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Simon Hughes: A privilege to be Peter Tatchell’s MP

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Reader comments

  1. David Baker 25 Jan 2012, 12:10pm

    What a nerve Hughes has for daring to publish this. If it wasn’t for his disgusting smear campaign against Tatchell, Peter may have been an MP and have made even more of a difference in his campaigning.

    Hughes is a disgusting hypocrite.

    1. He’s just your typical lib dem

  2. I do wonder whether Peter might have a different view to you on this, David …

    Maybe Peter has moved on from the issues in the election? This could be (in part) evidenced by Peter working with Simon Hughes on some issues (locally and globally), Peters clear media statements in 2006 that he forgives Hughes and Hughes campaigning against the unfair treatment of Peter in Russia.

    1. Remember your election slogan in 1983, Simon? Let me remind you: “I’ll be buggered if I vote Labour”.

      1. It seems Peter doesnt hold a grudge Rottweil – he made a public statement forgiving Hughes for the election shenanigans and has worked with him since ..

      2. de Villiers 25 Jan 2012, 2:21pm

        That was 28 years ago. 28 years. How many times have your views changed with the benefit of 28 years?

  3. wow people still hold a grudge even after realising he was wrong all those years ago…my word, why so bitter?

    he not only realised his wrongs but has come to terms with his own bisexuality. good for him. this should be hailed as progress, not an excuse to shout abuse at something that happened 20 years ago…

    thank you Simon Hughes for your comment.

    1. Has he apologised?

      1. Peter has forgiven him …

        1. Fair enough. Good for Peter.

          I still think that SImon Hughes is hypocritical scum for his behaviour though.

          Then again Simon Hughes is a poltician and therefore he is more likely to be the type of person who would shove his granny under the train if he thought it would benefit himself.

        2. So he has not spologised. Then he is not sorry

  4. Peter Tatchell has forgiven Simon HUghes for his appalling behaviour in the Bermondsey by-election in 1983 election.

    Which is big of him.

    But the rest of us should not forget that SImon Hughes behaved in the most appalling and despicable manner in 1983 – he activelly encourages the homophobic smear campaign against Tatchell even though he himself at the time was a repellent closet case.

    1. de Villiers 25 Jan 2012, 2:22pm

      Fire and brimstone. Preacher man.

  5. That hughes is a hypocrite and liar is beyond doubt. Whether Tatchell has “forgiven” him or he has apologised is irrelevant. What he did back then is disgusting and should never be airbrushed away as some seem to want to.

    1. Thankfully, Peter is more honourable than that … forgives and has worked with Hughes …

      I don’t think anyone would argue that the activities of Hughes in 1983 were very much wrong, and Hughes has accepted that and apologised …

      I am sure many of us have made decisions we regret and those we have wronged have forgiven us and moved on without rancour.

      Shame that the two main parties in this seem to be over the events of 1983 but observers choose to hold and feed a grudge …

    2. It’s not been airbrushed away, the whole sorry incident is on his Wikipedia. Nothing gets deleted from the internet.

      1. You are quite right history will always be recorded …

        Some people are able to forgive and/or apologise and move on …

        Harbouring a grudge does not benefit the person holding it, the person or people whom it is against or society in general … (particularly when the two main parties to the wrong doing have moved on)

  6. I totally agree with David Baker and dAVID. I find it disgusting that Simon Hughes can say it’s been a privilege to be Tatchell’s MP, when Tatchell would have been his MP if it weren’t for Hughes’ homophobic campaign against him while he himself was so thoroughly in the closet. Tatchell is a generous man and says he’s forgiven him, but those of us who were out and gay in the early 80s don’t, and think his present statement is unacceptable.

    1. So you don’t like todays statement

      Do you like his apology in 2006?

      Do you welcome Peter working with him on some issues?

      Do you welcome his voting record on LGBT issues?

      If the two main people involved in the electoral issues – Hughes and Tatchell have apologised and accepted the apology, to the extent they work together on some issues … why should anyone else retain a venomous grudge … what is gained by it?

      1. And, indeed, as bedlamb hasn’t forgiven Hughes for fighting the byelection from inside the closet – has bedlamb forgiven Tatchell for doing exactly the same thing?

        1983 was a very different country…

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