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Lithuanian who called for ‘another Hitler’ to tackle gays fined

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Reader comments

  1. It’s not often that gays get attacked for multiplying.

    1. It’s usually thrown at us that we can’t,

      damned if you do ……. :)

      1. ‘He wrote: “What we need is another Hitler to exterminate those fags ‘cause there’s just too many of them multiplying.’

        I think somebody needs to go back and have some biology lessons.

  2. NudeDancer 1 Feb 2012, 1:07pm

    Why do these people not realise that it it isn’t the COMMENT that matters, it’s the underlying beliefs!!

    The beliefs cause the comments, not the other way around, so apologising for the comment doesn’t fix the problem.

    “I didn’t realise it would cause offence in the public domain”. There’s the problem, right there! You are a homophobe and you have a deep-seated belief that homosexual people are sub-human and deserve to be killed/prevented from breeding (ignoring the fact that – pretty much by definition – it’s the heterosexual population that breed gay people!).

    That opinion is offensive and unsuitable and THAT is why you got fined, not because you made the comment in the wrong place.

    1. Singapore Sam 1 Feb 2012, 3:03pm

      Sorry but that is B.S. The courts are not the thought police. It is a hate crime because he is inciting others to kill members of a minority. It is not a crime to hate a minority, but it may be to act on it in a way that is detrimental to them.

      1. David Myers 2 Feb 2012, 7:42am

        Exactly, and he should be charged with inciting hatred towards violence and jailed for it. If writing, “What we need is another Hitler to exterminate those fags ‘cause there’s just too many of them multiplying.” is not a call for someone to step up and perform mass murder of gay people, I don’t know what would be! This is way more than a “thought crime” and you others should be able to understand that, unless, maybe you’re trolls?

    2. Yes, he is suggesting that the Courts should act as Thought Police, that way disaster lies.

      Singapore Sam is correct.

      1. NudeDancer 1 Feb 2012, 4:06pm

        I’m not suggesting anything of the kind. When I said “These people” I meant the furniture-maker and people like him.

        I didn’t say anything at all about thought-police and I didn’t mention the courts.

  3. Isn’t Lithuania the backwards dump, that recently introduced its own version of Section 28?

    1. Singapore Sam 1 Feb 2012, 1:16pm

      It’s still way ahead of first world Singapore. His comments would be published in the press as a legitimate comment justifying the continued criminalisation of the gay population.

    2. Sister Goodlove 2 Feb 2012, 1:19am

      dAVID, I love your postings. You always tell it like it is!

  4. Well done Lithuania!

    I like the law that regarded him as having “employed inflammatory rhetoric and encouraged mockery, defiance, discrimination and physical violence against a group of people or its members on the grounds of sexual orientation.”.

    Perhaps that should be our reqorded section 5 public order?

    1. Lithuania recently introduced its own version of Section 28 – banning what it calls gay ‘propoganda’.

      It is a savage, backward, uncivilised dump.

      As a country it deserves complete condemnation.

      1. I did not congratulate Lithuania for the law you refer to dAVID … which I am about to go and research as I can’t recall it at the moment …

        However, I am capable of separating one policy from another in the same country (and criticising one event whilst congratulating them for another), whether you are able to or feel it legitimate or not …

      2. Have now checked and reminded myself of the horrendous law …

        Many have rightly condemned the actions of Lithuania in 2009 in introducing the “Law on the Protection of Minors against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information” … campaigns to seek the repeal of this law and improve rights for LGBT people in Lithuania should continue …

        Nonetheless, that should not stop anyone recognising that it is good news that a Lithuanian court (arguably particularly good news given the backdrop of the homophobic legislation from 2009) has upheld a complaint about the comments by the 37 year old Lithuanian and convicted him of the criminal offence …

    2. I agree with you Stu, bar from the mockery bit.

      Peoples beliefs should be allowed to be mocked. For further info on this check out:

      I would fill you in myself, however, I am literally just about to run off down the pub!!

      1. Enjoy the pub ..!

        Shall have a look after tea!

      2. @M

        Havent looked at the entire blog (it is pretty long and detailed) …

        There are large parts of it I do agree with …. a few points I do feel arent quite right …

        I think in terms of the insulting issue in public order … our understanding of what insulting means may be somewhat different … I think where I draw the line regarding acceptable conduct probably isnt that far away from yours … Although I probably wouldnt “tolerate” (for want of a better word) some of the things you might …

    3. Rachel Haytread 1 Feb 2012, 5:24pm

      Hey Mr. Pid. How’s it hangin’?

      1. Rachel

        gnorant c*nt – you found the therapy you need to cure you of your racism and bigotry?

        “Cheery bye”

        1. LOL @ Stu

          Yeah, forgot about the dazzling intellect of some racist piece of filth who thinks “cheery bye” is a valid expression for someone over the age of 4.

      2. “Hey Mr. Pid. How’s it hangin’?”

        You’d tell us if you had a stroke, wouldn’t you?

        What a tit….

  5. My civil partner & I are very lucking to have Lithuanian friends & work colleagues, who we find to be very hard working, loyal & a pleasure to call friends. when speaking to them about homosexuals in their country & how they are treated I came to an understanding that they also suffer from right wing conservationism which is holding their country back. Don’t judge a whole country by one persons backward bigoted views. Personally I would hate to think the whole of the UK was judged because of say Lord Carey or the US because of the Republicans.

    1. Lucky even*.

    2. And dont assume they’re all great cause you know a handful. My experience was not so great

      1. Personally I can put my hand up & say that i do know more than a handful & so I’m sorry to hear that your experiences were not so great. Hopefully one day you might change your mind. When I first came into contact with eastern europeans, they did find it odd that I was a gay man with a husband & we both (my partner & I) had our fair share of shock, horror & comments like “its not right”. but after getting know one & another & pointing out “if I prick my finger with a pin & you do the same, you will find the same colour blood running through our veins”. Educating people is our first line of defence in any subject especially when it comes to ethnic background & gender.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Feb 2012, 3:27pm

    This was a “personal” comment by its author? Really? Then why did he go public and put it on Facebook for millions of people to read if not to foment hatred and incite those so inclined? This is obviously a first for Lithuania and to be commended.

  7. there’s just too many of them multiplying?

    And just how are we doing that then, Poirot?

    Considering people have a hissy fit when a same sex couple wants to adopt a child, its unlikely we are multiplying at the rate you see… In fact, its very unlikely we are multiplying at all…

    I think you better go back to school, and re-take your biology lessons.

    1. NudeDancer 1 Feb 2012, 4:03pm

      No, don’t have him do that. If he learns how reproduction REALLY works he might succeed in having offspring himself…

  8. Lithuania’s laws aren’t *so* bad on the issue… one has to remember that only twenty or so years ago (in the Lithuanain USSR), that homosexuality itself was criminal. S0, after a few generations of that, as well as being predominantly roman catholic, it will take a while for LT to be all up on this stuff.

    That said, they did actually fine the guy. LT allows gays to openly serve in the military, too.

  9. ‘…cause there’s just too many of them multiplying…..’

    this is the first time i was compared to ameba

  10. It is to be noted that on average in Lithuania two people get fined for this type of comments every month.

    1. @Evaldas

      Thats both a good and a bad thing …

      Good – that the courts are upholding decency and protecting LGBT people

      Bad – that repeatedly despite the law being in place people find it acceptable to harass and intimidate LGBT people

  11. Robin Evans 1 Feb 2012, 8:15pm

    [quote] I did not expect that this comment would insult anyone in the public domain.[/quote]

    What an idiot!!!!!!

  12. radical53 2 Feb 2012, 2:49am

    There is probably a lot of would be Hitlers living amongst us.

    We just are more visible now. Not so much as multiplying

  13. GingerlyColors 2 Feb 2012, 7:08am

    If he had read his history books he will know that it was Hitler who handed Lithuania along with Latvia and Estonia over to Stalin before invading those countries committing unspeakable attrocities.
    The 1560 Lita (£375) fine meant that he got off rather lightly compared with the two guys from Warrington who were imprisoned for inciting a riot during last summer’s disturbances even though the riot they planned in the Cheshire town did not happen.

    1. Actually, if he read his history books he will know that it was his own country men that committed appalling travesties during the war…. they didn’t need to blame Hitler at all. Lithuanian collaborators were involved in the murders of hundreds of thousands of Jews and Poles (

      1. Yes, you are correct. Funny how some Lithuanians haven’t changed since their shameful actions in the 30’s and 40’s.

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