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‘Homophobic’ teacher struck off

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Jan 2012, 5:40pm

    Serves him right! No sympathy for that.

    1. Spanner1960 25 Jan 2012, 9:17am

      Because he was mentally ill? How kind and understanding.

      1. Then being removed as a carer and educator of children was the correct action.

  2. Dan Filson 24 Jan 2012, 5:44pm

    In all the training he had and teaching practice, not one person picked up on his style of language to say nothing of style of teaching? What a disgrace! I recall many years ago in the mid-1960s being shocked to find how few as a % of those going through teacher training colleges were failed (once through the second year, it was below 1%). Nothing has changed. Of course some of those who would otherwise fail are persuaded to drop out or do so of their own volition, but

    1. Maybe he wasn’t mentally ill until after he qualified.

    2. Another Hannah 24 Jan 2012, 7:55pm

      I was going to say myself, whoever trained and passed as fit this wxnker needs to be named, shamed, and struck off. You can’t hide it that long….

    3. Another Hannah 24 Jan 2012, 7:57pm

      Incidentally I doubt the depression or bipolar disorder as a qualified psychiatric nurse with years of experience, and anyway if his beleifs and attitude weren’t bad in the first place no amount of illness could produce the results that have occurred. Went to the right school? Had good contacts?

  3. Excellent to hear the General Teaching Council did its job and gave a robust penalty …

    I think its a measure of the success that despite him appearing to be devious by withholding information from new schools he applied to, the schools where he resigned before disciplinary action could be resolved had referred the matter to the GTC and it continued to investigate in order to protect both pupils and the reputation of the profession.

  4. He sounds psychotic. Why did no one pick up on this sooner?

    1. Because it didn’t seem out of character for a PE teacher???

      1. true, all of mine were nuts- one of them made passes in corridors at most of the sixth form girls, one seemed to think he was in full metal jacket and the other one made us do cross country through a park full of junkies in a blizzard…

      2. Father Ted 25 Jan 2012, 1:11am

        So true. The only teacher who ever hi me was the PE teacher!

      3. Yer PE teachers tend to be psychotic in the first place!

  5. Keep him away from children and the classroom, he sounds dangerous.

    1. He belongs in a psychiatric ward, a.s.a.p.

      1. Maybe. Maybe not. He doesn’t sound physically dangerous. However, it does sound as if he either wasn’t taking his medication, or his condition wasn’t stabilised.

  6. I’ll bet he’s bipolar. He swings between being an abusive tosser and a violent thug.

    1. As you obviously did not read the article completely this is the eith paragraph

      Qualifying as a teacher in 2000, Gibbs found out that he had depression in 2003, and was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2008.

      1. oops that should read eigth

      2. Another Hannah 24 Jan 2012, 7:59pm

        As a psychiatric nurse he sounds like no bipolar or depressive I ever encountered.

        1. No just an adult who will no doubt claim to have been sexually abused/bullied or came from an underprivelaged background thus giving him the “right” to be abusive himself the twonk

        2. Spanner1960 25 Jan 2012, 9:16am

          Well you obviously don’t encounter many then, because I have seen massive mood swings in bipolar people. As a professional, I find your attitude really unacceptable towards people with mental health problems. It is also symptomatic of the approach of society that anybody with a physical problem is treated with care, whereas mentally ill people are simply deemed “nutters”.

          1. PumpkinPie 26 Jan 2012, 1:18am

            I’d be inclined to agree with Another Hannah. Bipolar disorder can’t just turn somebody into a bigot. It may have affected his temperament and judgement, but the hatred and desire to hurt others was all his fault. As were the multiple, rationally thought out, fraudulent job applications.

            I have great sympathy for those with mental illnesses and have a great interest in psychology. That’s precisely why I don’t like seeing vile thugs like this tarnishing the reputation of mentally ill people.

      3. I did. I was being facetious.

    2. Spanner1960 25 Jan 2012, 9:16am

      Ignorant c*nt.

      1. What an ironic thing to accuse someone else of, coming from you Spanner.

  7. DJ Sheepiesheep 24 Jan 2012, 7:38pm

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach PE!

  8. soapbubblequeen 24 Jan 2012, 7:46pm

    Disgraceful person. I hope he can never teach anyone again.

    1. “…Gibbs was struck off the teaching register, is barred from teaching, and cannot challenge this decision for two years.”

      There must be a place for him in the military…or the wrestling ring.

      1. …or just a doctors surgery. The man is clearly in need of help, although how this supposedly explains his homophobia, I do not know.

  9. Paddyswurds 24 Jan 2012, 8:57pm

    I predict a spell at Her Majesties pleasure for this psycho…….and soon.

    1. Certainly a reasonably strong possibility …

      1. Spanner1960 25 Jan 2012, 3:47pm

        I thought you were the one that always “considered all the facts” before making judgemental decisions, Stu?

        1. I didn’t say it was a certainty … just a strong possibility …

          I hope he doesnt

          I hope he gets the help he clearly needs

          I hope he finds a way to put this behind him and move on doing new things with his life …

          I fear, there is a strong possibility he may end up becoming embroiled in the criminal justice system … its not uncommon for those with mental health issues when they face a crisis particularly if their mental health issues manifest themselves as violence or aggression …

  10. so why have the police not been called in and charged him?

  11. He sounds like a pretty fair example of the teachers I met years ago; few of whom should ever have been let anywhere near children.

  12. GingerlyColors 25 Jan 2012, 6:45am

    It’s no wonder why kids are so foul mouthed – they pick it up from their teachers!

    1. I used to work in supply teaching back in the early 2000s and have the rather horrible feeling that I may have been doing some supply work at the school in Brighton mentioned at the beginning of the article at the time Gibbs was there. With me being a Humanities teacher and him PE I never had occasion to interact with him but I DO think I remember him..unfortunately. Do remember folks, non-psycho teachers are also available….

  13. I am a teacher diagnosed with depression and mood swings. I work with challenging students at a Pupil Referral Unit. Some of the students have mental health issues of their own. I am often physically and verbally abused by the students but would never dream of responding in kind. It is right that this teacher was struck off. Homophobia has nothing to do with mental health. Being bi-polar however would have had an effect on his inhibitions and ability to control his actions. He didn’t help himself by hiding his condition…although he may be justified in feeling discriminated against by employers if he disclosed his condition. I really hope that this guy is now able to get the appropriate medical support he clearly needs.

  14. PumpkinPie 26 Jan 2012, 1:10am

    His mental condition is not an excuse for his actions in the absolute slightest. Emotionally and physically abusing young people under his care, and committing fraud to gain these jobs, is very serious business. He needs both psychiatric assistance AND severe punishment. So long as he gets the help he needs, he should also be made to pay for his crimes.

  15. David Skinner shares a lot of this man’s mentally imbalanced traits, I wonder if he was struck off too?

  16. Can someone explain to me how being bi-polar is an acceptable excuse for homophobia?

    I know people suffering form bi-polar condition, and none are homophobic or even close to it. Sounds like we’re confusing the two.

    The man is a bigot. He may have bi-polar condition, but that is mutually exclusive.

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