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Nick Clegg: Peter Tatchell, never bullied into silence

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  1. Dear Mr Clegg

    Please explain why the consultation on marriage equality has been postponed repeatedlly and is not now due to begin to start until March.

    Please explain why there is a need for a ‘consultation’ on equality – my civil right to get married is not dependent on anyone else’s opinion.

    Please give a valid reason why 2015 is the date that has been given for marriage equality. That is a 3 year delay. What are the LibDems going to do to achieve it THIS year.

  2. Oh dear what did Peter Tatchell do to deserve this?

    Nick Clegg: being nice about gay people will not prevent you from being despised and hated. Kindly go away.

    1. Nick Clegg had better explain how his party is going to ensure that Britain has marriage equality by 2012, as there is no justifiable reason on earth to wait until 2015 for it (here’s a hint why Callmedave wants equality by 2015 – it leaves it till the very last moment so that he can shed his snakeskin and plead ‘Oh we ran out of time’.)

      What are the LibDems doing to ensure that by December 31st 2012, same sex couples in Britain can get married

      (Oh and Mr Clegg – if you are taking advice on this issue from Stonewall then I suggest you find an alternative, more representative LGBT group to advise you – Stonewall ONLY represents its financial donors – it does not represent our community).

      1. Don’t you ever get tired of slating Stonewall. This story isn’t even about them yet there you go.

        1. I am not slating Stonewall. I am merely stating facts – Stonewall readily admits that it does not represent the LGBT community.

          But politicians are under the delusion that they are.

          I am merely pointing out that Stonewall represents their financial donors and that a politician who seeks the advice of Stonewall should be aware of how massively compromised Stonewall’s integrity has been damaged by the continued leadership of Ben Summerskill.

          How you can regard this as bashing is a mystery to me.

  3. Jack Holroyde 25 Jan 2012, 9:34am

    Dear Nick,
    The Tories are apparantly ‘going to war’ over gay marriage.
    When can I get my horse and broadsword and cleave the skulls of my enemies?
    When can I expect to hear the Tories banning Britney Spears in line with their policy of supporting the institution of marriage?

  4. Nice to know you can recognise when someone stands up for there morals, if you fancy doing it anytime soon let us know would you.

  5. Dear Mr Clegg – in light of Tory MP David Burrowes opposition to marriage equality, would you advise Callmedave to sack Burrowes, thereby freeing him up to join his spiritual home – the BNP?

  6. de Villiers 25 Jan 2012, 10:14am

    A politician makes a positive comment towards Peter Tatchell and the usual suspects start complaining.

    1. Ha its Nick Clegg, I didn’t think Camerons lapdog counted as a political career.

    2. – Lol thought this was fitting haha

    3. Clegg is engaging in meaningless PR bulls*** though. Trying to score some PR points.

      Only an idiot wouldn’t be able to see that

      1. de Villiers 25 Jan 2012, 2:18pm

        Of course.

  7. If the Tories are concerned about protecting marriage then all MPs who have been divorced should be sacked immediately.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Jan 2012, 12:44pm

    As a matter of common courtesy, I do think we deserve an explanation as to why the consultation was postponed? What could possibly be the reason I wonder? Why is it Scotland’s began long before ours and wasn’t postponed? In my day, there was an old addage, e.g. manners maketh man. Clearly lacking on the part of the government and while I’m at it, no response by Stonewall as to why, assuming they are representing us throughout the consultation?.

  9. Sometimes I look at the gay community and wonder if there is any pleasing them. although being part of the LGBT community myself I cant help but sometimes feel completely detatched. The Lib Dems are the only mainstream party with Marriage equality as an official policy yet all you see is anti-clegg rhetoric. The rebels in the tories are expected and relatively few in number, with this, marriage equality is most likely going to succeed. most tories will be whipped to vote in favour, the lib dems shall as default and many labour backers will also vote in favour.

    The Lib Dems have moved on from the 80’s, now being one of the most progressive when it comes to LGBT rights. cut him some slack on these issues, if you wanna go mad at him about the economy, then do it on another website, this is about gay rights and that should be our main focus considering the nature of the site.

    rant over -_-

    1. I’ll be pleased when I am equal under the eyes of the law.

      I couldn’t give a s*** whether marriage equality is official LibDem party policy or not.

      I do give a s*** however that the Law and Justice Tory party seem to think that 2015 is an acceptable date for equality and that the LibDems in their characteristic sheeplike manner don’t seem to be able to translate their party policy into tangible legal equality by December 2012.

      Make no mistake – if the Tories are the only party in power after the next election then there is no way on earth we will achieve equality. The grassroots support of the Tory Party is comprised in large parts by BNP -style religious extremists like David Burrowes; Philippa Stroud; Chris Grayling; Iain Duncan Smith and other horrors.

      That’s why we need marriage equality now – and I for 1 see absolutely no reason to wait until 2015.

      What’s wrong with 2012 Mr Clegg?

    2. No we are not merely happy with empty promises, when marriage equality was first proposed I welcomed the news, but since then I have seen nothing but reassurance that it will happen eventually… thats not really good enough and what with the Lib Dems dropping almost all of there previous promises excuse me if I am a bit cynical about this one.

    3. I think they lost any authority to speak on the issue when they became a subsection of the most anti-LGBT party in the UK. Something being in the Lib Dems’ list of policies is pretty much a promise that they’re not going to do it.

      1. Oh yes Owen, the Tories who legalised sex between men in Scotland and in Northern Ireland are *so* much worse on LGBT rights than the BNP and UKIP.

        Ya numpty.

  10. Is Clegg the one who makes promises that he doesn’t keep? And who has been bullied by Cameron into silencing the lib dems agenda? It’s a shame he’s not more like Peter Tatchell, he might have made a good leader of the lib dems.

  11. Nick Clegg is the DEPUTY Prime Minister, not the PM. His party is the junior partner in the coaltion. There is no way he could ever keep all of his manifesto promises in those circumstances–the manifesto is written to tell us what would hypothetically happen if the party became the sole party in government. That didn’t happen because so many people were disillusioned with Labour and voted Tory. His hands are tied. I do not despite Nick Clegg, I think he is one of the most articulate and honest politicians out there–but you have to listen to what he says, not the Lib Dem bashing in the papers and online. No other party leader is as outspoken in favour of gay rights…the Lib Dems have long been supporters of marriage equality…But they can’t simply impose that on the government or the country, however much we wish they could.
    Please can we just welcome one of the leaders of the country speaking out, on a queer website, in favour of LGBTQ rights?

    1. We should be so lucky Becca – plenty of people here would rather invent their own version of the world than see positive change in the one the rest of us have to live in.

  12. Given that it was the Liberal Party (as it was then called) which ran a viciously homophobic campaign against Peter Tatchell when he stood as the Labour Party candidate in the infamous Bermondsey by-election in the early 1980s, leading to his massive defeat and (some might say ironically) to the election of Simon Hughes as the constituency MP, doesn’t decency demand that the Lib Dems issue an apology to Mr Tatchell for their shameful past treatment of him? Without a genuine apology, it is sadly rather easy to take the cynical view that Nick Clegg’s tribute is no more than an attempt to gather support for his party in the LGBT community.

    1. Oh, Nick! Do read up on what really happened in Bermondsey where the closeted Peter Tatchell was disowned by the Socialists… and then catch up with nearly 30 years of further history where the Liberals have been a mile ahead of the Reds and Blues on LGBT.

      Failing that, be consistent in your timewarp and tell us what you think of Labour’s belief that we should only be allowed one design of telephone cos rival telecoms firms would be so bad for us… and be sure you post it from your super-duper commodore VIC-20.

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