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‘Bully’ Bloom slammed for gay funding question

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Reader comments

  1. Keith Farrell 26 Jan 2012, 1:28pm

    seems this idiot is living up to his name, and you know what happens, give him a little of his own punisment and see how he runs to his boyfriend or his mommy. he his not worth our time to let us shun him

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jan 2012, 1:37pm

    Is he a Tory too?

    1. Christine Beckett 26 Jan 2012, 1:39pm


      1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Jan 2012, 2:11pm

        Thankfully, these people of his ilk are in a small minority. I wouldn’t mind betting there are some ugly skeletons lurking in his dark closet.

  3. Christine Beckett 26 Jan 2012, 1:38pm

    An open xenophobe and bigot.

    Doesn’t reflect well on the people who voted him in, does it?


    1. nikki sinclaire is a ukip mep, was she blind before she joined this bunch of sclerotic ‘one issue’ dinosaurs. btw ukip is very popular in essex , which explains a lot

      1. You speak as though you know her? You obviously don’t.

        And your view of UKIP is too foolishly stereotyped for serious comment. Who’s paying you, the Tories?

    2. Proof of your claims? Or is this just because you disagree with him?

      May I ask why he shouldn’t ask why such things are being funded in times where people are living below the poverty line en mass?

      1. kitty try to use search engines for the proof. there are lots of gay people in europe who live below poverty line thanks to widespread homophobia not only in societies but in public/government institutions. organisations like ILGA try to expose those instances of injustice and inequality that prevent gay people from having normal lives. if he cared enough to educate himself about the issue, than maybe he wouldn’t have to waste the parliament’s time that could could have been spent better by addressing the real issues that deal with poverty

  4. Another bloody idiot embarrassing the UK… all we need!

  5. Father Ted 26 Jan 2012, 2:41pm

    Maybe we should start taking the European elections more seriously.

    1. NudeDancer 26 Jan 2012, 2:47pm

      Unfortunately, as a politician, “represent us” is EXACTLY what he does…

  6. So it seems that when an individual questions where taxpayer cash is going, people who preach equality ‘condemn’ him.
    I know that these same people who are all about equality, apart from when they disagree with something, then it’s probably racism, homophobia, xenophobia etc. There is a better way to spend this money given the financial trouble Europe is in, stating that doesn’t make someone a bad person.

    1. Helen Wilson 26 Jan 2012, 4:04pm

      A wast of money is UKIP MEPs claiming millions to attend a parliament they oppose and refuse to work with in any constructive way.

      If UKIP had any concern about saving taxpayers money they would get off the gravy train and stay home.

  7. Ikenna David. 26 Jan 2012, 3:58pm

    Obviously gays don’t pay tax? Simply homophobic… He’s just angry gays are cared for and funded… Tax payers money indeed….

  8. Helen Wilson 26 Jan 2012, 4:34pm

    The Observer, Sunday 24 May 2009

    During a debate about Europe at the Foreign Press Association – which was discreetly taped by the hosts – Farage was asked by former Europe minister Denis MacShane what he had received in non-salary expenses and allowances since becoming an MEP in 1999.

    “It is a vast sum,” Farage said. “I don’t know what the total amount is but – oh lor – it must be pushing £2 million.” Taken aback, MacShane then joked: “Is it too late to become an MEP?”

    Farage insisted that he had not “pocketed” the money but had used the “very large sum of European taxpayers’ money” to help promote Ukip’s message that the UK should get out of the EU.

    When asked later by the Observer to justify how he could claim so much while running a campaign attacking Westminster MPs for their extravagance, Farage was unapologetic, saying that, while MEPs were “very expensive”, he was entirely happy that the money had been used for the best of causes.”

    1. Helen Wilson 26 Jan 2012, 4:36pm

      Its UKIP who are sucking the EU dry

      1. GingerlyColors 27 Jan 2012, 6:41am

        Sorry but I think that it is the EU that is sucking the UK dry. The latest: why should we lend £65billion to Italy (which I doubt will get repaid) when the Italians have failed to collect £100billion due to them from their own taxpayers.

  9. Peter & Michael 26 Jan 2012, 4:56pm

    This is shameful of Godfrey Bloom, we all pay our taxes, etc and he should understand that the Gay Community should have a voice in the EU Parliament,. We are citizens of Europe too, and he should be standing up for those in Europe whom are still fighting for recognition of their Gay Rights too. Gay Rights are Human Rights, he seems to be a loose cannon in UKIP and Farage should reprimand him for his ‘homophobic’ comments.

  10. Alexander Yarr 26 Jan 2012, 7:51pm

    I agree with UKIP on some issues, but there’s no way I’d vote for them due to the way they treat the LGBT community. Nikki Sinclair had to leave the Party because they made her sit next to a load of Italian MEPs who were extreme homophobes. She protested, but UKIP still refused to move to a different group in the European Parliament.

  11. These clowns don’t realise that the only thing they have going for them is their anti EU stance. They probably believe that their opinion on other issues is respected, rather than a risible resurrection of the 1950s. Being outdated one trick ponies has always let them down and it looks as if they are happy with that?

    1. Rashid Karapiet 27 Jan 2012, 10:03am

      £2 million happy (cf.Nigel Farage replying to Denis McShane) – why wouldn’t they be – dishonesty is their self-confessed defining characteristic. What does that say about the people who vote them in…

  12. Love Godfrey Bloom, I’m def voting UKIP again.

    Free speaking Melanie Philips is on Question Time tonight, love her

  13. carrie baker 27 Jan 2012, 12:06am

    Europes human rights lgbt task force, must keep taken actions and reprimanding and firing, hate groups and people who keep interferring and harrassing the lgbt famiiles and their communities and charites, they are none of their business, the lgbt communtiy is suppose to protect in everyway they families, see to it that their chariites, and children and eldrely are alright and taken care of and not miss treated , they are to be reaching out ant helping in all areas in need in thier lgbt communites to help esnure they are alright that what they are suppose to do to help each other and their families, and commuities, the hetersexual nosy bigots, are to consummed and obssesed with our nations, lgbt people private lives, when they themselves have to be under amber alert everyday for their monsterous lives of abuses , murders and rapes of women and children wife beater,s and by the way, The san fransico sherriff, that physically assaulted and terrorized his wife must be removed, not asked

  14. carrie baker 27 Jan 2012, 12:13am

    And what the hell is wrong with the north carolina mayor bev perdue, is she a bigot or a human rights person, If she is a human rights person and belives in equality and womens rights, She needs to stay in her office and help the rest of the state progress in it, she needs to go after the bigots who arrested those old women for tryig to get a marriage license, and should have been , taken those people down that should have been courtious and trying to help them get their papers, their old people that should not have had to wait in line, the courteous thing for the registrers to have done was to help aid them out of courtesy like any public office should, what they did was wrong the old ladies commited no crime and wrong, The same as Rosa Parks who was arrested , her rights where being violated by bigots and racist, and acting out of hate and malice and was wrong, this is the same type of case, and civil rights leaders must do something about the old people case in north caolina,

  15. carrie baker 27 Jan 2012, 12:19am

    You Goddam women you must have backbone and spine an stop wimping out , womens rights, senior citixzens veterans, the economy , family programs national security, need you to be sober and forthright against abuses of these areas, and the lgbt commiuntiy and minority, abuses, wake the hell up get on your post and stay their and fight and change this goddam nation back into a civillized nations for everyone and the chidlren and grandchildren , Bev Perdue, if she is not a bigot, get the hell up and fix the abuses in the state of north carolina, that what your are elected into office to do woman, help the homlesness an abused and ailing econmomy and security measures, famlilies, Stop wimping out, what the hell is wrong with you, if she is a bigot then she needs to be removed, otherwise, Which the hell is it, Get in and act for lives, if you human rights , or get the hell out if you are a bigot and dont give a damn

    1. Tony Lambert 27 Jan 2012, 9:59am

      “You Goddam women you must have backbone and spine an stop wimping out ”

      Well, you goddam basket cases you must have backbone and spine an stop typing this illiterate nonsense on every gay site & threat you come across.

      You are an annoying bloody freak, Carrie Baker.

  16. GingerlyColors 27 Jan 2012, 6:38am

    The UK Independence Party can do without Bloom-ing homophobes. And that goes for the likes of Frank Moloney as well. (Boxing promotor and former London Mayoral candidate who wanted to ban London Gay Pride)

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