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Zulu king’s alleged anti-gay comment to be investigated

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Reader comments

  1. This is the good thing about South Africa, people can’t get away with making inflammatory or hate speech.

    1. Father Ted 25 Jan 2012, 1:17am

      But some do get away with “corrective” rape of lesbians.

  2. Great to hear there will be an independent investigation and that it has identified that if the reporting is correct that the comments are hate inspired …

  3. All anti gay comments need to be investigated and the investigators need to look at the crimes that the people who make these comments have committed. They will most likely find hate crimes by these people and even dead bodies as a result of these people who say anti gay comments. In some cases the person who makes the anti gay comment is in fact gay themselves and trying to cover their own gay actions with others. There have been many like this over the years like Ted Haggard a popular Christian preacher with a large following and a family who was found to be having gay sex with men after he preached against gays and even advised President Bush on these matters. Always investigate these people and you will find what they are hiding in their closet and expose them so they no longer pose a threat to the LGBT people who want Equal and Civil rights.

    1. The King isnt a Christian …

      How does your views impact on this?

      1. Father Ted 25 Jan 2012, 1:23am

        From Wiki: “Most Zulu people state their beliefs to be Christian. Some of the most common churches to which they belong are African Initiated Churches, especially the Zion Christian Church and United African Apostolic Church, although membership of major European Churches, such as the Dutch Reformed, Anglican and Catholic Churches is also common. Nevertheless, many Zulus retain their traditional pre-Christian belief system of ancestor worship in parallel with their Christianity.”

        1. From Pan African News:

          “The Zulu king is a strong follower of African animist religion and not a Christian …”

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Jan 2012, 11:06am

    It is likely that the king is much better educated in African heritage than many other Africans, so will be more aware of Africans’ tolerance and acceptance of gay people before the intervention of missionaries preaching bigotry, hate and intolerance.

    Before jumping in with both feet to condemn the guy, I’m going to wait until the evidence unfolds a bit more.

    In any event, the ‘corrected’ version is getting well publicised, so its there for all to see that the Zulu king promoting more compassion and understanding.

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