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Gay Australians to receive overseas marriage permits from next month

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jan 2012, 3:00pm

    Another step in the right direction. I would assume that Australian gay couples marrying overseas means their marriages are downgraded to a civil union upon return in states where they have them, much the same as the UK. Maybe some of our Australian friends could clarify that for us.

    1. The Australians don’t really have civil unions as we in the UK understand the term , just the same status as unmarried de facto heterosexual partners (as I understand it).

      1. Basically most states have some form of CP and at fed level and I think also state level there is de facto status. It’s the same principle as the common law wife thing in the UK but in Australia it gives you rights and the rights are more or less the same as married couples and apply to both same sex and straight couples.

  2. Only Tasmania, I believe, recognises foreign CPs or marriages. Other states don’t recognise foreign ones at all, at least that was the case awhile ago. I’m not sure the states recognise each others CP also. One good reason to have a fed gay marriage or CP.

    1. Indeed Queensland is about to do the same, but there will be an election there soon. The Liberal (so-called) /National Party have said they are opposed to this and will strike the law down when (and it seems likely they will) get into power. NSW is now controlled by the Liberal National Party and have made it clear that there will be no recognition for gay people while they are in power. While in opposition they were opposed to almost every pro-gay bill. Victoria is the same, if not worse.

  3. Christophe 27 Jan 2012, 8:56pm

    What a great move and I do hope that my birth country France will follow the Australian decision because i have done a CP in the UK with my partner who is originally from South India unfortunately we are not recognised unless we have another CP at the French Consulat.London.

    1. Christophe – France recognise foreign CPs , including those where French nationals have done them ! See article 515-7-1 of the civil code. …

      If you were in a foreing marriage then becuase you are French then France won’t recognise it.

  4. When the push for Marriage Equality fails in the Australian Parliament this year, I think a lot of Australian same-sex couples will decide to move overseas, not only for marriage but to escape the conservatism in this country ( which will only get more extreme when Abbott becomes Prime Minister). Human rights are beyond nationality!

  5. The refusal to issue such certificates began, as far as I know, under the Howard regime. Howard also brought in a law that at every civil (and religious) marriage ceremony, the assembled masses must be explicitly told that marriage is only between a man and a woman. It is bad enough that we don’t have gay marriage but to have this shoved in your face every time you attend a straight wedding is horrible. Many straights also find it distasteful and uncomfortable knowing that gay friends and relatives are in the audience.The Gilliard goverment has also been asked to remove this requirement but has taken no action. It should be noted that it was the Labor conference that resulted in the granting of certificates, not Gillard herself. She dislikes gay people and will continue to argue against giving us any further basic human rights.

  6. jamestoronto 28 Jan 2012, 5:51pm

    A significant step towards full marriage equality. Marriage equality is coming whether Gilliard likes it or not. Gilliard’s only choice is what side of history she will be on. Go Australia!!!

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