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January 2012

  • 20th January 2012

    Virginia gay adoption battle kicks off 1

    The General Assembly will decide on legislation stopping discrimination based on sexual orientation

    5:35 PM — At the General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia, a battle is heating up over whether adoption agencies should be allowed to discriminate against prospective parents based on their sexual orientation.

  • Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrisson in Prop 8 play 4

    (Photo: Flickr user Greginhollywood)

    4:56 PM — Glee stars Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison are the latest stars to sign up to the one-night-only LA production of Dustin Lance Black's play about the Proposition 8 ballot.

  • Video: Gay girl forced to use boys’ changing room 26

    The video contains several teenagers giving their  own accounts of being bullied at school

    4:37 PM — In a video posted a month ago by LGBT Youth North West a schoolgirl from Oldham, Manchester tells her account of being made to change in the boys' changing rooms at school after coming out as lesbian.

  • Edinburgh called on to stop St Petersburg anti-gay law 7

    Edinburgh has been twinned with St Petersburg since 1995 (Photo: Flickr user Daveybot)

    3:53 PM — A coalition of groups has called on the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Scotland to intervene on St Petersburg's postponed anti-gay law. Edinburgh has been twinned with St Petersburg, whose lawmakers passed an initial vote on a "gay propaganda" law last year by 27 to 1.

  • Three anti-gay leaflet defendants guilty 540

    These are the first convictions under the new laws (Photo: James Cridland)

    3:06 PM — Three of the defendants accused of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation in Derby have been found guilty. Five Muslim men stood trial at Derby Crown Court on the charges, which carry a maximum sentence of seven years in prison and an unlimited fine.

  • Joey Barton: Gay footballers would face discrimination 22

    (Photo: Flikr user TheTelf)

    2:07 PM — Central midfielder and Queens Park Rangers captain Joey Barton attributed gay professional footballers' fear of coming out to managers' discrimination.

  • Blackmail alleged at gay teen murder trial

    Jack Frew was found dead in 2010

    1:08 PM — The jury at the Scottish trial of Craig Roy, accused of killing gay teenager, Jack Frew, has heard claims that the defendant was being blackmailed by the schoolboy and that the two had slept together.

  • Australian radio host ‘dislikes lesbian name’ 31

    Jackie O and co-host Kyle Sandilands (Photo: Wikimedia/Brewhaha)

    12:31 PM — An Australian radio host has reportedly gone off her middle name, Ellen, because it "sounds a bit lez". Jackie O, 37, whose full name is Jacqueline Ellen Marie Henderson, presents the most popular breakfast radio show in Australia.

  • US study: ‘Sexual minority stress’ risk for older gays 6

    Some men were affected by losing peers to AIds

    11:47 AM — A US study says sexual minority stress, along with aging-related stress, endangers the mental health of middle-aged and older gay men. Sexual minority stress was defined as a combination of men feeling the need to hide their sexuality or concern that others avoided them because of it.

  • Microsoft: Equal marriage is good for business 15

    Microsoft is based in Washington state (Photo: Robert Scoble)

    10:25 AM — Software behemoth Microsoft has put its weight behind Washington state's proposed equal marriage laws. The corporation, which has its headquarters in the Washington city of Redmond, also backed the state's successful 2009 legislation to give gay couple's domestic partnerships the same rights as marriages.

  • 30 Rock ribs Tracy Morgan for gay jokes 12

    Morgan has been an active comedian since the 1980s (Photo: Alex Erde)

    9:50 AM — Hit US series 30 Rock has mocked cast-member Tracy Morgan for his ill-received gay jokes last summer. In the show, Morgan's character mistakenly apologises to Glad, a Californian bin bag company, rather than GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

  • 19th January 2012

    Qrushr date attacker convicted of attempted murder

    Clifford David was convicted of attempted murder on Tuesday

    4:59 PM — A 21 year old student was convicted of attempted murder earlier this week after stabbing and bludgeoning a man he met on mobile phone 'app,' Qrushr.

  • Video: Beginners, Gaga and Glee in GLAAD nominations


    4:21 PM — The nominees for the 23rd annual GLAAD awards have been announced. The awards are designed to honour the media for positive portrayals of LGBT people and issues.

  • Study doubts Santorum view that lesbian parents “rob children” 26

    Rick Santorum (phot: Flikr user gageSkidmore)

    3:01 PM — A new study provides a counter-argument to Rick Santorum, who suggested that children of lesbian parents were "worse off than children with a father in prison."

  • Gay marriage rifts appear in several US states 11

    Debates over same-sex marriage are heating up in New Jersey, North Carolina and Minnesota

    2:32 PM — Politicians and campaigners in Minnesota, New Jersey and North Carolina on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate are gearing up for battle ahead of legislative sessions later this month.

  • State-funded Jewish school denies teaching students how to ‘cure gays’ 148

    The school denies its discussion of homosexuality promoted a 'gay cure' group

    2:05 PM — A Jewish faith school in London has said claims it suggested a 'gay cure' group to students are "false". Students allege that a sixth-form discussion on homosexuality at JFS ended with a slide displaying the logo of a 'gay cure' group and portrayed it as something they should explore if they thought they might be gay.

  • Pickets planned at ‘gay leper’ conference 39

    Pickets are planned for tomorrow (Photo: Flickr user stigeredoo)

    1:20 PM — Picketers are planning to target a religious 'ex-gay' conference in Northern Ireland - but organisers of 'The Lepers Among Us' insist they did not mean to cause offence.

  • Seventy mayors to press Obama on gay marriage 19

    Both sides are gearing up for the ongoing debate on marriage equality

    11:03 AM — A number of large-city mayors in the US have formed a coalition with the hope to achieve same-sex marriage equality.

  • Jury to deliberate on anti-gay leaflets

    The men face seven years in prison and an unlimited fine if convicted (Photo: James Cridland)

    10:15 AM — A jury is set to start its deliberations today in the trial of five men accused of distributing leaflets which would stir up hatred against gays, the first under the newly-created offence. In the seven days of the trial which have elapsed, the defendants have admitted creating and distributing the leaflets, but deny they were "threatening" and say they had no intention to stir up hatred.

  • Pride London’s chair to retire 6

    Paul Birrell has been involved in Pride for 18 years

    9:43 AM — The chair of Pride London, the largest Pride event in the UK, has announced he will stand down from the board after 18 years of involvement in the event. After being registered as a charity in 2004, Pride London appointed Birrell Chair of the Board in 2005.

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