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Jail for fake Louis Walsh sex assault claims

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Reader comments

  1. Keith Sitges 26 Jan 2012, 12:16pm

    Rarely do we see justice, but in this case this sentence is appropriate. Anyone male or female who makes a false accusation needs to be punished properly.

  2. Justice is served.

    But of course this story would not have happened if Louis Walsh was out of the closet.

    The entire world knows Louis Walsh is gay – and he is a regular sight in the gay bars of Dublin surrounded by young gay guys dreaming of being the next Mark Feehily (obviously no-one is dreaming of being the next Stephen Gately). Yet for some reason Louis Walsh point blank refuses to publicly acknowledge the fact that he is gay.

    Everyone in Ireland (gay and straight) laughs at his steadfast refusal to come out, even though the entire world knows he is gay.

    This criminal in this case must have thought ‘Oh that closet case will pay be money if I make these allegations as he is so closeted he will want to pay to make this disappear).

    He clearly deserves his sentence.

    And Walsh is clearly, completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

    But his mule-like refusal to come out facilitated this horrible experience.

    1. He should be under no pressure to talk about his sexuality.
      Why are you expecting or wanting him to?

      1. Why are you using a homophobic double standard?

        Straight celebrities love lives are fair game for the press.

        But gay celebrities should be allowed special protections?


        Equality means equal treatment – and that includes negative elements including press intrusion.

        Beyonce and her husband JayZ tried super hard to keep their relationship quiet, yet the press thought they were fair game, to sell a few papers.

        It may not be nice, but if that’s how straight people get treated then it’s only fair to treat gay people the same way.

      2. de Villiers 26 Jan 2012, 10:26pm

        The equality should be that of privacy for all individuals. There is no public interest in the newspapers being able to intrude into people’s private activities. The newspaper industry in England is shocking – watching and reading about the Leveson inquiry has been frightening.

  3. Dan Filson 26 Jan 2012, 2:09pm

    If everyone knows (and they do), what is to be gained by him coming out?

    1. It would make Louis Walsh less ridiculous (although perhaps not) and cowardly,

      His steadfast refusal to come out of the closet even though the world knows he is gay, sends out a message that there is something dirty and wrong about his homosexuality.

      1. Has he ever denied in public that he’s gay, or has he just failed to place an ad in the press to that effect?…(In which case quite a few of us are closeted by this definition). Someone who is ‘a regular sight in the gay bars of Dublin surrounded by young gay guys’ doesn’t sound as though he’s ‘closeted’, especially when he’s prepared to go to court to defend himself against accusations that allegedly took place in a gay club which would bound to become public…That doesn’t sound like either closeted or cowardly behaviour to me….

  4. Funny but this is how Christian are using their black propaganda to make gay look bad by saying they do bad things which are not true. It is a psychological warfare tool used by the CIA and other secret service to destroy their enemies with out shooting them. Just make your enemies look bad or turn them against each other like turn the gays against another groups so they fight all the while the Christians are laughing at them knowing that they started the fight to weaken both the gays and the other groups. The Art of War teaches this and Christians are using it to destroy LGBT people around the world.

  5. GingerlyColors 27 Jan 2012, 6:21am

    Louis Walsh is pretty good looking for his age and money is no problem for him having successful acts such as Boyzone and Westlife under his belt. Therefore why is he still unmarried at 58 years old? Maybe there is more to Louis Walsh than what he is prepared to let out.

  6. he loves them twink boys the old poof

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