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Interview: Jackie Green, the first trans Miss England?

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Reader comments

  1. “lived my life how I want to and not fallen to conformity.”

    What are you doing in a ‘Miss England’ competition then…!

  2. Kemal Süt 27 Jan 2012, 1:25pm

    She seems really sweet. Power to her =).

  3. Helen Wilson 27 Jan 2012, 2:01pm

    I feel very conflicted by this. As a woman with a transsexual history I’m proud of Jackie Green and her achievement…but…on the other hand this is a contest that’s only aim is to objectify women its fundamentally wrong. I can think of many more firsts I would rather see happen in the trans community before this one, like seeing the first trans MP elected for instance.

    That said good luck Jackie.

  4. I hardly see how entering into a cattle market (which is essentially what a beauty pageant is) is going to improve lives for trans people.

    Beauty pageants are vile and outdated and do nothing except objectify women as sex objects.

    Why wasn’t she asked about that?

  5. Absolutely stunning! The argument re: the relevance of ‘beauty contests’ aside, I really hope she does well. A real ambassador for the so-called ‘trans’ community :-)

    1. A beauty ‘queen’ is an ambassador to nothing except the cosmetics and swimwear industries.

  6. Victoria Elizabeth Robinson 27 Jan 2012, 3:30pm

    Jackie I love you princess so proud of you! Just like to say guys, Jackie is a personal friend of mine and I appreciate everyone has an opinion but if you have nothing nice to say just don’t say anything at all. Don’t you think she’s been threw enough? Thank you x

  7. Jackie Green 27 Jan 2012, 4:28pm

    Hey everyone this is Jackie Green. I understand where the argument about the beauty competition is concerned however I don’t have the ability to become an MP. I am simply trying to show that trans people are normal. And to my Besty Victoria, love you!!

    1. I am also a woman with a trans history of advancing years. When i was a child i used to watch Miss world on the telly and dream of being a contestant, however i never dreamed of being the first woman MP !

      Dont be put off by negative comments form trans people who didnt have the courage to transition at your age

      1. Helen Wilson 27 Jan 2012, 5:15pm

        “Dont be put off by negative comments form trans people who didnt have the courage to transition at your age”

        What an ignorant comment to make, not everyone has supportive people or environment around them to transition early on.

        Helen Wilson – (came out to parents aged 4)

        1. What an ignorant comment to make, not everyone has supportive people or environment around them to transition early on.

          thats where the courage comes into it honey

          1. Nikki that is a useless and divisive comment. Is there now to be a hierachy among trans women with young and pretty at the top? You talk about courage, but how can you comment on people you have never met? Some trans people have supportive family others abusive, is it really sensible to suggest that because someone transitioned young they automatically had more courage? I transitioned young and had abusive parents, however I would not say that I have anymore strength or credibility than any other trans woman. Stop attacking other trans people and start attacking those who oppress us!

          2. Emma- Im not suggesting there should be any hierachy but I hate it when people make excuses about when they transitioned. I wish I had done it sooner but at the end of the day regardless of circumstances and yes they weren`t ideal for me- are they ever ? there was really nobody to blame but myself. Call it lack of courage or conviction or whatever.
            Back to Jackie, she is just a kid doing what she wants to do for herself-We shouldnt lay it at her door to be a good ambassador for the T community. When i see anti miss world comments,comments , I just sense a hint of jealousy.

          3. Conditions have changed a great deal even over the last couple of decades. For many older trans people care was much less accesible when they were yound than it is now. Further more it is simply untrue to suggest that there is no one to blame but themselves. No body exists in a bubble and society shapes and restricts us all, no two people have the same experience, and likewise one cannot say one person has more or less courage than another.
            Also I will say again, Miss England is sexist, and Jackie IS suggesting that she is a role model for other trans people. So no it is not jealousy but a rational political arguement against promoting beauty over achievements.

          4. Well I am content to take responsibility for my own actions even if others are not.

            Does it really actually matter if beauty contests are sexist ? nobody forces girls to enter. just leave the poor lass alone.

    2. jeanette gagg 12 May 2012, 5:51pm

      Well said Jackie,,we are raising awareness of the Trans community in the public sector…if you ever want to get in touch post a reply


  8. I thought it was Hayley Cropper.

  9. I really hope she wins. Someone I know competes in these sorts of competitions and unfortunately I can’t say that my optimism is shared by her. She says that it’s making a joke of the competition (personally I think it’s a bit of a joke anyway) and that it’s all about having a good image. Personally, I think that Jackie’s more of a role model than any of the other girls comforting to societies depiction of beauty.

  10. Some comments that beauty pagents are vile / objectify women.

    But doesn’t Mr Gay UK do the same thing to men?

    It’s just I don’t have a problem with anyone who’s beautiful showing it off – why shouldn’t they?

  11. Oh my god, she is so beautiful and perfect ! If only I could look half as beautiful and feminine as her I wouldn’t suffer so much of depression.

  12. Way to go more power to her i hope she wins is good to see her doing this

  13. Jackie Green has already done a lot to stand up for trans rights, and against transphobia.

    Carry on, Jackie… just be yourself :)

    1. As a trans women myself I think that trans role models are almost always a good thing, and I’m sure you have nothing but the best of intentions. But, as others have said Miss England is a Sexist contest, and it objectifies women. As trans women we experience transphobia and sexism, when we are told to conform to outdated ideas of femininity. For my part I am a feminist and I have been involved in protests against Miss England, as it is not judging you on your abilities, but simply on your looks. Is this really the message we want to send to other trans women? That how you look is the most important thing? Personally I have been much more inspired by people like Georgina Buyers and trans people who are famous for what they do not how they look. By making role models who are based upon appearance we merely drive a wedge between trans people, dividing the young and lucky against the older, and make looks more important than actions.

      1. Point taken, Emma.

        Still, I’m inclined to think of the good Miss England can do as an ambassador.

        Incidentally, I have been an admirer of Georgina Beyer’s since I saw her being interviewed on TV after she won her first election for NZ’s Labour Party in 1999. She is a delightful woman.

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