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Malta: Lesbian attack prompts call for hate crime law

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Reader comments

  1. Good to see people in Malta recognise that there need to be confidence building measures to ensure that LGBT people are encouraged to report events that happen to them and believe they will be taken seriously and that criminal justice organisations will support them. Its not about making LGBT a special case – but ensuring that LGBT people are treated fairly and equally.

  2. Hate crimes are hate crimes because attacks on some members of a minority have negative effects on all members of that minority, so there are way more victims than just those that are directly attacked, so the punishment is greater than for a more routine assault and battery.

    If they extend protection to gays, it will also send a message that we are not “fair game”.

  3. Father Ted 24 Jan 2012, 6:52pm

    I believe that homophobes, or people pretending to be homophobes, who troll gay websites with homophobic comments, are guilty of cyber bullying of a minority, which should be a hate crime.

    I wonder if Christian extremists also log on to Jewish or other religious sites, bullying them and making highly offensive and outrageous remarks, and if they did, whether they would be committing any crime?

    1. If you’re a Christian, you should read some of what Jesus said. Do you really think Christ would approve of what you write on this website?

      1. ?????????? I’d seek some help if I was you.

  4. You seem to have had a brain prolapse.

  5. “Malta Gay Rights Movement said a 2003 study showed one in every 10 gay people on the islands are subjected to some form of violence because of their sexual orientation.”

    Yea, I would say hate crime legislation is overdue in Malta.

    I hope Amy is recovering, although she will never forget this horrendous experience.

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