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Jewish group to offer ‘gay cure’ controversy school teaching packs

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Reader comments

  1. Could be worse, could be Muslim.

    1. How could it be worse?
      ALL religion breeds hatred and spews lies –
      Different basic plot – various sacred beasts and a whole lot of unfounded – unproven, superstition.

  2. There should be a “straight cure” first. Straight people are the culprits in overpopulating the earth and producing more and more gay people.

    1. you forgot to mention the carbon footprint of all those people!

  3. Singapore Sam 1 Feb 2012, 3:12pm

    Excellent, a positive response to the situation which will test the school’s commitment to treating the subject fairly.

  4. Not good enough.

    The ONLY correct way to teach about homosexuality in a jewish context is to say ‘The Torah is 100% wrong’ on the subject of homosexuality. All condemntions of homosexuality in the Torah should be ignored’.

    Peronally I want to see all state money removed from this faith school.

    Faith schools should be 100% self financed.

    It’s a joke that taxpayers should be funding schools which use badly written works of fiction as the basis for life.

  5. I agree with dAVID that faith schools are wrong and should not exist …

    Whilst they do … I think that if the school wish to engage their pupils in the issue of sexuality then involving Keshet is a fantastic idea …. surely something a responsible and open minded educator would wish to do?

  6. George Broadhead 1 Feb 2012, 5:14pm

    A Stonewall survey conducted a while ago revealed that there was a significantly higher proportion of anti-gay bullying in faith schools than in others.

    1. And in other news, Stonewall discovered that water was wet. Religion – of any flavour – is the key cause of harm towards LGBT people. Those who oppose us tend to wave whatever dogmatic drivel they believe in in our faces. It is far more rare to see any sort of secular argument, and when you do, it tends to be reduced to “gays are icky”, at which point we can make it clear that heteros do all that same “icky” stuff too, in far greater numbers. Frankly – Religion poisons everything.

      1. de Villiers 1 Feb 2012, 10:22pm

        All the secular countries that have outlawed religion or the freedom of choice for it – Communist Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, 1940s Germany – have been hostile to homosexuality.

        1. No-one wants to outlaw religion.

          It’s just that taxpayers should not be funding faith schools.

          Religion is private, and voluntary and should NEVER be funded.

          1. More reasonable than I expected of you dAVID …

            You give me the impression of being someone who would want to ban religion …

            I entirely agree there should be no state funding of religion and the head of state should not be head of a religious organisation

          2. Father Ted 2 Feb 2012, 12:38am

            The exemption from tax that religion gets encourages scammers like some mega churches and prosperity gospel people, the pastors are millionaires – tax free!

  7. Good – any organisations receiving public funding needs to be held accountable.

    The real public debate that needs to be championed by the GLBT community is the direct mental health harm caused to young people, gay and straight, through the promotion and advocating of these bogus and damaging cure claims. It is now so obvious to the psychological mess that happens to GLBT people who are fed false information from a young age and end up obsessive, repressed, and self loathing homosexuals that contribute little useful to humanity. They project their own self hate onto others, advocate hatered, destroy their own family relationships and endanger the mental health of many others through spreading lies and myths. The GLBT community should start litigation for punitive damages.

  8. Suddenly Last Bummer 2 Feb 2012, 1:56pm

    Wow, I always figured the only logo ghoys would pay any attention to would be a ‘50% off all items’ in a supermarket.

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