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Olivia Newton-John greases wheels for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. I love Olivia. She is a great ally to our community.

  2. Check out Livvy’s new single!

  3. It is great to see all these famous people speaking out in support of same sex marriage. It really does make a difference.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jan 2012, 4:56pm

    What does that say about our own major celebrities? Not one of them has declared support for it, absolutely shameful. Only in America and Australia does this happen, never here. Are they indifferent or just don’t care about the rights of people many of whom have helped made them stars?

    1. It’s not really the same. Here we are already winning the argument. There is no serious resistance within the various Parliaments and Assemblies, the only obstacle for marriage equality is the politicians who nearly all support it wanting to appear as if they’ve seriously considered there to be an alternative. So it’s taking time, but we’ll get it.

      In Australia and the USA there is no federal level recognition of same-sex relationships at all, let alone proper marriage equality, and in both countries there are well-organised opposition groups to that situation ever changing.

      That’s why the celebs are speaking out in favour. Every voice counts.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jan 2012, 7:56pm

        David, i hope you’re right. What about our enemies in the House of Lords? They could delay it for up to two years. Then what happens? My limited knowledge of our system I believe says that the bill could be passed in parliament with or without the House of Lords approving it. Correct me anyone if I’m wrong.

  5. “Love is Love” God Bless Olivia Newton John

  6. Good for her!

  7. carrie baker 24 Jan 2012, 4:04am

    Many people who out an about with are without titlles, your just people, and if you harm someone are peoples human rights are sexually or assault they must be occosted, people have no business meddling in other people lives, and relations who are in love with each other , or have friendly congenial relationships, where no body is getting hurt in them , unlike hetersexual laisons, rape and murder and combustive violatile and dangerous connections, wicked untrustworthy people, dangerous to be around and especialy without serious investigations to what type a person are people they are. many children and women are dead, right now because of bad connections to hetersexuals, moslty men , but some men and women, The nations needs more transparency on the hetersexual abuses an cirmes against people an children, the body count is un countable, The gay commuity must protect their families from their dangers, they must not bring their bad behavior into their communities, they must remain loving

  8. carrie baker 24 Jan 2012, 4:13am

    There is a gay student in Missouri right now that is being harrassed by her school adminsitrations, and the Aclu must get down there and sue the school for her harrassment, and the fact that they have been working with businsesses of hate , trying to not allow the gay and hetero alliances print their human rights t shirts, of fairness, the lgbt community and glaad, and other lgbt activist, rosie and ellen, get down their and donate the whole gay and hetero alliance groups their t shirts, get this young peace maker of human rights cards to stores with discounts an free material for her alliance and publications for her angqish as well, you must not tolerate, wicked hate crimes and hate mongers to keep trying to silence human rights and the civil rights moment;um of justice against injustice , full eq;uality, and peace, in their families and relations, an un harrasses lives must be the mandate, the cities as well as countries mus fall in line with human rights, or be reprimanded,

  9. GingerlyColors 24 Jan 2012, 6:45am

    Drop an Olivia Neutron Bomb on a homophobic country!

  10. The comment should be made that it’s not going to be “quashed” by the opposition.

    The opposition isn’t being allowed a conscience vote on the matter where as the Labor Party is. Now with those two things combined it’s not likely that a marriage equality bill would get passed namely as we have a fearless leader who is opposed to same-sex marriage (or marriage in general – who knows!).

    If the opposition was allowed a conscience vote it may be a different matter entirely…

    But then again I question the value of a conscience vote in a democracy. I always thought elected representatives were meant to represent their electorates not their party or their own “beliefs”.

    Also @David we have recognition of de-facto relationships. So my partner and I have the same level of legal protection as a heterosexual de facto couple. Similar to civil unions. But we don’t have same-sex marriage – it’s a very small but a very large difference (if that makes sense).

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