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Video: Youtube pulls ‘non family safe’ gay music ad

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Reader comments

  1. What’s not family safe about that?

  2. Typical. You can have a scantily clad woman in an embrace with a scantily clad man in so many areas of advertising but the same when it is two men is ‘adult’. It’s pure discrimination and there’s no other way to word it.

  3. i don’t see them pulling videos of hetero or even girl on girl doing the same thing. DISCRIMINATION plain and simple

    1. Couldn’t agree more!!!

    2. Interesting how they’ve left all the Madonna videos on the site….

  4. I’ve seen Lynx Adverts pop up before videos which have almost completely nude women running around :S

    1. Don’t you remember the one on TV where it was a nude guy prancing around his home? That was ok..apparently!

  5. I dont think its non family safe. Its just a crap ad

    1. artistic merit of the video was not a reason as to why YouTube pull the plug

      1. No, but even so, kane, you have to admit it IS crap! :o)

        1. I like the ad, there’s loads of wore ads like go compare etc.
          I don’t see what is so bad apart from the two guys hugging which would upset all those homophobes that are about,

  6. File Discrimination Lawsuit against Youtube.. that will change their minds about being slaves to the conservatives almighty dollar real quick!

    1. Do you have the money to take on Google… ?

  7. A very warm welcome to free advertising on our behalf. Lovely song thou.

  8. By the way, how come you can’t complain to youtube? they don’t have anywhere to email in complaints or anything :S

  9. Why do they say ‘not family safe’ when they patently mean ‘not safe for children?’ (and I don’t think the video fits that definition either).
    Families don’t just contain people under puberty. Lots of families don’t have any.

  10. Art Pearson 26 Jan 2012, 3:46pm

    And how many pictures of bare breasted women do we see on youtube? I’ll bet they don’t pull tose ads eh.

    1. Not to mention the ones where some over-inflated woman is jiggling her arse directly into the camera whilst grinding her hips!! :o(

      1. Agreed and I’m a lesbian! Can’t have one rule for one and not for the other!!!

  11. So it’s ok to allow clips etc from TV shows where there is sex. Or musical videos by such artists like Beyonce, or Lady Gaga that has them prancing around in next to nothing (not that I am complaining about Beyonce in next to nothing..just making a point! lol)

    This is blatant discrimination!!!

  12. The first Perfume Genius album is brilliant! I can’t wait until the next comes out in Feb!

  13. When youtube stops thrusting large breasts on women being smooched by men in my face, then they will have a point. Until then, it’s another homophobic double-standard. Stop putting heterosexual imagery in my face or leave the gay imagery online. Strike them both, or strike neither of them.

  14. Christians forcing their views on the public again. When ever you see anything gay stopped by anybody you know it is the Christians behind it stopping it for some homophobic reason or the other. It is time to stop them from forcing themselves on a public that does not want them in their life. Stop the Christian bullies before they stop you.

    1. They are struggling and losing against secularism and reason in the developed world. LGBT is seen as an easier target for them.

    2. Christians forcing their views on the public again? What about homosexuals forcing their views, behaviour and bullying on to the public about being accepted, or is that allowed? One rule for one…

      1. Go and feed yourself to the lions immediately.

      2. Dr Robin Guthrie 27 Jan 2012, 9:52am

        Those pesky homosexuals demanding equality and the right not to be denigrated by bl@@dy christians.

        Terrible, isn’t it….


  15. if we find a link to download it why don’t we all try to upload it to youtube, they can’t find and stop us all ;)

  16. Totally agree – no reason it’s not “family safe” whatever that means.

    But I don’t even understand why it was pulled at all. I’ve seen more explicit vids of topless men kissing etc on youtube…

  17. Good look in taking on Google who own You Tube so I doubt anyone would be able to afford a Discrimination Lawsuit against them.

  18. GingerlyColors 27 Jan 2012, 6:34am

    I find the advert to be far more ‘family friendly’ and a pleasure to watch than some of the stuff that have been uploaded to YouTube and some of which has been shown on Rude Tube. If YouTube takes down all the videos portraying human rights abuses, executions, torture, the list goes on, then they will free up terrabytes of disc space.

  19. Can someone post a link to an equivalent hetero ad on YouTube? I think we need proof that this was discrimination.

  20. YouTube shame on you for discriminating.

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