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Zulu king: Gays are rotten

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Reader comments

  1. Dear “King”,
    I’m willing to bet that the concept of royalty and homophobia were completely unknown to your people until missionaries arrived.
    Gay relationships are not rotten. Homophobia is.

  2. Helen Wilson 23 Jan 2012, 10:57am

    It seems he is ignorant of his own African history, why would all African languages have names for same sex relationships if they never existed?

  3. This coming from a Man with 6 wives and 27 children.

    1. Don’t sound very christian to me.

      1. Perhaps because he isn’t

  4. Dr Robin Guthrie 23 Jan 2012, 10:58am

    Oh look. Christians again…..

    Stupid ignorant fool.

    1. Isn’t he animist, not Christian?

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 23 Jan 2012, 11:58am

        Your right enough.

        Also. He is a big advocate of HIV/AIDS education.

        Apart from this stupid comment, he comes across as a good progressive leader.

        I wonder what prompted his outburst?

        1. ………Progressive how? The man is a fool.

    2. Oh, look. Someone is blaming Christians in general. Again.

      1. Dave North 23 Jan 2012, 5:06pm

        Usually it is………..

        They have gained a reputation of sorts….

  5. This “King” should marry “Pope” Ratzinger, they would make a perfect couple.

  6. I guess Pope Ratzinger might have to settle for being the 7th wife of this polygamous King

  7. In other reports on this its interesting to see the response of the President of South Africa:

    “President Jacob Zuma, [who shared the stage with Zwelithini, did not directly respond to the king’s remarks.

    Instead, he said: “Today, we are faced with different challenges . challenges of reconciliation and of building a nation that does not discriminate against other people because of their colour or sexual orientation.””

  8. Firstly, this isn’t a post made out of ignorance. I used to live in KwaZulu-Natal and frequently made trips up to Ulundi and other Zulu communities.

    Zulu men, even married ones, think nothing of having 10 or 20 sexual partners in a week. Whilst most of this extra-relationship sex is consentual, the incidence of rape in Zulu communities is extremely high, and a majority of Zulu women will be raped at least once during their lifetimes.

    I would think the King has plenty of home grown actual rotten sexual behaviour amongst “his” people to worry about without trying to push that label onto other groups.

    Oh, and er…Vote ANC ;-)

    1. Barbaric.

  9. All this tells me is their educational system is severly lacking. Homosexuality has een in existence since mankind first opened its eyes.

  10. another idiotic king
    all royalty is rotten
    i am now in South africa
    and there are more gay zulus than he could care to take on . royalty is a shame .
    gay is to be proud of .

  11. “Before the arrival of white man, Africans lived in tribal groups under different kings. In Southern Africa there lived tribes such as Zulu, Venda, Khosa, Shangaan, Kwa Ndebele etc. Each major tribe was ruled by a king with the help of chiefs who lorded over the clans under them. Fights and wars were common between tribes. The conquering tribe would kill all the men and take away the women and children and make them wives and slaves.”

    A rotten culture or what?

  12. Art Pearson 23 Jan 2012, 3:43pm

    So, a friendly JO session between two Zulu Warriors is not gay?

    1. …said the Negro King. rofl

  13. The stereotype on the Zulus is that they are ignorant goons. Well done to their the king for validating this!

  14. Naff off Keith! go and spread your Christian troll anti-gay filth somewhere it will be appreciated.

  15. GingerlyColors 25 Jan 2012, 6:40am

    No Goodwill from him then.

  16. When I saw this idiots name I lol’d so hard.

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