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Middle East

Video: UAE ‘straight makeover’ video slammed

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Reader comments

  1. Is the video about curing gayness or curing 1970’s sitcom stereotypes?
    I’m pretty sure you can have a physique like a brick s**thouse and talk like John Wayne and still be gay.
    The video is so many kinds of wrong it’s hard to know where to begin.

    1. People genuinely are this ignorant even in the uk. They think that gay ppl all look and act exactly like a stereotype, so I presume it’s not that much of a leap for them to think if you simply stop looking and talking like “a gay” you’ll stop being one.

      I had to keep “coming out” over and over to one person for six months because they thought I was having a laugh about having a girlfriend. I didnt look like a “lezzer” apparently so they just wouldn’t believe me or any of my friends, she thought we’d all been in on a massive joke at her expense. It was quite odd.

      1. I voted you down solely for “People genuinely are this ignorant even in the uk”
        Way to go! Fight a stereotypical cure video by insulting 60 million+ more people with your own experience with 1 person.

        Very mature and to the point

        1. Tigra I hold up my hands that was not the best choice of words. I was trying to emphasise it’s not that odd or implausible a situation.

          “your own experience with 1 person.”

          I got/get that reaction a lot, (maybe I have a face that looks like it’s joking), it’s just she was the only lunatic who refused to believe me for 6 months.

          I later had to shave my head and everyone and his mother shouted “dyke/lezzer/carpet muncher” at me in the street (except for an interesting fellow who shouted “CANCER!!” and pointed at me).

          1. Fair point, but try and find a single gay/lesbian/bisexual/transexual who doesn’t have an incident of homophobia or just someone insanely arrogant.
            Just because we’ve all had it it doesn’t mean everyone’s like that or that there are’t good people in even the worst countries in the world (Iran)

          2. She didn’t say “all people”!

    2. Transformations 31 Jan 2012, 12:30am

      It reminds me of the original Cage Aux Folles film, and then the musical, which had scenes like this. I remember a song about eating in a macho way, called Masculine Toast and Masculine Butter.

  2. “punishment for homosexuality can include prison, fines, deportation, flogging and death”.

    I think gays in the UAE have more to worry about than some crappy youtube video

  3. Well if we’re going to stereotype, those people dressed in white need to be advised they’ll never be able to sneak a bomb into London dressed like that. Far too tight fitting, and white shows the shadows cast by any concealed items. They need a makeover.

    In such a comment I don’t mean to fight prejudice with prejudice, merely illustrate that all over the world there are stereotypes. The people in this video would be mocked if they went into some parts of the UK.

    All stereotyping and ignorance is damaging behaviour. This video shouldn’t shock anyone, it should just serve as a reminder that this is what many people, including many in the UK, think of gay people. I also hate how “stereotype” has become synonymous with “bad”. Every time a stereotype is mentioned, everyone bleats, “NO, I’m not effeminate or camp or wear make up, don’t bully me!” – as if it’s okay to bully the people that do fit that stereotype?

    There’s nothing wrong with being camp etc. That’s not a reason to hate.

    1. which is why I said it’s hard to know where to begin. There are several things wrong with this video.
      – It assumes gay men all fit a stereotype
      – It assumes that by changing outward appearance and a few camp mannerisms you can turn a gay bloke straight.
      – It assumes straight people have the right to change other people’s sexuality by coercing them
      – It makes the assertion that cleanliness is somehow a trait of straight men which gay men don’t have.
      – Is it just me or is he getting lessons on how to act butch from a couple of guys wearing full length frocks?

  4. Everybody knows the way to cure anything is to cause pain and abuse a person and terrorize them and to brain wash them to think another way. That is what Christians do when they work with psychiatry to cure gays in the West. This is proof Christians and even the middle east has no idea what to do so they do more harm than good. Funny how the “good people” never think about doing good to help LGBT people by giving them equal rights and their human and civil rights to marry and love the ones they love like intelligent civilized people would do. Abusing and harming people has never worked to help anybody. Also sad is the fact that the people who “treat” gays are no more sane or better than a gay person so clearly their barbaric methods do not work and are in fact just more damage and harm to another human being. Stop the madness stop these people before the harm another LGBT person.

    1. “This is proof Christians and EVEN the middle east…” Really? Most… wait… almost ALL countries with decent LGBT rights are nominally Christian countries. Only exceptions are Israel and Nepa. Atheims does not guarantee better LGBT rights. Catholic Argentina has way more of them than atheist almost atheist Russia or Lithuania. And the main reason is that most majority-Christian or traditionally Christian countries have separated religion from the state completely.

      The Middle East (Muslim, not Christian) on the other hand has by far the worse regional record, maybe with rivals in parts of Africa… These countries have NOT managed to separate public affairs from religions so well…

  5. Paddyswurds 30 Jan 2012, 4:48pm

    Anyone notice that this so called reparative therapy was carried out by even more effeminate men wearing dresses and headscarves…… Barbaric bronze age bigotry and ignorance.

    1. On this evidence anyone wanting a gay cure and to act straight should get reparative therapy from Danny la Rue and Lily Savage!

  6. If it wasn’t so tragically sad it would be actually very funny.

    1. It is funny, or it will be when it is dubbed giving the straight boys thick macho voices.

  7. It almost looks like an instructional video on how to make make a Call Boi more attractive to closeted clients.

    He even slaps him like a pimp when he leaves.

  8. One of the most homo erotic youtube videos I’ve ever seen!

  9. If a new hair do and finger spa treatments cured gay people i would have been straight years ago! =P
    Downvoted on YouTube x

  10. Sister Goodlove 30 Jan 2012, 6:29pm

    Oh God.

    Yoghurt has more culture than Islam.

  11. I wonder if this is what Carey thinks is conversion therapy.

  12. So this would be reparative therapy, emerati style.

    I wonder who produced this video clip.

    It’s good to see that the LGBT community there react as we do.

  13. GingerlyColors 31 Jan 2012, 7:19am

    If there’s one city I do not wish to visit it is Dubai. Having made an unintentional visit there when I was 12 years old, when the plane was grounded for 36 hours due to a fault on the way back from Singapore I had a gut-full of that place then and I am at a loss about why people wax lyrical about that place. For a start it seems easier to get into than it is to leave. Just ask that ‘sex on the beach’ couple. And they lock you up if you default on a debt or even just for making rude gestures to other motorists (which will get a lot of them off the road here). Don’t even think about carrying drugs there – they nick you even if you still got a bit in your system – in other words do not go there within 30 days of visiting an Amsterdam coffee shop. And as for homosexuality . . .
    To me Dubai lies at the a**e end of he Arab world and you should give it a wide berth and avoid any transit stops there if travelling to the Far East.

    1. Although i don’t like Dubai either, it’s funny how most of the examples you gave are also illegal in the UK
      You missed out the police aswell, the ones who arrest you for even kissing or holding hands with someone in public and arrest women when THEY get raped for unmarried sex!

  14. I flagged it as “hateful or abusive content” I recommend others do it. then hopefully it might get taken down.

  15. Mr. Blatherwick 31 Jan 2012, 2:11pm

    Hmmmm. A manicure and a facial can make me act straight? Actually, the gayest thing in this vid is the guys in those perfectly lovely white frocks. (The decor was a bit over the top too)


  16. The higher quality original version of the “Be Yourself” video can be viewed at and the behind-the-scenes making of the film is at

    1. Thanks, Raymond.

      I checked who put this video together, but there was no information available about them. is obviously anti-gay.

  17. This video was uploaded to YouTube on July 10th, 2011 — not just a week ago. This isn’t new and it looks like an immature homework assignment.

  18. Why are homosexual so against other peoples opinions of them, why are you so scared of people trying to change you?

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