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January 2012

  • 18th January 2012

    ‘Life tariff’ upheld for killer of four gay men 19

    The ECHR building, Strasbourg, where the ruling was made

    4:56 PM — A man convicted of killing four gay men lost an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights yesterday to overturn the sentence which will see him die in jail.

  • Cuba may legalise same-sex civil unions this year 21

    Civil unions are "on the agenda" this year.

    3:16 PM — Cuba’s first daughter, Mariela Castro, said the country’s lawmakers will consider legalising same-sex civil unions this year.

  • Amsterdam’s chief rabbi suspended over gay cure declaration 129

    Amsterdam is a famously liberal city (Photo: Flickr user Moyan Brenn)

    3:02 PM — Aryeh Ralbag, the chief rabbi of Amsterdam, has been suspended from his today after he signed a document alleging homosexuality could be “modified and healed".

  • Jeff Goldblum to play one of Glee’s gay dads 13

    Jeff Goldblum will sing a duet with Brian Stokes Mitchell (Photo: Christopher Harte)

    1:37 PM — Jeff Goldblum is to pair up with Brian Stokes Mitchell to play Rachel Berry’s parents on popular TV series Glee. The Jurassic Park actor and Broadway star Stokes will sing a duet together during their debut in a special Valentines Day episode called ‘Heart.’

  • LA to require condoms at porn shoots 89

    Gay and straight performers will need to wear condoms in LA

    1:20 PM — The Los Angeles City Council voted yesterday to introduce a rule that condoms must be worn during pornographic video shoots in the city. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the largest AIDS organisation in the world, had been fighting a battle in Los Angeles for the new regulation.

  • German FA head: Gay players should have ‘courage’ to come out 24

    Germany does not have any out gay professional footballers

    12:43 PM — The head of the German Football Association has again urged gay professional football players to come out. Theo Zwanziger spoke during a discussion on Tuesday at the Sportschule Hennef, which was centered on sexuality within professional sports.

  • University records 5% gay applicants 3

    Elmhurst is a liberal arts college (Photo: Flickr user Discover DuPage)

    12:23 PM — A university in the US state of Illinois has said 5% of student hopefuls voluntarily noted they were gay, bi or trans on admission forms. Elmhurst College, based outside Chicago was the first university in the country to ask prospective students the question.

  • Gareth Thomas in ‘£7m shandy takeover’ 15

    Thomas' business partner described an "instant passion for the brand"

    11:54 AM — Gay rugby icon Gareth Thomas has reportedly taken over a Welsh drinks company along a former team-mate after deliberations about his career. The manufacturer says the drink is taking the club world "by storm".

  • US bishops: Protect straight couples’ sacrifices with marriage 85

    The Archbishop of Seattle is opposed (Photo: Flickr user dherra_96)

    10:44 AM — Four Catholic bishops have said Washington state's "special" marriage laws should remain unchanged to protect the "unique sacrifices" of straight couples who have children.

  • Hugh Jackman backs marriage equality 3

    Hugh Jackman has been married for fifteen years (Photo: Surrealistic Scenes)

    10:06 AM — Hugh Jackman is among a number of Australian celebrities to have pledged their support to marriage equality proposals this week.

  • Obituary: Janey Buchan (1926-2012) 3

    Janey Buchan (1926 - 2012)

    9:43 AM — John Hein remembers the former MEP, civil rights campaigner and patron of the arts Janey Buchan, who has died aged 85.

  • 17th January 2012

    Video: Gay documentary plea goes viral 11

    Second Class Citizens

    4:36 PM — A video of key moments in the US' gay rights movement has become a viral hit. The montage of clips is a plea by film-maker Ryan James Yezak for funding to make a documentary on discrimination in America.

  • Fundraising evening to follow Peter Tatchell Day 4

    Some of Peter Tatchell's memorable placards will feature on the walls

    4:00 PM — Gay club night QueerlyOut will be celebrating the 60th birthday of gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell with a fundraiser on the 26 January. Door proceeds will be donated to the Peter Tatchell Foundation to continue the valuable work that Peter does, without a salary.

  • Leaflet defendant has ‘no problem with gays’

    The men face seven years in prison and an unlimited fine if convicted

    3:36 PM — One of five men charged after distributing anti-gay leaflets has said in Crown Court that he has no problem with gays. Kabir Ahmed, 28, said that the leaflets contained historical facts and quoted the Koran, and were non-threatening.

  • Sweden keeps sterilisation rule for trans recognition 24

    Some countries require sterilisation for legal recognition of gender identity

    2:56 PM — The Swedish Government have announced that they will not modernise a law from the 1970s which makes sterilisation compulsory for transgender people before the state will recognise their gender identity.

  • Unwitting British teen joins rainbow protest at Australian Open 12

    Laura Robson left after 69 minutes, which is Margaret Court's age in years (Photo: Flickr user mbevis)

    1:29 PM — Rising British tennis star Laura Robson inadvertently found herself party to controversy surrounding a flag-waving protest at the Australian Open yesterday.

  • Comment: Repeal the Public Order Act’s sweeping Section 5 87

    Peter Tatchell says the law is "sweeping, draconian and chilling in effect"

    12:54 PM — Peter Tatchell argues the law criminalising 'insulting' speech is open to abuse by over-zealous police and prosecutors and constitutes a ban on free speech and the right to protest.

  • Tory MP: Not the time for gay marriage debate 233

    Burrowes said there were other ways for the party to be modern

    12:28 PM — A backbench revolt against equal marriage rights is reported to be brewing ahead of the government's consultation in March. David Burrowes MP told the Independent the debate should be about "how we view marriage rather than about homosexual rights".

  • US comedian Todd Glass comes out 10

    Glass' decision was prompted by the recent swathe of teen suicides (Photo: Youtube/toddglasscomedy)

    11:38 AM — US comedian Todd Glass has come out, after 25 years in the business. The comedian talked about being told of other people's supposed homosexuality when people thought he was straight.

  • US teen ‘killed himself weeks after It Gets Better video’ 15

    EricJames Borges died earlier this month (Photo: Youtube)

    10:13 AM — A Trevor Project teen volunteer has reportedly committed suicide weeks after filming an It Gets Better video. Just a month after participating in the video project, the teenager was reported to have committed suicide, shocking close friends and supporters.

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