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Catholic priest wins ‘gay panic defence’ fight

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Reader comments

  1. Thank You Father Kelly

    Thank You Queensland

    1. Martin Lawrence 25 Jan 2012, 7:58pm

      I echo that, Stu. Good to see also that is seems that Fr Kelly knows his onions on the law, and isn’t going to be fobbed off lightly in this matter.

    2. wow – he must be very brave. Given the catholic church is going utterly mad about gay marriage.

      Of course its the hierarchy that hid the molestation who are now crazy as they fight the battle of the bulge against gay marriage . Which they will lose for sure if we all do everything we can.

      BTW Father – if you get excommed, I’m sure the USA episcopal church will take you in. Someday you might even become a bishop.

  2. I must remember to send him a bottle at Christmas!

  3. jamestoronto 26 Jan 2012, 4:12am

    Good news. The “gay panic” defence is a crock right up there with the “twinkie defence.

  4. Progress.

    Otherwise I could kill someone else, eg a minority, and claim that i was afraid he would harm me – and go free or with a reduced sentence.

    All kinds of terrible possibilities if this kind of “panic defense” is allowed.

  5. the next story you will read is….he has been summoned to Rome to see his boss and then defrocked…quicker than any Peodophile priest will ever be…you watch and see….all the best Fr Kelly

    1. @ John –

      You are probably right, and I’m guessing you’re familiar with Australia’s Cardinal Pell, a man after ben16’s heart.

    2. How did i miss that one – they wont summon him to rome, they will just kick him out.

      I am anything but catholci, but every now and then, I send the church a demand I be excommed. Usually with statements like ” the pope and all the cardinals should be fed to the fire ants of Africa. Tens of millions who will on the move devour anything in their paths.

  6. Robin Evans 26 Jan 2012, 11:14pm

    Thank You Father Paul – Thank you QL Gov…

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