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Cynthia Nixon: Bisexuals? We get no respect

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  1. If you want respect from the community, respect the community. Jus’ say’n

  2. I have no idea who she is but she sounds like a tw*t

    1. that would be a sexist term of abuse

  3. Dr Robin Guthrie 27 Jan 2012, 11:59am

    I see.

    The “Don’t label my sexuality” woman has just labelled herself.

    1. I’m reading a book about lesbianism and this woman didn’t wan’t to be known as gay or bi-sexual! She spoke much like this ding bat…sorry I mean Cynthia Nixon. But she then promptly gave herself another label that implied she was more fluid in her love. I sat their and thought two things A: Your Bi-sexual you stupid woman and B: Your have a problem with your sexuality lady!!

  4. What she said wasn’t very responsible, but it is annoying that we even have to justify ourselves to bigots I wish we could just say, even if I wasn’t born this way whats it got to do with you.

    1. Exactly – the nature versus nurture/innate versus choice argument is irrelevant. If I CHOOSE to dye my hair a certain colour, if I CHOOSE to have a tattoo, none of these should mean I have fewer rights than someone who makes a different choice. If some people “choose” to be gay, so what? Some people are gay, get over it.

  5. Perhaps she would feel more comfortable about labelling herself as bisexual if she hadn’t encountered the biphobia she describes. Biphobia comes from both straight and gay people.

    1. She says that bigots should not be allowed define what a gay person is but then refuses to label herself bisexual because of the bigots.

      She sounds messed up.

    2. @Dromio

      This is true, but homophobia comes from heterosexuals and bisexuals …

      She may choose not to use the label bisexual (for whatever reasons), but that does not mean she can hijack the gay orientation and state that it is a choice and undermine others orientation to bigots …

      If she doesnt like bigotry, don’t give bigots something to grab hold of ..

      1. “Hijack the gay orientation”? Does someone hold the copyright to it? Undermine others’ orientation? Is this like gays destroying marriage? She’s not undermining anybody’s orientation: that doesn’t even make any sense, unless her opinions are somehow making people less gay, or less straight, or less bi.

        Homophobia comes from everybody, including homosexuals.

        She’s expressing her opinion about herself. I’m extremely sad to see this is not allowed. I would expect better, especially from people who have been told they can’t be who they feel themselves to be; who have been denied recognition, self-expression, and civil rights.

        1. @Pogy

          Absolutely homophobia can also come from homosexuals …

          Of course she can express herself … if she really is worried about bigotry against bisexuals then she would do well to ensure that bigots are not able to use her words to demonise those of a different orientation ie homosexuals …

          No undermining is not about changing orientation – orientation is impossible to change – it is inate and we are born that way …. Its about leaving it open to ridicule – which she (whether naively or otherwise) has opened the door to bigots pouncing on her words and claiming homosexuals (which she has since admitted she is not) have a choice … that was wrong …

          As for marriage … it shouldnt be about gay, straight, bi or whatever … it should be about love and commitment … so your comment “gays destroying marriage” is totally and utterly wrong

          1. I didn’t express the opinion that gays are destroying marriage; I compared it to your view that Nixon’s opinion is undermining anyone’s orientation: my point is that the idea — that gays are destroying marriage — is nonsensical, as is your opinion that opinions can undermine orientation. How can anyone’s orientation be undermined by an opinion?

            I’m not a scientist, as many of you apparently are, but research has shown that sexual response, as other autonomic responses, can be altered by classical conditioning.

            But here’s my concern about this: if one bases one’s rights on the fact that one doesn’t have a choice, this implies that those things we do voluntarily are open to persecution. So, I can be treated unjustly for my religion, but not my sexual preference? I can be discriminated against due to my diet, wardrobe, or what I check out from the library? I feel that injustice is wrong in any case: I don’t make the argument that I must be treated fairly because I don’t have a choice.

        2. Pogy, thanks for the lecture.

          The problem here isn’t one of homosexuals being intolerant – it’s that this actress feels uncomfortable calling herself bisexual, which is exactly what she is. It would be the same as if I, as a gay man, was uncomfortable calling myself gay, so instead I say I’m heterosexual…and thus heterosexuals can “change” – just like me! What heterosexual do you know that can change, Pogy? What gay person does anyone know who can “change”? WHO out there can change?? Oh, gee, that’s right – a bisexual person can change! Keeping that in mind, that’s all most of us are pissed off at – that this wacky actress is more comfortable saying gay people can change, rather than admit she is bisexual – because, in her own words, “it’s not tolerated”.

          1. Edward, what I responded to was the comment about “hijacking the gay label,” not the original Nixon comments. I really don’t care either way what Nixon says about her sexuality; she’s a celebrity, not a scientist or a sociologist. I would hate to be held accountable for everything that spouts out of my mouth. Or into it, for that matter. She was just expressing her random celebrity thoughts. I don’t know “exactly what she is.”

            My point about choice is that rights shouldn’t be based on choice: it shouldn’t matter if I am born with a particular sexual orientation, or if I choose to express my sexuality in any particular way: rights are rights, and everyone should have them. To say “We demand equal rights because we can’t help being gay,” implies that there’s something wrong with being gay, and that if we could choose our orientation, we’d choose to be hetero, but we just can’t help ourselves, so we need some kind of forgiveness or understanding for that.

          2. @Pogy

            At no point have I said rights are based on choice …

            Rights are inate and do not matter what your gender, orientation, race, religion, nationality or choices are …

            Some people seem keen to try and restrict them based on certain factors eg race and orientation (thats due to their skewed view of the world – but it causes problems for others) …

            I’m not suggesting Nixon tried to restrict rights of gay people, but I am suggesting she gave bigots and handle to grab hold of to demonise, patronise and discriminate against gay people …

            Its unfortunate that Nixon as a bisexual failed to afford the respect to gay people she states is not given to her as a bisexual …

      2. @Pogy

        Rights are not based on choices …

        Rights are ours because we a re human, not because we have a particular race, orientation, religion, sex, gender, age, ability etc etc

        Gay rights, Bisexual rights etc etc are human rights …

        No one chooses to have rights – they are inately ours … so no one can choose to give them (only to prevent someone exercising their rights or to interfere with them having rights) …

        In my view your argument linking rights to this is a red herring …

        Nixons comments about being gay as a choice gave potential for bigots to use her words (as a famous person highly publicised) to hang their bigotry on. As someone who is clearly aware of bigotry – given her expressions of her concerns about being described bisexual, then its (at best) unfortunate that she did not consider the implication of her comments on homosexuals and the impact (negatively) that this could have on them …

        Some have argued elsewhere Nixon was being homophobic …

  6. Oh Cynthia.

    She says:

    “I don’t feel the need to cede the definition of what a gay person is to the bigots. They don’t get to define who I am.”

    But also says:

    “I don’t pull out the ‘bisexual’ word because nobody likes the bisexuals. Everybody likes to dump on the bisexuals.”

    So she doesn’t want the bigots to define what a gay person is, but refuses to say she is bisexual because of the bigots.

    Confused and incoherent much.

    I think her heart is in the right place but she has expressed herself in a massively inarticulate and damaging way.

    1. Agreed.

    2. @dAVID

      I think she does genuinely want to appear to be doing the right thing …

      She didnt think it through though …

    3. She’s an actress and a celebrity because she recites lines other people have written, the woman isn’t a philosopher or a psychologist, don’t expect too much of her, she’s just saying it off the cuff how she sees it.

  7. Stupid woman, terrible actor.

    1. to you ‘rapture’ –

      Stupid comment, terrible attitude –

  8. Thing is, the bi women I know don’t allow anyone to dump on them – they are out, loud and proud and they aren’t snivelling little cravens who fret about their image, and then work to sabotage themselves. Nixon insulted both bi women and gay women with her noxious attitude.

    1. I really don’t care how she views herself but do have to ask, does she not see a connection between the lack of visible Bi people in the media and the “biphobia” we get? The more people who are out and proud, and able to talk reasonably about being bisexual, the more the bigots will start to understand. I met a gay gentleman at Pride last year (a friend of my old boss) who, upon hearing I was a bi woman, said “you mean confused?”

      Half an hour and an honest and frank discussion later and I think he finally understood that yes, I am sexually attracted to both men and women, but also that who I share my bed with or how I choose to identify myself is as little anyone’s business as who he shares his with is mine. And that if I did what he suggested and identified as “gay” because I like women, I would be lying about a large piece of my sexuality – which is exactly what we were supposed to be marching against.

      1. Oops wrong button, was meant to be a general comment not a direct reply! XD

      2. Sugar, I know exactly what you mean – I’m a bisexual man and have had that same situation many, many times. Sadly, I don’t even think ‘out’ celebrities are a solution – how often is bisexuality seen as an “attention seeking method”? How often are celebs who come out as bi attacked in the press? Far too often. Part of me doesn’t blame her for not wanting to be overly open about her sexuality, given the huge amount of negative press bi-celebs can face. Positive reactions with little to no sneering are relatively few and far between (Anna Paquin springs to mind).

        The real issue is heterosexuals (hello Brittany Spears) who make out with members of the same-sex for publicity and attention – actions like that cause far more damage to the image of genuine bisexuals than people like Cynthia. If we can get them to understand the harm they do to our collective group image, maybe they will stop and we can see a gradual improvement and decrease in biphobia.

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jan 2012, 1:30pm

    The woman isn’t too bright . If she’d taken some responsibility before opening her mouth by declaring she is bisexual, there wouldn’t be this brou-ha-ha, and she wonders why the bisexuals are on the receiving end of criticism? Her initial comment only fuels homophobia and gives ammunition to right wing religious nutters and ex-gay scammers. Shame on her. She has no idea how this can harm equality, she’s part of the problem.

  10. She is a beautiful lady and a great actress but she’s incoherent on this issue. I suspect the source of the problem is that, like lots of celebrities, she was trying to avoid ‘heat’ by refusing to state her sexuality clearly but, under close questioning, she unthinkingly applied the label to herself that she probably uses automatically among her friends.
    But the broader point remains true – wherever our sexuality comes from, and however ‘changeable’ it might be is irrelevant to legal and social equality.

  11. So this is why she thinks being gay is a choice? Because she’s afraid of being called bisexual? Seriously, folks, this woman sounds as neurotic as a slug crossing a highway in a rainstorm.

  12. she is, in effect “choosing to ACT on her sexuality”, she is not “choosing her sexual orientation”.

    her sexuality is not a “choice” as she says. regardless of whether she says it is her “opinion”. she is bisexual, she is attracted to both men and women. she CHOOSES a sex partner within the scope of her preferences.. but she does not CHOOSE her sexual orientation.

    if she is honest, she is a bisexual who is presently in a lesbian relationship. nothing more complicated than that.

    it’s either that, or she has been lying to herself and others, and was never truly attracted to the men she previously dated, and is finally choosing to live as the lesbian she really is.

    I’m certain there is “fluidity” in a woman’s sexuality. But that still doesn’t mean that women can “choose” their sexual preference. A heterosexual woman doesn’t just up and decide “hey, today I’m going to be a lesbian” without having thought about it before.

    1. And the thing with “choice” is, if I suddenly decided “hey, today, I’m straight”, I would have to truly no longer have any attraction for men.

      If Cynthia Nixon is truly “a lesbian”, then she should be able to say that she is no longer attracted to men sexually, at all. Yet all she says is that she could go back and forth.

      So in the end, women’s sexuality may be “fluid”, but Cynthia Nixon is actually full of hot air.

    2. She’s not in a “lesbian relationship,” she’s in a relationship with a woman. People are lesbians, relationships are not. When each half of a couple has a different sexual orientation, that’s called a mixed-orientation couple.

  13. she doesn’t get the respect she likes for who she is
    bisexuality is part of the person and not why she doesn’t get respect
    your sexuality doesn’t indicate what your character is like

  14. How would she know being gay is a choice if she’s not gay?

    Respect is earned not given Cynthia so shut up now, it’s getting embarassing.

  15. Bisexuality certainly can be confusing at times but is definitely not a choice. because some women’s sexuality can be more fluid and change over time this can add to the confusion. Because few people discuss bisexuality openly it feels like some people have to figure it out by themselves, which is hard.

  16. All I wish for her is to be happy and for the rest of us to get a life.

  17. It’s a shame that there is so much bigotry. She may be a bit confused, and I agree her comments are not helpful.

    But the people who cause the whole problem are the Christian right who define the debate in terms of whether being gay is a choice or not.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe it is a choice, but as the guy Harvey Fierstein says it shouldn’t even matter whether it is a choice or not for equal rights.

    I don’t choose my orientation, but they are not arguing against my feelings. They are arguing against my right to do something that hurts noone.

    It kind of pisses me off that I have to justify my actions with the “I can’t help it I was born this way” argument, when straight people do not.

    But hey … small steps to full equality against the ridiculous group of haters that is the religious right.

    Rant over…

    1. Agreed!

      It annoys me that I have to justify my orientation whereas heterosexuals generally do not have to …

      No one chooses their orientation …

  18. As Harvey Fierstein said, it’s none of our business.

    1. Shame…her mind is as disoriented as her sexual lusts

    2. After giving it some thought, I’d have to say that Harvey Fierstein doesn’t speak for gay people and he certainly doesn’t speak for me. He speaks for himself. A public figure is anyone’s business. That’s why they call it a public figure.

      1. Seems to me Harvey Fierstein is just as famous, if not more so, than Cynthia Nixon.

        He is certainly more creative.

        just saying…

        1. Yes, but we’re not debating their creativity are we? Just sayin…

          1. Creativity as an actor does not make one an authority on orientation or homophobia …

            Equally, it does not mean their voice should not be heard …

            If they do choose to make their voice heard then they should expect to be subject to scrutiny …

            Nixon is entitled to view her own orientation and sexula behaviour however she chooses – she is probably very accurate about her concerns about bigotry towards bisexual people – that does not mean anyones orientation (including her own) is a choice …

            Harvey Fierstein is entitled to voice his agreement, disagreement or support as much as he chooses – just as anyone else is …

            Their fame does not make them right or wrong …

            Their comments are what they will be held accountable for in a matter such as this

          2. I’ll grant you that, Edward. It wouldn’t be the first time that Fierston missed an opportunity to keep his mouth shut, although I am a fan of his.

            Still, it is surprising that a gay activist like Cynthia Nixon has difficulty talking about her sexual identity precisely because she is in a position to speak for gay people.

            Her comment has caused a lot of confusion, that much is obvious.

    3. The problem with Harvey Fiestein’s argument is that it was only none of our business until Ms Nixon decided to open her mouth on this topic. She started the debate.

  19. Christians put pressure on people like her and they make trouble for the gay community. One of their plans of attack, keep harassing your enemies, The Art of War and psychological warfare.

  20. Julian Vigo 28 Jan 2012, 9:47am

    She is absolutely right. We are in a post-identity world and I am really tired–dare I say bored–of the LGBT community’s need to constantly define. Even as I write LGBT it pains me. Why? These are such silly categories since we know sexuality is not a monolith–it is a continuum. Until we let go of our need to identify our sexuality and goose step with the crowd, we will never overcome a homophobia created by and for homosexuals. I have felt quite a bit of homophobia from many of the other women I have dated in my life and this is not uncommon sadly.

    I live in the world–I don’t live in the gay world.

    1. Again you can choose how you wish to describe yourself or not …

      You can choose to interact with any part of the LGBT communities or not … and you interaction on PN suggests at least some interaction …

      Of course sexuality is wide and varied …

      However, it is impossible to deny that some people are heterosexual, some people are homosexual and some people are bisexual … whether you like it or not, that is a fact …

      How those who are bisexual choose to express their sexuality may vary (as to a lesser extent may some heterosexuals and homosexuals) but in terms of orientation there are basically four forms:

      heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual … that describes all possible orientations but not all sexuality.

    2. The “silly” categories that you dismiss so readily help people form a sense of identity for themselves. The problem with labels come when they limit a person either through their own belief in themselves or other’s belief that it’s OK to discriminate against them. I would rather live in world where people have a strong sense of identity and celebrate their diversity. Like you, I don’t live in “the gay world”. But unlike you, I don’t live “the world” – today I live in “the straight world” and that’s the problem.

      1. @David

        I think I agree with all you say … not entirely sure whether you mean what I think you mean when you refer to “the straight world” vs “the world” vs “the gay world” ….

        Definitions are useful to many people … both in terms of discussing issues of orientation and issues of sexuality …

        Of course some people will feel restricted by definitions – but its less the semantics that restrict them and more the attitudes of either themselves, others or both that cause them to feel restricted …

        I am homosexual. I am comfortable in my orientation. I do like the company of gay men socially, but I also love my bi and heterosexual friends and colleagues. I would rather there was more integration of society as a whole so we all work together better.

        When I was a teenager I had a relatonship with a girl. You could call it a “straight” relationship. I knew deep down I was gay but tried to “fit in”. I never felt comfortable describing myself as straight. I didnt …

      2. … choose to be straight and then choose to be gay. I was gay throughout and chose to live a lie for a while. It was wrong to me and to the girl I was with.

        Orientation and sexuality are very different things.

        If only society could embrace and celebrate sexual diversity – life would be so much simpler and have much less stigma and bigotry.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jan 2012, 4:41pm

      So, in your non-gay world, how would gay people gain equality without revealing what their sexual orientation is? Why demand equality? Do they stay in the closet and put up with discrimination or what? If it weren’t for the fact that openly gay activists didn’t fight for our rights, people like Nixon wouldn’t be getting married in May. She’s part of the problem and irresponsible if she thinks sexual orientation is a choice. Just what right wing nutjobs and religious bigots want to hear. Homophobia isn’t created by gay people. It’s caused by closet cases,those in denial, by voting against our rights, you know the ones who want us to shut up and be silent, pretend to be straight and don’t believe in equality, but rather pretend to be straight, along with the primary instigators, the religious bigots and hypocrites using a belief system to justify discrimination. No thanks, I don’t want to live in that world of self-loathing.

      1. And YET we have heterosexuality!! Or straights as we call them! Is that not a label. Frankly I am proud to be gay/lesbian! I am proud to be homosexual! I spent and damned long time hiding away from who I was because of society and I will damn well not hide any more and I will ware my gayness with pride. If hetro’s are allowed to be who they are and tell US all about it then so will I. And so please don’t insult me with your remark of ““silly” categories”. I am very comfy with my sexuality. The fact you have such a problem with LGBT says to me you have a REAL problem with yours.

  21. I’m bisexual and I found this offensive. She might as well have said to every single bisexual person, “Hey, guess what? No one likes you, and no one will like me if I admit I’m one of you, so it’s best to just say you’re gay even when it’s not true.” I can easily see some bisexual teenager thinking to themselves, “Well, if Cynthia Nixon is a celebrity and SHE can’t find acceptance being openly bisexual, what chance in hell do I have?”

    All the best to CN, but this was a headache-inducing and potentially destructive thing to say.

    1. CN may have been caught off-guard while she was giving an empowerment speech to a gay audience.

      To say “I’ve been straight and I’ve been gay, and gay is better” may empower some gay people, but I have seldom heard it said that one sexual orientation is better than another. It is an untestable proposition.

      She obviously chose to commit to her same-sex partner, that much is clear.

  22. I don’t get “bisexuals”

    1. apparently, neither does Cynthia Nixon…

    2. Bisexuality wouldnt work for me because I am not …

      I guess bisexuals dont really get homosexuality or heterosexuality?

      I can theoretically understand how a guy can want to be with a girl (or with both a girl and a guy) but deep down I dont understand …

      I guess some bisexuals deep down dont understand how someone can not be attracted to both sexes …

      All four orientations are equally valid though …

    3. You don’t need to get them, just accept them.

  23. carrie baker 29 Jan 2012, 2:21am

    What is this woman cynthia Nixon in the news for gay people for all the time , she is just one of billions and trillions of gay people, she is a Hetersexual woman who had went thr;u some bad relationships with men, and abused, she has had same sex attractions for women like most hetersexual women, its just their make up, but most hetersexual women have already had sexual encounters with their best girlfriends in high school and experiemented, there, and lilked it, others still have feelings of attraction for men as well labeling more bisexual than hetersexual, other women, are just simply gay from birth like the other gay men no two people are exactly alike and they dont feel exaclty alike, nor are all people hetero or gay attracted to the same kinds of people wether they are gay or not or hetero or not, some like fat some like skinny, some like tall some like short, some like differerent types of people even when you are gay, you like gay people to date that are the same hobbies, and

    1. This is about Cynthia Nixon. It’s not about Male bashing!!! I’m gay and have no desire to sleep with a man. But I also have some really great male straight friends. Don’t pain ALL men with the same brush Carrie!

  24. carrie baker 29 Jan 2012, 2:28am

    The point is no bisexual can speak for the feeling of people who are all the way gay, and they cannot tell them what or how they feel, bisexuals, mess with both male and female because they are attracted to both, people that are all the way gay do not like the opposites sex than they are in a sexual way, My man friend is gay, all the way, cannot get an erection from a woman, he is not interested in them sexually at all, when undressed in front him its like he is looking mostly at your clothes he would like to try on or either wondering why girl friend , his breast have not formed like mine, or, he is telling me to just girl put some clothes on, he is not trying to see, that boobs everywhere, he dont really care about that stuff, not interested, but if a nice looking man walked by that day , my gay freind is always talking about the jeans he filled out looked nice and his muscles, and nice beard, and biceps and six pack and on an on about these men that attracts him , he is gay, not bi

  25. carrie baker 29 Jan 2012, 2:35am

    When i was in high school and college , i slept with two of my gay boyfreinds because they where my best freinds at the time , neither could get an erection , i was so suprised, they had to really tell me about them selves, i already new me, so bisexual had better start respecting the gay community and other lgbt counterparts in our community, because some of their behavoir is like the bad undesciplined hetersexual men, and they can be a nusainsanse and a detriment to other gay people who are all the way gay one way, or the other, and do not want to participate with them in their wild threesomes and foursomes, because they dont swing that way, they like only the one sex, and bisexuals need to date other bisexuals like them, or hetersexual, who mess with both, which teeter them into bisexuality as well, This woman does not speak for the rest of the gay community, she was hetersexual who found a gay fling that she lilked after men abuses, and failed relationships and she liked women

  26. carrie baker 29 Jan 2012, 2:58am

    This nation is so insane they are consumed with gay , just mind your own businesses unless you see someone trying to rape kill or murder or assault , traffick someone, if people are not bothering you leave them alone, unless they are terrorizing others, This obssession with gay by hetersesuals, is insane, i understand that hetersexuals women are in need of affection an real freindship and i can understand them wanting something sweet and tender and gently and genuine, That is why they divorce the men ,because they are abusive and beastly, cowards and beastly like to hurt and abuse women and children, but men are just jealous of the gay communities relationships and their friends and familiy, their peaceful safe families opposed to their wicked evil hetersexual toxic connections, some bisexuals men mostly play into the wild dangerous, tendacies, violent sex habbits, wild dangerous sex orgies, and abusive relationships where the women get hurt and their children, bisexuals can be wild

  27. carrie baker 29 Jan 2012, 3:04am

    You must know how to step off and stay out of the face of someone who has told you they dont want to go out with you are date you, you dont need to get into a lot of whys and details, you just need to move on like a civilized person to someone else who is more abliging and is attracted to you, so that your connections are peaceful and easy and freindly, Hetersexuals and some bisexuals like to play dangersous games of cat and mouse or cat an dog, everybody dont like to play that way, some people are more intelligent and elligant in a down to earth way, simply person, if you want to go out you address a person properly, and respectfully, and they might say yes, if not you move on, if you want to go to Jail, and be arrested, you address and approach a person the wrong way, assaulting, if you want to act like a dog, or a respectful citizen, your intentions for the encounter with the person speaks volumes about you, most good people will not have anything to do with a bad person,no maners

  28. carrie baker 29 Jan 2012, 3:11am

    Stephen said well , if you want respect from a good community, which is a loving human rights community trying to protect their families from these evil hetersexual.s you must respect their famlies no matter what part of gay you are as well, bi, trans, what ever, ;you dont cross others boundaries they have set for themselves, you find who you think is right for you and make sure they llike you back the same way, or you will be in trouble, Do you see all of these hetersexual men being arrested for stalking women they dont even know, they dont no how to step off, sychos that cannot govern nor possess their own faculties, wihich leaves them stupid , ignorant pathetic, and wicked foolish, insane, a six inch peace of flab dangling between their legs out of control lands them in jail all the time, they cannot govern their own bodies, the wicked, weak , the mean or dangerous, and some bisexuals are too, because they adapt to their ill behavior, and derespect other women and men,

  29. carrie baker 29 Jan 2012, 3:19am

    Hetersexual men and some bisexuals are out of control in our society, they screw around, and sexually assault others and are pedephiles after children , and wonder why the rest of the worlds people and gay people dont want to join them in their evil laisons, their marriages and relatioships are not real wrong foundations , noting good comes from what they do, but yet , they try and govern an direct others ans meddlers and harrassers, they are no mentors, at all there is nothing to show of them that is decent and nice and kind and loving an safe, its just the opposite, they cannot be trusted, all except a few very few, human rights people, Men have an ego problem that get them in trouble all the time , the jail is full of them, they always want the very person that does not like them back nor wants them or like thei children, people they have no business with, they messed up in the head, and demon posssesed, that bad, Merideth baxter was married five or more times before she found hers

  30. carrie baker 29 Jan 2012, 3:34am

    Halle berry;s stalker was just arrested and several others, all hertersexual sick twisted and dangerous men, now you tell men who is dumb enough to go around wanting them anyway, There are many hetersexual women that dont want alot of the hetersexual men why the hell would a gay person want them when they are not attracted to them, in their sick and peutred heads, they seem to play dumb, and think well all women can like us if they want, and be atttracted to us if they want , that a lie, if all wwomen where attracted to them, then most of the gay women would be with them like the heterso community, out looking for a good one, I tell you for a fact i dont like dick and dont want to look at one, i bye lady magazines with boobs, because i am all gay, you dont see any men catalogs hanging out here with beards and dicks hanging out of pages, some of these dumb men ought to get that much down, now how much dumber do you have to be, to no what a person likes what the hell tu;rns them on

    1. Have a downer on all things male?, …. it seems so …

  31. And we transgender get even less respect.

    1. Dominick J. 29 Jan 2012, 9:43pm

      I agree with you. Isn’t there some way you can keep your transgending to only a few if any at all and when you meet some one you really like and vise/versa then come out and tell them?

    2. That’s very true Felipe. You have my up most respect. TO be who you want to be takes courage. And I cannot help but respect anyone who can stand who and take such a massive step towards that.

  32. Dominick J. 29 Jan 2012, 9:40pm

    To be Bi-Sexual does give that person a choice. So you can go from one bed to another. I’ve know Bi-sexual men AND women who maintained good relationship with the same sex BUT when that relationship ended he went out looking for the opposite BUT being a full out Gay Man or Lesbian–you don’t have a choice YOU just are.

  33. Guess it doesn’t matter. Her career is now over.

  34. Bisexual?! Is she? Well!!! I can’t believe it! You’d have NEVER guessed!

    You want respect lady then start respecting those in your own community and stop speaking rubbish.

    I’m gay and my sister is bisexual and I have absolute respect for her and all bisexuals. I am who I am and they are who they are!

    But right now Ms Nixon I little respect for you…and that’s YOU not your sexuality!!!!

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