offshoots.

    1. Wow. Obsessed.

      Meds not working?

      1. You said it. Imagine an gay site begin the only place where you can voice this racist nonsense? I’d say the good sister is a complete f-ing coward in the real world.

  6. Singapore Sam 1 Feb 2012, 1:11pm

    As the regime in N Cyprus is illegal, why doesn’t he EU just send in troops to reclaim the whole island for the legitimate government in the south?

    1. Sister Goodlove 1 Feb 2012, 1:58pm

      It’ll be done politically, eventually. Turkey’s position is now untenable, as they have fallen out with most of their former allies, and made threats against countries like Israel, France and England. Stu seems to be on a thumbs-down spree today, in that passive-aggressive way of his. :-)

      1. Haven’t touched a thumbs up or down at all today (well not on this thread anyway …)

        So you accusation is wrong …

        Obviously someone else disagrees with the points you see being thumbed down …

        1. Rachel Haytread 1 Feb 2012, 6:01pm

          Dear Mr. Pid, I would like to alert you to the posting from someone named ‘david skinner’ in the comments section of the news story entitled ‘Comment: The Story of LGBT History Month’ I promise you you’ll like it. TTFN

        2. Rachel Haytread 1 Feb 2012, 6:05pm

          Mr. Pid, go and have a look at the comment from david skinner on the Comment: The Story of LGBT History Month, you will love it.

          1. Sticks and stones …

            personal insults and you lose the argument (even before it has begun) …

          2. I see “Rachel” is back with an obsession with you Stu. You seem to have a knack Stu of attracting people who get into obsession with you, how do you do it?

            Strangely similar form a previous commenter here with an obsession wit you, one equally as mentally damaged as this broken piece of trash here, don’t you think?

          3. @Will

            There is something will a taste of Arizona about Rachel, I do agree …

            Hey, it seems I must change my after shave, given the bigots that seem to find me attractive …

          4. @ Stu

            Certainly can’t do any harm….. wasn’t that delusional muppet Pepa obsessed with you, and Matthew too? You get all the good ones.

            What are you wearing anyway, Eau de Cinglé?


          5. I see Rachel Aged 4 and 5/8 is back with her stunning répartie.

            There is only one thing more pathetic than being a troll, is being really bad at it.

          6. @Will

            Black XS by Paco Rabane is my personal choice right now … might need to change it …

            @ Rob

            Is Rachel that old? Sounds more like the grumbling of someone in kindergarten the ways she goes on (and on and on)

      2. He can only thumbs down you once in any case, so it seems more than one person disagrees with you

      3. Rachel Haytread 1 Feb 2012, 5:21pm

        Right on Sister. Mr. Stu Pid is so tiresome.

        1. Pleased you noticed …

          Nice to be appreciated

          1. Rachel Haytread 1 Feb 2012, 7:06pm

            I think I have fallen in love with you.

          2. Its good to be wanted …

            But in my case, No means no …

          3. “I think I have fallen in love with you.”

            Least of your worries sweetie, its the other voices that make you look like a prize tit in here you should be worried about. You DO know you can get medication for that?

  7. Father Ted 1 Feb 2012, 3:19pm

    These men are being held illegally by an illegal regime. We should send in the SAS to rescue them, in the same way as if hey were held by pirates.

    Both the US and UK have said they will use their agencies to protect the human rights of gay people. Let them put their money where their mouth is, and rescue these hostages.

  8. GingerlyColors 2 Feb 2012, 7:26am

    Turkey invaded Northern Cyprus in 1974, taking advantage of the then situation in Greece. Greek Cypriots were expelled from the north and Turkish Cypriots were forced to leave the south. Between 1878 and 1960 Cyprus was under British administration. The years between 1960 and 1974 were dogged with intercomunal violence. Unable to live together, it seems that the Island is better off with the communities living apart. There are still a lot of issues to be resolved such as Greek-owned lands in the North and land in the south claimed by Turkish owners. In some cases homes and land belonging to Greek Cypriots in the North have been sold to British ex-pats. It is time that Greece, Turkey and the EU resolve these issues- at least we have made an effort with the divided island of Irelanbd. High on the agenda of course should be Northern Cyprus’s outdated laws against homosexuality.

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