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Council: No decision made on strip night gay pub

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Reader comments

  1. Dare I say it – would this be anything to do with the area being in a highly populated area of Muslims?

    There have been issue documented with various groups opposed to various billboard posters.

    Its a shame the council were not so eager to review their policies in tackling the hate campaign which is still happening in the area towards gay men

    1. Certainly will have been in the mixing pot of considerations, one would guess …

      1. I think the original plan for the whole consultation is coming from a female councillor whom I believe is Muslim.

  2. Keith Farrell 26 Jan 2012, 4:06pm

    shame that some people make remarks likeBrown finger does, I might be gay but I am not deviant to be that I might have to change to your religion, but I am not so stupid as to want to change to something that is pure evil, a religion that treats other people like scum, does not give their woman any rights and thinks it is OK to kill people because of who they are, not to mention that this religion feels it is right to turn any christian into a slave. Maybe its time you took a real look at your religion and worked out if your religion is for good or evil you pissy prigg (note if you can call me debased deviant scum, I can call you a prissy prigg with no balls)

    1. Has the report button disappeared – I wouldn’t ever report a post just because I disagree with it or it uses strong language but have no hesitation in using it for posts like Brown Finger which are deranged and abusive (not to mention trolling)

      1. I raised this with PN the other day. The point out that although the report button has disappeared they do welcome reports by email and this is mentioned on the right side of the comment windows.

        I must admit I am disappointed at the lack of communication to readers and PN supporters of changes in the system. I would have expected a reputable publication to have valued their readers by explaining the reasons for change either before or when it happened and not risked concerns about it.

        It seemed to me that PN were reluctant to have matters reported – they assure me this is not the case ….

        1. It seems at variance with other social media and blogs where the report button is seen as a commitment to protect the user base from unwanted abuse and trolling. Very poor decision and communication.

          Now I can see the email mention in the small print in grey – if I was cynical I might think it was made as invisible as they could get away with.

        2. Pink News is about the money. If they can show a lot of traffic they get paid for the google ads.

          They have nothing but comtempt for us and allow some of the most dreadful comments that would not be tolerated even on tiny self run forums.

          I can only suggets that we look elswhere for our news and comments

  3. carrie baker 26 Jan 2012, 11:44pm

    The Strip clubs that has the abuses and dangers in them are hetersexual strip joints, in our city alone they have had to shoot down and kill men who where fathers and husbands because they went into the hetersexual strip joints and started spending all of their time their instead of going home to his wife and kids, these men started stalking the women in the night club after they would get off, these men became upsest with these women they did not no , but just seen dancing, and made the womens life a living hell, they would break out into violent fights in the hetersexual strip clubs over a woman on stage that did not no any of the men and did not want any of those men, and many had either husbands or boyfriends out side of the club, the married men had to be shot because th;ey tried to pull the woman down off of the stage out of anger pretending in their warped mind that this woman who really was a stranger to them was their girlfriend and the men where already married but sycho

  4. carrie baker 26 Jan 2012, 11:50pm

    The gay establishments and gay attorneys and judges and the aclu has to get down and sue and arrest people everywhere, for hate crimes and discriminations, if you have a dangerous establishment that kills ;and murders , and rapes happen at , then it needs to be shut down, but the only establisshments like that are hetersexual establishments, they are the ones who kill in their hetersexual bars and put drugs in womens drinks and rape them, and they are the bars that break out every day in fights that lead to murder, the women in the hetersexual bars are i danger everyday they are their one woman said she woke up in a truck across town and had been druged in the bar and gang rapped and had to be taken to intensive care, it happens all the time in hetersexual bars even here where i am three people just got murdered in a heterosexual bar right down the highway from us, one of the guys i went to school with . So the Europe , london human rights, against discrimination and lgbt attorneys act

  5. SEX POLICE in action. I remember the White swan. been going for years. Funny now that the council wants to target the venue. Homophobia rules with some councils.

    One rule for them and one for us.

  6. Tower Hamlets= probably the only place where the most open-minded people are Tories.

  7. Of course a gay pub should be shut down for nudity; not like staight ones are allowed !

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