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Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury backs ‘gay cure’ therapist

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  1. George Carey along with those other festering bigots, is disgusting pig scum.

    So the Cult of England backs quack medecine.

    What else should we expect from a shower of old men who believe in fairy tales.

    1. Speaking as a member of the porcine family, I would like to dissociate myself from the likes of Carey. We are really quite clean animals you know…….

    2. It is self defeating to be as nasty as those that insult us. Getting angry is understandable, but it’s not exactly demonstrating the use of reason and logic in the face of superstition and quackery.

      1. I’m not arguing that Mr Carey’s human or civil rights be limited (which is is suggesting for us).

        It is merely an accurate descriptor to call him a disgusting hate-filled bigot whose christianity provides the excuse for his monstrous hatreds.

    3. Lord Carey personally confirmed me into the Church of England aged 13. I wonder if he would have done that all those years ago had he known I would turn out to be a lesbian, one with two children and two step children in tow and who holds down a job as a Primary teacher?? I very much doubt it! He was an antiquated bigot back in the 80’s, I see nothing has changed! You would think that his embarrassing opinion and support of Gary McFarlane would have halted him in his personal idiosyncratic unchristian attack on the LGBT community. He is so out of touch, the only saving grace is that he is a dying breed. I hope he suffers the same humiliating downfall and lack of support in this latest bizarre attack on human rights. If counselling were to be offered to other groups in society such as straight couples, Christians to ‘cure’ them of their perceived weaknesses then all hell would break loose!!

      1. Carey is a lumpen clod imposed by Mrs Thatcher as her revenge on the Church of England ( and now as a life-peer “lord” on the rest of us).

    4. Don Harrison 30 Jan 2012, 7:38pm

      You can not tar the whole church with the same brush

      1. Helen Wilson 30 Jan 2012, 10:38pm

        Oh you can given given John Sentamu recent comments. If church members are any different from the leadership then they should seek the removal of the leadership.

        Silence is no longer a option.

  2. “Sinister” reminiscent of the National Socialist party in pre- war Germany.

  3. Medical practitioners have a moral and legal duty not to offer harmful or ineffective therapy regardless of however much the patient wants it.

  4. Senior clerics talking false rubbish about the harmlessness of discredited quackery.
    Says it all, really.

  5. Sean Johansen 30 Jan 2012, 12:18pm

    So glad I had the Christian cure and became an ex-Christian. Maybe we could set up a Christian-Cure clinic and see how long it would take to be closed down. It seems fine to have a gay-cure clinic which is pretty homophobic.

    1. I helped cure my friend of the burden of christainity through love and patience, he now is liberated from that ludicrous dogma and we no longer have to mention his predilections of the past.

      1. Yes, it took many painful years and the help of a deprogmmer for me to be released from Xianity.

  6. Yet more supernatural hocus bloody pocus and ridiculous fairy stories. I don’t understand how anyone can read the asinine cr@p of talking snakes and talking donkeys and women turned in to salt without laughing and discarding it as having no more “truth” than a book of Grimm’s fairy stories. That a leading proponent of this drivel tries to have any input in to law or social policy is beyond ridiculous.

  7. He says “We believe that people who seek, freely, to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions hold the moral right to receive professional assistance.”

    I wonder of he would agree to apply that to assisted suicide? If he, they they always do, pick and choose how the beliefs apply and therefore believe they can control how we live he can be considered and nothing more than a hyprocrit and his views should be therefore discredited it as such.

    1. All christians cherry pick.

    2. Excellent point Jonathan.

  8. is there a factory somewhere that produces these gap-toothed idiots?

    1. Any sort of seminary.

    2. In the Middle-Ages a gap tooth was considered a sign of lechery interestingly enough…

  9. Does Mr Carey still preach of a Sunday.

    It might be a good idea to attend one of his sermons and ask him directly why he is legitimising abuse in the guise of christian therapy.

    1. @dAVID

      He is based in Berkshire but not sure which church(es) he usually attends (and whether to presides or not) …

      He is a public speaker on the circuit (both secular and Christian) and there may be times he can be seen around (although I cant see any advertised at the moment)

      These are his House of Lords interests:
      2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.

      Chairman, United Church School Trust

      Chaplain, Christian Responsibility in Public Affairs
      10: Non-financial interests (b)

      President, London School of Theology
      10: Non-financial interests (e)

      Chairman, World Faiths Development Dialogue

      Vice President, Tearfund

  10. The sheer arrogance of these people demonstrates itself yet again. Still denial of evidence is nothing new to them when it comes to supporting their own views.

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Jan 2012, 12:51pm

    Another reason to call for the disestablishment of the state cult. It is irrelevant, undemocratic and opposed to full equality for one specific group of people and has NO place in a modern 21st century society. I don’t want any of my taxes helping to pay for the upkeep of church schools or any other faith-based organisation for that matter. They think they know better than the medical profession? The arrogance and ignorance of these creationists are astonishing. Clearly, their brains haven’t evolved.

  12. Nutjobsareeverywhere 30 Jan 2012, 12:57pm

    Strip the knighthood shamefull bigotry this from a man who is a christian ??

  13. Why do religious bigots feel that they have a duty to intervene in things that have nothing to do with them? Sexuality isn’t a choice, people need to get that into their thick skulls!

  14. Can you cure heterosexuals of being straight? No! You are who you are.

    I was once Christian and realised this wasn’t for me and realised my real path was paganism. So glad I saw the light and walked away from these idiots who hate me!

    They seem to have forgotten their words that god made us in his own image and that god loves you! That includes all of us!

  15. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, there was a similar ‘gay cure’, and I was sent to a hospital near Liverpool, whereupon I was shown pictures of male/female images. Naturally to myself when a male image appeared, this stimulation resulted in receiving an electric shock, I don’t know if this kind of therapy still goes on, but, it did not alter my attraction for the male.

    1. I believe that what you experienced is now unlawful (as well as unethical and scientifically unsound). As it should be. I am so very sorry that this happened to you.

      1. It certainly is scientifically unsound

        Its certainly unethical

        Its almost certainly illegal

        The eminent ex Archbishop may bleat with character on this matter with great determination and articulate language … however, most clinicians and reasonable people do not demand eminence … they demand evidence … The Archbishop can not produce any (because all the evidence strongly shows “reparitive” therapy is false and damaging … Therefore, the eminient Archbishop is all bluster, rhetoric and devious bigotry …

        Its disappointing that a man who claims to be a strong supporter and ambassador for ethical conduct can behave with such immorality and inhumanity …

    2. I too had ‘aversion therapy’ as a teen. At Rainhill as an out patient.

      The electric shocks was agony.

      All these years later I am out and proud !

  16. Do the Bishops of the CofE actually have any expertise in Psychotherapy from which to make these determinations or are they simply protecting their own religious adherents no matter what the damage to people as a result of these therapies.

    Perhaps they also support the London pastor who persuaded HIV patients to stop taking their medication as god would cure them through prayer (6 of them died and none were cured)

  17. Yes, bogus therapist Lesley Pilkington’s appeal is being backed by the Christian Legal Centre, whose front person is Andrea Michiello Williams, an extremist Christian dominionist who has managed to become a lay member of the Anglican Synod, so it’s not surprising she has gotten Carey and the other well known anti-gay clergy bigots to sign this piece of trash.
    Anti-gay, anti-science, anti legitimate research & evidence, anti reality.

    1. Correction, That should have read Andrea Minichiello Williams

    2. Transformations 30 Jan 2012, 11:47pm

      From the full interview with the Archbp of York, the upper echelons of the C of E may possibly have already been steeple jacked by the dominionists.

      1. Looks that way,
        (I’m Bribase by the way, previously I had quoted Bribase and for some reason a bunch of my subsequent posts got renamed Bribase.
        Sorted now and back to Pavlos.)

    3. That’ll do her a lot of good. Everything Ms Williams touches turns to dross.

  18. Is there a therapy that works for people who obsessively interfere in other people’s personal preferences?

  19. Garry Cassell 30 Jan 2012, 1:34pm

    Seems like the Lord is drinking too much church wine…bloody fool..

  20. Speaking as a member of the porcine family, I would like to dissociate myself from the likes of Carey. We are quite clean animals you know……..

    1. I wanted to change because of christian teachings, was sent to such a therapist… I tried hard to follow the offered counselling, fasted , prayed and felt I had changed being gay because they told me so…. I hadn’t ! and so followed decades of self loathing and a very troubled existence. Thanks to those who helped me through to accepting myself for the person I am A Gay Man and in rejecting the platitudes of those trying to convince me I was ‘cured’.
      It does harm, not only to the person wanting to change but their families too.
      Now I am fulfilled and living as I was created …a gay man with a wonderful partner.

      1. Your testimony is important and needs to be heard by all. Thanks for posting.

  21. “Does not produce harm?” He said what? “Does not produce harm?”
    Does this man live in a cave, cut off from the world and unable to read the overwhelming evidence out there? Has he ever spoken to somone affected by this rubbish? People have killed themselves for being unable to ‘change’ while under-going this supposedly “reparative” and supposed “therapy”!!
    What does Mr Carey not understand about ‘harm’? What does he think harm means?
    The man is old and past it. Forgive him for he does not know what he’s doing. Well somebody forgive him, because I cannot.

  22. Tom Cotner 30 Jan 2012, 2:04pm

    I am always amazed why bishops of the C of E are admitted to the House of Lords in the first place. Granted, the separation of church and state does not exist in the UK as it does in the US, but deliberately allowing these people to have a direct part in government is sheer lunacy. Of course, they aren’t the only body politic who allow such within their numbers – the US congress stands alongside, with just as many, if not more, totally inept persons. Sad, sad, sad!
    And harmful to the rest of us.

    1. Not as looney as having over a thousand people (not sure on the number), who mostly belonged to one party, sitting in the Upper House by right of birth, as was the case till Tony Blair reduced them to 92. So we still have 92 people there because in many cases their ancestors were violent thugs who enslaved the general population. Plus about 30 bishops and other religious figures.

      I don’t mind having one representative of each major religion, plus an atheist and a humanist representative, to give points of view in debates, but maybe they shouldn’t have voting rights.

      1. Hereditary peers and Spiritual Lords are both loony ideas in my opinion

  23. So unprofessional to mix your religious believes with medical practise. That should be illegal and prosecutable.

  24. Don Joiner 30 Jan 2012, 2:26pm

    What a silly old man,no one most people now take the C/E as a JOKE Please Mr Cameron when you name the next Bishop chose a person who is a CHRISTIAN What a Terrible lot of stooges Labour appointed

    1. Oh, he’s about as christian as they come. Bigoted, homophobic, arrogantly presumptuous, antiquated, nasty… pretty christian by all accounts.

      Also, he was Archbishop from 1991 to 2002. So he was invested during the Tory years. Not that Archbishops are chosen by the government in any way of course.

    2. Father Ted 30 Jan 2012, 7:17pm

      Carey was a Thatcher appointee.

    3. Thatcher apointed Carey. He was known as ‘Thatcher’s revenge’ ! — her revenge on the Church for the report Faith in the City; and for standing up to some of her right-wing policies

  25. I think I’ll start offering reparative therapy to cure Christianity. It’s clearly a lifestyle choice and has proven harmful to many.

  26. “Gay cure”, “gay conversion whatever, enough of this quackery, it has no place in civilised Europe.
    I like that, Cult of England. Xtianity is a cult, devouts can have difficulties accepting it but it’s a fact.

  27. Carey is one of the saddest old closets ever – How dare he transfer his own self-loathing to those who need to nurture and celebrate themselves rather than hate themselves and crave some kind of false conversion. It is time organised religions were outlawed as socially unacceptable hives of bigotry and hatred – GOD DOES NOT EXIST,

    1. ‘.. It is time organised religions were outlawed as socially unacceptable hives of bigotry and hatred…’

      very drastic and therefore extremely unlikely to happen, perhaps we could instead concentrate on more realistic solutions to religious homophobia

  28. The clerics “also told the BACP reparative therapy “does not produce harm despite the Royal College of Psychiatrists and others maintaining the contrary”.

    Silly me sitting here thinking the Royal College of Psychiatrists knew more about mental health than some random vicars. Next up, a member of the clergy lectures Professor Brian Cox about particle physics and corrects his mistakes.

    Do they not realise how stupid they sound?

    1. In answer to the Pilkington case the Royal College of Psychiatrists said: “There is no sound scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be exchanged. Furthermore, so-called treatments of homosexuality create a setting in which prejudice and discrimination flourish.” That Carey and his ilk, with no particular insight or qualification, think that they know better requires hubris on a scale that is actually staggering (and slightly nauseating)

    2. Either the Archbishop believes that conventional medicine is appropriate and one should accept the advice of those who are trained in specialist fields (such as psychiatry) or he believes God is the only healer … there is no middle ground (or if there is – perhaps he can tell us how he picks and chooses which piece of medical advice to adhere to?) …

      I would much rather trust a wide range of well trained clinical and research mental health specialists (globally) who have all reviewed the issue of orientation and dertermined it not to be a mental health condition and thus not required “reparative therapy” and concluding that such therapy causes harm (in itself) … than accept the “gut” feeling of a series of lay persons on mental health issues (however eminent that lay person may be).

    3. John Antrobus 30 Jan 2012, 9:17pm

      I wish there was a button I could press to take me directly to Iris’s posts. It’s not that I can’t think for myself, but she always says what I’m thinking. And she always makes me smile!

      1. And that just made me smile too :) Thank you

      2. Iris deserves high praise for her considered, intelligent and well thought out comments … often makes me smile too!

  29. Father Ted 30 Jan 2012, 2:45pm

    There’s something a bit Monty Python about an Ex-Archbishop. Like an ex-parrot.

    Anyway, given his views, maybe that is precisely why he is an ex-archbishop.

    1. “…Look, I took the liberty of examining that archbishop, And I discovered that the only reason that it had been sitting on it’s pulpit in the first place was that it had been nailed there”

    2. Transformations 30 Jan 2012, 11:56pm

      ‘ello Carey! Wakey wakey!

  30. I loved it when the High Court gave him a big smack for trying to impose a theocracy, when he intervened in one of those Christian Institute cases.

    1. I loved it too Mathair …

      My three favourite bits were:

      * Lord Justice Laws told Lord Carey that his calls for a special panel that was sympathetic to Christianity to consider cases brought by Christians was “deeply inimical to the public interest”. [Would this have been a Christian version of Sharia law?]

      * Lord Justice Laws said legislation for the protection of views held purely on religious grounds cannot be justified. He said it was an irrational idea, “but it is also divisive, capricious and arbitrary”.

      * Lord Justice Laws said Lord Carey’s views were “misplaced” and judges had never likened Christians to bigots, or sought to equate condemnation by some Christians of homosexuality with homophobia. He said it was possible that Lord Carey’s “mistaken suggestions” arose from a misunderstanding of the law on discrimination. “Accordingly the proposition that if conduct is accepted as discriminatory it thereby falls to be condemned as disreputable or bigoted is a non sequitur.

      1. I also like it when the judge summed up with:

        “We do not live in a society where all the people share uniform religious beliefs. The precepts of any one religion — any belief system — cannot, by force of their religious origins, sound any louder in the general law than the precepts of any other. If they did, those out in the cold would be less than citizens, and our constitution would be on the way to a theocracy, which is of necessity autocratic.”

        Isn’t Lord Carey adopting a similar approach in this matter suggesting that BACP adopt a “special measure” for Christians …

        That can not and should not ever be the case …

        It leads to theocracy whether in a state or a regulatory body …

        1. Thanks for those reminders, Stu! Cheered me up to read those. I’m hoping Carey will get short shrift again along with the UNchristian Institute who seem to have made a career out of making themselves look stupid.

  31. Keith Farrell 30 Jan 2012, 2:53pm

    yes, I wonder when the child will atmit all the harm done to people like me by their own, I supose there is no proof that any harm was done, so ass hole wqhy do I hurt so much 39 years later. of course, it does harm and the bitch needs to pay

  32. katherine Griffiths 30 Jan 2012, 3:14pm

    What I find sad is the bigotry against Christians on this board. I am a trans women, lesbian and a Christian. My church is fully supportive of me in my transistion and of my sexuality. Only once has someone at a chirch function challenged me on my trans status (they were quite insulting) and they were promptly removed from the function by the Rector and she was backed up by the Bishop. This person was then banned from any CofE function in the area.

    People on here are lumping all Christians in the same boat. That is bigotry in its self and those people should be ashamed. That is doing more harm than good. We as a community should be against ALL forms of bigotry and not practise bigotry ourselves as some are doing on this board. What Dr Carey said is wrong and we should be attacking his words not the Church.

    1. Tony Lambert 30 Jan 2012, 3:22pm

      “People on here are lumping all Christians in the same boat”

      Well, why are more christains not standing up to these facists then? Where are these “real” christians?

      “What Dr Carey said is wrong and we should be attacking his words not the Church.”

      Really? Are you really that naive to think that his church;’s message is any different? Seriously?

      1. @Tony

        To be fair it was only last week we were celebrating the good work of one Christian standing up against bigotry

        There have been numerous other examples on PN in the last 2-3 months …

        That said, the positions in the last couple of days of Lord Carey and Archbishop Setamu are vile, inhumane and wrong.

        1. Tony Lambert 30 Jan 2012, 3:40pm

          True, Stu, but these are rare flashes of light in another wise constant supply of disgusting homophobic rhetoric. If christians really believed that this kind of bigoted nonsense should not be true of their church, then they have been very quiet in calling these bigots out.

          I’#d need to see more before I change my thinking that religious institutions like the CofE (and others!) are rotten at their core.

          1. Katherine Griffiths 30 Jan 2012, 4:20pm

            @Tony, you are typical of the examples i have given. The reason that the grass roots Christians don’t get heard is because they don’t have the soap box of the House of Lords and or a column in the newspapers to object to what the the more well known Christians have to say. What interests the media more an ex Archbishop of Canterbury or a ordinary member of a village church? It will be the ex Archbishop all the time because of who he is.

          2. Tony Lambert 30 Jan 2012, 6:43pm

            “It will be the ex Archbishop all the time because of who he is.”

            Convenient answer. But not one that sells me on the rest of you living up to your name as Christian when you allow this travesty to speak on your behalf – I might add, you are typical of the examples I have given.

    2. I oppose christianity the same way I oppose all religion – because it is silly, demonstrably factually wrong and most of all it teaches a reliance on faith (i.e. wishful thinking) rather than on belief apportioned to the evidence. The fact that some nice people suffer from religion and don’t become frothing homophobes is neither here nor there – as long as religion is lauded or respected or promoted then some people will take a faith-based stance of bigotry and discrimination and there’s nothing the pro-religious lobby can do about it. Faith includes no mechanism for determining morality or ethics, and promoting it in any way is harmful to society.

      We need a society based on the appreciation of evidence, not on fairy-stories and wishful thinking.

      1. However, it is self defeating to be as nasty as those that insult us. Using reason is fine, but descending to calling people pigs, as one person here has done, is neither reasonable nor effective.

    3. Paddyswurd 30 Jan 2012, 4:27pm

      @katherine Griffiths…
      ……. That’s a bit rich coming from someone who admits to being a member of an organisation that believes a man walked on water and turned that same water into wine… organisation as all similar , is The most bigoted on this planet. Keep your fairy stories to yourselves and don’t try to make the rest of us who are relatively sane as sad and brainwashed as yourselves. Then maybe you won’t have to experience bigotry against your cult. Tell those who purport to represent your cult to shut the up about stuff they know feck all about.

      1. Katherine Griffiths 30 Jan 2012, 5:12pm

        @Paddyswurd I hate ALL bigotry and will roundly condemn any bigotry. I have to ask why are you attacking me just because I am a Christian isn’t that bigotry in its self?

        I can’t tell a member of the House of Lords to do anything as I am not a member of that Noble House, The Church of England is not a cult as you put it. Cults are not main stream religion and are critised by main stream religion. Cults also tend to have an authoritarian, charismatic leader and as far as I am aware the Church of England doesn’t have a leader like that

        1. Your understanding of the word cult is seriously flawed and dare I say bigoted.

          1. Katherine Griffiths 30 Jan 2012, 8:13pm

            I was quoting a dictionary definition

          2. John Antrobus 30 Jan 2012, 9:29pm

            My Chambers dictionary says cult means ‘a system of religious belief’. I think Christianity fits that definition.

        2. Paddyswurds 30 Jan 2012, 10:53pm

          @katherine Griffiths…
          ……..My Oxford Concise English Dictionary says otherwise.Don’t know what dictionary you are referencing, but both Websters and Oxford say Cult is a system of religious belief ….no mention of mainstream or anything else. All religious belief is a cult. And a fictional cult at that. As for attacking you…what do you expect as one who supports cults who say you and I are an abomination. Cop yourself on as we say here in Ireland or better still “think on” as they say in the North of England.

    4. Sure they weren’t just being patronising and treating you as their pet “sinner”?

      1. Katherine Griffiths 30 Jan 2012, 7:22pm

        I know the people in my village well enough to know that they are not like that. If they were being patronising then I wouldn’t have been a sidesman (which I have had to give up because I have a very busy period ahead of me) in the church or been invited to meet and play the Native American Flute for the Bishop of Rochester and have been invited to play in front of him again, In fact the Bishop of Rochester and my parish church helped and supported me when I was a victim of hate last year. So I know they are not being patronising

    5. As a gay Christian,I agree that there is bigotry against Christians on this board, whether straight or LGBTQ.So please STOP! Whatever the excuse given eg stereotyping ALL Christians as bad,despite a minority of Christians being bigots, none of us can justify prejudice against another section of people.That is what hypocrisy is,which is what Jesus was strongly against. Jesus was disgusted with people people who made themselves appear to be holy, then attacked minorities in an official capacity. Lord Carey is simply showing how ignorant, presumptuous & arrogant his belief is. There are thousands of testimonies proving that reparative therapy is harmful psychologically, spiritually & physically. If somebody really does not want to be gay, then they could be offered counselling, guidance & support, but not biased, subjective & presumptive therapy. There is not an ideal solution for those who want to be hetero, but this method of so-called therapy, should be outlawed & strongly discouraged.

      1. Paddyswurds 30 Jan 2012, 11:04pm

        …..i don’t think in all honesty that in my sixty years on this planet , have i read such deluded drivel and that coming from someone who claims to be Gay. Really, sit yourself down and have a good talk with yourself Tony. There is something seriously wrong with your reasoning…but wait your not allowed by your cult to reason. Your told what to think by an old book full of fables compiled from oral tradition of ignorant and fearful desert tribes 4 or 5 thousand years ago and old men in frocks who have a penchant for paedophilia.

        1. YAWN…! Paddyswurds, your very selective reading, reasoning & understanding of my comment and the subject of being gay & Christian are REALLY boring. While I understand why people interpret the complicated & seriously flawed Catholic & C of E Hierarchy as representing everything regarding Christianity, the truth is that they certainly do not always conduct themselves in a genuinely true loving Christ-like manner. Jesus would have had rightfully been angry with many of both Churches leaders & they would maybe even have had Jesus killed, as they wouldn’t have been able to cope with his truths, dismissing him as harsh & naive first. Just because alot of the leaders aren’t Christlike, it doesn’t mean that us gays can’t feel inspired by Jesus’ love example & values. That is what Christianity is really about. So please stop this presumption of yours that it’s deluded to be gay & Christian.

          1. You sound like you’re high on the lord,some form of personality addiction, you need a de-programmer not approval from pink news readers .

          2. Paddyswurds 1 Feb 2012, 10:32pm

            ……anyone who name drops a fictional character from two millenia has no grounds to call me names much less say that my reading is selective or that my reasoning is flawed. If you belong to any Abrahamic fantasy cult of personality as you clearly do then Your reasoning is seriously flawed and you really ought to seek professional help to cure you.

      2. A gay christian! now thats hypocrisy.

        1. Indeed. I am fed up with Christians (in particular catholics and Anglicans) telling us all how bigoted we are when it is they who seem to have to engage in intellectual acrobatics to square their leadership’s consistent homophobic pronouncements with their own beliefs. if you have the courage, as a Christian, to get out of the mainstream cults and join someone like the Quakers who seem (oddly to my mind but anyway..) to reconcile equality with their religious beliefs. Otherwise expect regularly to be called out for your hypocrisy.

    6. Yes, this is the ex archbishop saying this BUT where is the current archbishop in all this? The CofE Synod is very slow in welcoming our sexuality. The Christians sitting in the pews may be welcoming or accepting but as long as they allow the Synod to continue to speak for them then sadly they will all be protrayed the same. Only 100 or so churches are willing to register gay CPs, that’s a tiny proportion!

      1. Paddyswurds 30 Jan 2012, 11:08pm

        ….Williams is even more homophobic than this deluded and misinformed fool Carey

    7. i completly agree. Not all christians are bigots, and the publisised minority are taking over the under publisised majority. Personally, im an atheist, i dont believe in anything, but i still think its unfair how christians are treated. Dont blame them! some of them are actually ok with LGBT issues. Dont stereotype!!! xx

    8. Dr Robin Guthrie 31 Jan 2012, 10:19am

      I think by the reactions you have seen here you will find no fans of your religion.

      As an atheist as far as I am concerned, religion is a personal thing.

      If only they could keep it that way, we would all get along.

  33. Art Pearson 30 Jan 2012, 3:46pm

    And just maybe this is one of the reasons he is ‘former’ eh. It is an incontrovertible truth that ‘reparative therapy’ is harmful and destructive and just plain DOESN’T WORK!

    1. Father Ted 30 Jan 2012, 4:44pm

      Is he an ex-archbishop because he had therapy to cure him of excessive religiosity, hehe?

  34. The Gay Cure is a scam run by frauds who belong in prison for the crimes they commit on LGBT people. Everybody knows it does not work. Report these criminals to law enforcement and make report and take them to court and sue them for all they have. If the Priest want to give it to anybody then give it to the pedophile Catholic priest and the crazy psychiatrist who work with them.

  35. Paddyswurds 30 Jan 2012, 4:30pm

    btw…where is the arch supporter of these brainless bigots today, Stu? Strangely missing.

    1. @Paddyswurds

      Clearly, you are using your normal selective reading skills …

      5 or 6 comments by me on this thread (all around 2 hours before your comments) …

      All of them condemning Lord Carey …

      I fail to see where encouraging fairness is supporting people who have faith …

      If you both to look at the comments I have put on here rather than make speculative assumptions, I am sure you will agree with most (if not all) of the comments I have made …

      The manner you speculate in is nothing short of ignorant arrogance.

      1. correction “if you were to look” …

        1. Paddyswurds 30 Jan 2012, 11:12pm

          …… the planet will be a better place when this fantasy and its followers are reeducated by whatever means……..possibly indoctrination from birth or before.

          1. You may or may not be right in that assertion …

            However, your comments about me were inaccurate, presumptious and clearly without checking what I had written several hours before you contributed to this thread …

            To my mind, that demonstrates how you fail to seriously consider others views and jump to conclusions …

  36. Father Ted 30 Jan 2012, 4:50pm

    From the photos of the two churchmen, Carey and the Archbp of York, I think I can see evidence that homophobia is genetic. Notice the big gap between the two front teeth in both cases – this used to be considered evidence of a lustful nature – but maybe it’s the genetic link to homophobia!!

  37. Maybe that’s how “witches” felt not so long ago. Payback time”beaches”. “What goes around comes around!”

  38. Well it IS easy to spot these evangelical barm-pots as they all wear pointy hats.

    Thank goodness there are slightly more normal Anglicans out there who don’t quite froth that much.

    They really are that arrogant aren’t they – wildly pontificating about other people’s lives – and they do it with such a straight face.

    What was the phrase? “Whited Sepulchre” I think.

  39. These people are the reason that some people want to try this gay cure crap! It’s about time religion minded it’s only f**ing business!!

  40. clearly not the brightest of the bunch, very crude and shortsighted (nothing to do with him wearing spectacles), his intellectual limitations have been exposed by Lord Justice Laws

    1. Well said! (The man has a dildo for a brain…)

  41. These people would probably think that the people who bullied left handed kids into being right handed were doing a jolly good job.

    Hateful people behind the veil of piety.

  42. Commander Thor 30 Jan 2012, 6:43pm

    Edmund: Never had anything you doctors didn’t try to cure with leeches. A leech on my ear for ear ache, a leech on my bottom for constipation.
    Doctor: They’re marvellous, aren’t they?
    Edmund: Well, the bottom one wasn’t. I just sat there and squashed it.
    Doctor: You know the leech comes to us on the highest authority?
    Edmund: Yes. I know that. Dr. Hoffmann of Stuttgart, isn’t it?
    Doctor: That’s right, the great Hoffmann.
    Edmund: Owner of the largest leech farm of Europe.
    Doctor: Yes. Well, I cannot spend all day gossiping. I’m a busy man. As far as this case is concerned I have now had time to think it over and I can strongly recommend a [in chorus] course of leeches.

  43. Don Harrison 30 Jan 2012, 7:25pm

    This very sad as there is no thing, could never be such a thing and that is pampering up to the gay homophobes.

  44. Father Ted 30 Jan 2012, 7:26pm

    I saw his “not ashamed” video, as part of the campaign for Christians to be “not ashamed”. I suppose Christian Pride was just too close a campaign to Gay Pride for a bunch of homophobes trying to portray themselves as victims.

    What campaigns will we see now? “Be Ashamed” aimed at gays? Or a new campaign called “Not Truthful”, or “Not Accurate”?

    1. Transformations 31 Jan 2012, 12:07am

      I look forward to his “A Bit Daft” video.

  45. The World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from their clinical descriptions and diagnostic guidelines (aka the International Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders or ICD10) in 1992 for good reason – because it is not a diagnosable, treatable illness. When will these self righteous good for nothing bigots realise this and stop trying to ‘cure’ us ! This coming from people who talk to, worship and prey to a non existent entity. Stories of men parting the red sea, coming back from the dead, voices coming from burning bushes: sounds like some sort of paranoia to me. I wounded if that is curable ???

  46. carrie baker 30 Jan 2012, 9:07pm


    1. Turn the volume down and try to pay attention to what the subject matter is rather than spouting incomprehenisble garbage unrelated to the topic …

      1. Paddyswurds 30 Jan 2012, 11:17pm

        …so now your promoting yourself to Editor of Pink News, Stu. If you don’t like Carries style, don’t read it …move on . Your comments are bordering on bullying, pet.

        1. @Paddyswurds …

          If you don’t like my comments then read on …

          1. Paddyswurds 31 Jan 2012, 1:47pm

            …i have no problem with your comments when applied to the story. However what right do you have to bully Carrie over the style of her comments Did it ever occur to you that she may just be struggling with literacy and more importantly using a computer keyboard. If it too her a half hour to type a piece and then discovered she had inadvertently hit caps lock could you really expect her to retype it, Get over yourself………

          2. @Paddyswurds

            Bit rich from you when you make comments about others (without even bothering to check whether your facts are correct or not …) …

            As for Carrie … your points may well be correct, many people on PN (including me) have tried diplomatic comments and pointing out inaccuracies and lack of relevance (where the comments can be deciphered) … it does not seem to have any impact …

            When you made your comment about me earlier … had you bothered to check whether I had commented before you, or did you just jump in with some “bullying” comments?

    2. dear lord you have managed to rediscover caps button, clever girl

  47. gaykingdom 30 Jan 2012, 9:18pm

    The archbishop of this and bishop of that are irrelevant to civil life. The sooner we turn our backs on these anachronistic twits the better. I won’t even use the address of, “Right Reverend” or whatever, as they are neither.

    1. John Antrobus 30 Jan 2012, 9:37pm

      Ha ha. Although I’m an atheist, I’m the organist at my local parish church. The vicar would telephone my an announce himself saying, ‘hello, John, it’s the reverend David’. I just call him David. These days he just says, ‘hi John, it’s David’ (like a normal person!).

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 31 Jan 2012, 10:12am

        Be careful. The term “organist” in organised religion could be misconstrued.

  48. Obviously, therapy hasn’t had the slightest effect on him.

    1. lol EXACTLY!
      (But I guess he keeps hoping – along with all the other half-wits for Archbishops…)

  49. I always thought George Carey (or should that be ‘Careless’) was gay anyway…

    What a bloody idiot…

  50. The man has a dildo for a brain…

    The Archibishops are clearly now deep in competition to see who can suck up most to the African Anglican Church…(as led by the God-less American Evangelical movement(s)…)

    Never in the field of modern day Ethics have so few been so vocal in the pursuit of so stupid….

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 31 Jan 2012, 10:10am

      He knows he will be out of a job in the UK what with the diminishing church goers , therefore he is sucking up to the African congregations to keep him in paid employment.

  51. Good, lets hope she is successful and then sues.

  52. Ex-Archbishop Carey and ex-gay therapy.

    The ex-Archbishop therapy doesn’t seem to work any better than the ex-gay therapy, certainly not on Lord Carey, he still thinks he’s the Archbishop, just born that way I suppose.
    Has the Archbishop gene been identified yet? maybe it’s an orientation caused by environmental factors, he could so choose to be “normal” if he worked at it and really made the effort.

  53. At last Skinner finally admits his homophobia ….

    Admitting your weaknesses is the first step to confronting them …

    The next step is wanting help …

    Sadly, some people are happy to stay bigoted … I suspect Skinner is such a vile, inhumane and twisted person …

    Although, maybe there is hope that he is beginning to see the error of his ways – by admitting his deep homophobia – now whilst he may have indwelling paranoia or fear for irrational reasons – he chooses to act on it and seek to damage others by his rhetoric – those are his choices …

    1. “I suspect Skinner is such a vile, inhumane and twisted person”

      No need for suspicion here, Ste, skinner is everything you say he is if only by his own demonstrations in here of his lack of humanity and intelligence. Skinner is a contemptible animal, and the health service (or the vet, both are good) has a responsibility to help people suffering from obvious mental health conditions like his.

    2. Is Skinner the same persona David Smith who used to post on Ruth Gledhill’s Articles of Faith?

  54. I’m truly embarrased to be a (gay) Christian. Doesn’t he have a proper job to attend to instead of bullying the gay society with ‘curing’propaganda crap? Go and do something useful. For example: Go and prevend or ‘cure’ sexual abuse of children by the representatives of the Catholic churches. That’s a way bigger problem than the existance of homosexualty. And that’s harming the image of the church on a bigger scale. Go figure that out.

  55. Just remember, never give any money to the Church! Never go to their fetes, never buy from their op-shops! Never a cent should be given to them.

    1. I recently read a comment from an Irish man in Dublin, who has never bought breakfast on Sundays for years; instead he goes to the RC church and afterwards has all the coffee and bacon rolls, etc on offer plus fruit. Then he just walks out and continues with the rest of the day. He wasn’t even Catholic!

  56. David Skinner 31 Jan 2012, 4:56pm

    Well it is obvious that my appeal to being born a genetically modified homophobe has not received the expected sympathy and the equal treatment to which gays have become accustomed with their claims that they have no control or choice over what they say or do. What was that about Section 5 of the Public Order Act?
    As for irrational fear, hatred and narrow minded bigotry aimed towards Christians and myself, I believe that there is plenty of scientific evidence to demonstrate that many here are in the advanced and probably terminal stages of morophobia, pedophobia, logophobica, alatheiphobia , thesophobia, hagiotesphobia and dikaiosynophobia.

    1. yawn …

      The irrelevence that is Skinner continues to troll gay websites …

      wonder why ….


    2. Pr!ck

    3. “narrow minded bigotry aimed towards Christians and myself”

      LOL! It thinks its a “christian”!!! Like when you dress up an animal like people! LMFAO!

      Denial is not just a river in Egypt it seems….

  57. In a way it pleases me that George and his kind seem determined to continue down their myopic, singular path. If anything is going to destroy their beloved church it appears to be themselves. They are so pathetically out of step and unaware of the real world that they’ll find their own fingerprints on the spades used for their own graves and place in history. So I do find myself stepping back from kneejerk outrage at their latest utterances to allow them that length of rope which will successfully hang themselves. Although it is fun to take along my kntting and watch from the sidelines. It has been way too long that the church has held dominance over peoples lives. Thank Christ the tables are turning.

  58. David Skinner 31 Jan 2012, 6:01pm

    I must say it is heart- warming to hear the admission that gays do not want equality but to dominate the rest of society. I suppose another name for this would be sodhimmitude. George Carey and fellow Christians are frequently described by the gay legions as myopic, blind , stupid and out of touch with reality. Well, perhaps the LGBTs ought to open their eyes wide to the reality that sodhimmitude is swiftly being followed by dhimmitude , or as we call it in the trade, Sharia. Not that I would wish this on anyone, but the gays are handing Britain to Islam on plate. But maybe that is what they want?

    1. Skinner the rimmer is in the closet 31 Jan 2012, 7:39pm

      This makes no sense ! It is deranged nonsense !

      1. Of course it makes no sense, Skinner is a basket case with some second rate internet qualification in finger painting. Apparently he gets his endless rage from a kicking he got form a gay manager once – seriously, I’m not joking either, by his own admission.

        1. Yes, and he still hasn’t told us what this “peacock” of a gay boss did to enrage him so except be his superior at work. A perfect example of how hatred and bitterness and envy can fester away like an abscess inside.

          1. I’d hazard a guess his boss birch-slapped the little freak back under the rock where he came form, and now all that old fool can do is scream on a gay site…. like he’s really makes a difference.


  59. david skinner 1 Feb 2012, 12:28pm

    So Mike, two days ago you said,”Medical practitioners have a moral and legal duty not to offer harmful or ineffective therapy regardless of however much the patient wants it.” Really? What about the mutilation of breasts, and reproduction organs because someone wants to change from being a man to woman or vise-versa, all paid for by the tax payer?

    Or what about the human right to commit suicide, abort a baby or euthanasia- again. all paid for the productive part of society?
    Are all these not harmful medical practices?

  60. david skinner 1 Feb 2012, 12:47pm

    Name one person who has committed suicide as a result the kind of counselling that Lesley Pilkington, Mike Davidson, Jim Reynolds or Jo Nicolosi is offering? There that should give folks some homework. Sounds to me like a lot of folks just pick up the latest pink propaganda and mindlessly repeat it.

    As for homosexuality being genetic, Peter Tatchell has written an article, entitled, “Homosexuality: It isn’t Natural.” and in his other article, “Beyond Equality” he catagorically states it is as a result of ideology and environmental influences. It seems to me that gays, queers, LGBTs, homosexuals, pinks (dear or deary please decide what your are) are the most deluded and self – deceiving of any minority section of society.

    1. Just what did your ex-boss DO to make your hate gay people so much, David? Your hatred oozes out of every post you make.

      1. Gave him a really good kicking, that’s what, Iris! And quite right too! LOL!

        And now all Skinner can do is bitch like a demented teenager on a gay site for us all to laugh at…. is it any wonder his gay manger thought this a tosser and slapped the chops of his dirty little mouth?

        Its like Keith, the more the venom and tantrums, the more I realise we’re winning.

        1. Very true :D I wonder how many other married straight men show SO much interest in LGBT people. I find it weird that this gay man haunts David’s thoughts so much. I wonder if he was an attractive “peacock” ;)

          1. “I wonder how many other married straight men show SO much interest in LGBT people”

            You mean the ones that look for that “interest” in a park at 4am while their mentally broken wives sleep at home?

            Like Skinner and Keith must do?

          2. And then lash out in guilt and self-hatred at everyone else. It’s sad – in both senses of the word.

    2. Deeside Will 1 Feb 2012, 10:06pm

      OK, David Skinner, here’s one for starters: Jack McIntyre (Love in Action). Here’s another: Simon Harvey, who killed himself after desperately trying one “ex-gay” ministry after another; there was a documentary on his case a few years ago on television entitled “Better Dead than Gay?” Jeffrey Coates attempted to kill himself after going through a Desert Stream Ministries program. I’m sure that a search of the relevant literature will unearth plenty more examples. It’s not that these useless “therapies” are the direct cause of suicides and attempted suicides. It’s that the people who provide ex-gay “counselling” reinforce the false belief that being gay is bad, thereby adding to the psychological and spiritual abuse which their clients have already suffered. So when the “therapy” or “counselling” fails to change their orientation, as it invariably does, some feel that they have nothing left to live for.

    3. Deeside Will 1 Feb 2012, 10:15pm

      David Skinner, Peter Tatchell is entitled to his own opinions and his own theories, but they carry no weight of superior scientific knowledge. No-one actually KNOWS the cause of either heterosexuality or homosexuality. Peter Tatchell doesn’t know any more than the rest of us do.

      But the genetic question is, in the present context, a red herring. Whatever the cause, people’s sexual orientation cannot be changed at will. People who offer “help” to change it are charlatans. They may, and probably do, believe in their own nonsense, but they’re charlatans nonetheless.

      1. Kenton Forshee 28 May 2012, 7:20pm

        These charlatans are really no better than psychological snake oil salesmen.

  61. Deeside Will 1 Feb 2012, 10:26pm

    I suspect that David Skinner is feeling particularly desperate and belligerent at the moment because the recent “ex-gay” conference put on by Anglican Mainstream in London proved such a dismal and pitiful fiasco.

  62. Skinner…before putting your resolutely heterosexual fingers to keyboard again I would question what on earth you are doing on this site? What is your agenda? What are your issues? Beacuse I know for certain that I wouldn’t be feretting about on a site if I didn’t have an interest/investment in it (I’m speaking as a gay man). I’m just interested to know what your own investments are. The anger that you appear to display must be rooted in something. Maybe you would be better to address this before lashing out like this, because you’ll already appreciate that your comments in a site such as this will be poorly recieved. Or maybe you live to keep your anger stoked?

    1. It’s his old gay boss, Gavin:

      “You are absolutely right about something happening in my life that gives me the energy to pursue this. I had a homosexual boss who for six years attempted to silence my views. I experienced at first hand his narcissistic, arrogant and vengeful character. The man, though highly talented ( as with many homosexuals) was a peacock. Secondly I had to distribute secular and humanist sex education to children in schools and I have seen the damage it has done in society, especially with regard to the destruction of the family. Finally our government is forcing homosexuality on us with the threat that if anyone says the slightest thing negative or critical about it, it will be deemed as inciting homophobic hatred. This would , if the bill have succeeded, carried a seven year sentence. My main concerns are exactly the same as those of Eddie Walker; they for our children and the family.”

      1. Thanks Iris. At least it’s nice that he has a hobby.

        1. It keeps him off the streets, although his poor broken wife should seek a careers allowance and counselling.

  63. David Skinner 2 Feb 2012, 5:00pm

    Now Gavin let us bring a sense proportion into all this .Anger? Lashing out? Steady, steady. Are you really blind to the volcanic rage, bile and hatred being issuing from the hypersensitive and narcissistic commentators on this site. And why should you not welcome a difference of opinion or are you afraid that light shone into the darkness will expose not just evil but only narrow- minded bigotry, rampant Christianophobia and a complete denial of reality and truth.

    1. Are you going to answer Gavins simple question or not, Skinner?

    2. “Are you really blind to the volcanic rage, bile and hatred being issuing from the hypersensitive and narcissistic commentators on this site.”

      Nope. We can see your comments perfectly, thanks.

      They’re nuts.

  64. David Skinner 2 Feb 2012, 5:03pm

    As for the conference in London, I was there I would not have a clue where to begin with dealing Deeside Will’s skewed, prejudiced, discriminatory, ignorant and second – hand claim that it was a fiasco. He wishes! I don’t know whether Keith Sharpe of Changing Attitudes was aware of it but it was not run for his benefit. He was welcome to pay his money and attend but the day’s agenda was not going to be changed to suit one of his own. If he has a drum to beat let him run his own conference. Frankly I am not at all surprised he came away empty handed. This conference was for grown ups not children.

    1. Deeside Will 2 Feb 2012, 6:45pm

      Interesting to hear a different view from someone who was actually there. What do you consider this badly attended conference to have achieved – apart, that is, from giving Lisa Nolland a chance to make a pillock of herself?

  65. David Skinner 2 Feb 2012, 5:22pm

    Gavin my white hot hatred is perfectly rational . I thank God for my emotions, including hatred, which like the keys of piano are all to be valued and played according to the notes on the music score. My hatred is not, as some might suggest a kind of internalised homophobia or fear of eroticism; after all sexual desire was God’s gift to mankind.
    No. my hatred is of all that is contrary to God’s word and Holy nature.
    And I see the condition of homosexuality, or should I say more accurately polysexual perversion, as an infinitely greater threat to the security, stability and cohesion of our Nation than World War 11. It is this which will take our nation down and I am committed to saving as many as possible from being sucked down with it.

    1. If you’re a piano key you’re definitely A Flat, not A Sharp.

      1. If he’s involved in a piano … then its only one that plays pre-programmed tunes …

        Skinner demonstrates no ability to offer original independent thought … he is purely pre-programmed, and fails to comprehend the importance of critical reasoning and logical thinking … coupled with evidence …

        Gut feeling and superstition are all that are important to him … oh and bigotry and hatred …

    2. If that’s seriously your reason, David – a threat to security, etc etc – then you really need to see somebody and talk through your fears because they’re absolutely irrational.

      But you won’t stop and think, will you? That’s your problem. It’d be admitting you’ve been wrong all these years. That is, wrong to pursue your vindictive agenda. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – all your bitterness and hate will, in the end, only harm YOU.

    3. “I am committed to saving as many as possible from being sucked down with it.”

      Yeah, ranting like an animal on an internet site, pretending to be a christian – *giggle* that’ll have a REALLY big impact.

      You’re a laughable fool.

  66. David, your vendetta is sad – and it’s just that, a vendetta. What difference do you really think it would make to your life if LGBT people gained full equality? The answer is none at all, isn’t it really?

    1. He still has nightmares about his boss giving him a thrashing.

      1. Or maybe he simply can’t get that man’s face out of his mind… ;)

        I do wish he’d get over it. Plenty of people have annoyed me in life but I’ve never felt the need to identify ONE aspect about them and then pursue a deranged vendetta against every other person in that group. That’s madness.

        1. “Or maybe he simply can’t get that man’s face out of his mind…”

          Makes his wife wear a bag over her face with an image of Russell Crowe on it, you mean? :)

          “I do wish he’d get over it.”

          He can’t – he’s mad, plain and simple. Notice how he never reveals himself in public, other then wishy washy “commenter” to right wing websites like the travesty of humanity that is the Bill Muehlenberg’s blog (with all of 20 fascist readers most with schizophrenia) and any space cadet site that claims to be “christian” but calling for murder.

          Having said that, I like this site better: *** insert HERE A VERNACULAR EXPRESSION FOR A WOMAN GENITALIA THAT BEGINS IN “C” WITH 4 LETTERS***

          1. Thanks for that, Will! :D

  67. The formatting here is still messed up:

    David Skinner: “You are absolutely right about something happening in my life that gives me the energy to pursue this. I had a homosexual boss who for six years attempted to silence my views. I experienced at first hand his narcissistic, arrogant and vengeful character. The man, though highly talented ( as with many homosexuals) was a peacock. Secondly I had to distribute secular and humanist sex education to children in schools and I have seen the damage it has done in society, especially with regard to the destruction of the family. Finally our government is forcing homosexuality on us with the threat that if anyone says the slightest thing negative or critical about it, it will be deemed as inciting homophobic hatred…..” etc

  68. David Skinner 2 Feb 2012, 11:13pm

    Hey, Iris I am so glad to hear from you and I am flattered that you highlight my writing from four years ago. Admittedly much has happened in four years and I have learnt so much more since then. Thankfully the rest of society is also beginning to wake up to the threat of polysexual perversity of which homosexuality is only a part.

    1. “Thankfully the rest of society is also beginning to wake up to the threat of polysexual perversity of which homosexuality is only a part.”

      Yeah, you mean granting more rights of equality?

      Its sure is!

      Thanks for recognising our victories, David..

      1. In the last four years …

        More states have ensured equal marriage

        More states again have begun the legal process to ensure equal marriage

        More states again have begun to decriminalise homosexuality …

        The UK has make progress on tackling homophobic bullying in schools, deletion of inappropriate convictons linked to homosexuality, tackled religious CPs, moved (not fast enough) on same sex marriage, enforced 90% of the Equalities Act …

        Thankfully (globally and in the UK) society is indeed beginning to wake up

    2. Sadly, I doubt you’ve learnt anything at all, David. You persist in a vendetta against LGBT people and use the Bible as a tool to pursue your crusade of hate. Not impressive on so very many levels.

      You’re wasting your life in a futile campaign fuelled by your own personal hate because you’re unable to separate your dislike of one man from a dislike of anyone who shares one of his characteristics. The fact that you’re unable to see that is very sad.

      Actually, I sometimes wonder if you DO see it and compensate for that realisation by upping your anger and hiding behind ‘smart’ comments rather than face up to the truth about yourself.

  69. David Skinner 2 Feb 2012, 11:14pm

    A Parliamentary report said:
    “In the United Kingdom…… Of those diagnosed (with HIV and AID) in 2010, just over 3,000 (45%) were Men who have sex with Men (homosexuals)…… Of the £1.9bn spent by the Government on infectious diseases in England in 2009/10, £762m (40%) was spent on the treatment of HIV and AIDS…… Meanwhile increasing numbers of people accessing care drive up treatment costs in England towards £1bn. There are potentially huge cost implications in both the short- and long-term in failing to deal effectively with the epidemic.”

  70. David Skinner 2 Feb 2012, 11:16pm

    Perhaps more worrying for parents is THT’s involvement in Schools and how it has been granted £203,528 government funding to run a sex education programme in English schools and youth clubs. Wake up parents and protect your children from potentially some of the most dangerous environments, and that is our schools, scout groups, youth and sports clubs. This is where LGBTs are highly organised in spreading their queer ideology and propaganda.

    1. “their queer ideology and propaganda.”

      Too late. We’ve already won.

    2. I’m sure most parents would rather protect their children from spiteful, bigotted and hateful views like yours in schools, David. I do wonder whether your annoying gay boss’s ‘crime’ was simply trying to stop you spreading your agenda of hate.

  71. Didnt someone tell the bishop that there is no “gay cure?” the “refugee” program was dismantled because they lied about a cure. Didnt someone tell the bishop that the author who came up with reparative therapy said he was mistaken?

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