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Jane Lynch to get ‘authentic gay life’ honour

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Reader comments

  1. I just feel like face palming at times. These awards are a joke. ‘ authentic ‘ …. So what the rest of us aint doing it properly >.>

    I wouldnt give her an award for equality rights work. At times what she says is questionable and has been just a bit unhelpful to the gay part of the lgbt community.

    But oh well summat for the CV i suppose.

  2. Sharp, funny and daring character. Don’t know much about her private life so all the best in that area but so far she is a kick ass actress an a good role model if you need one.

    1. A “good role model” for LGBT youth does not defend homophobes.
      A “good role model” for LGBT youth does not promote the bigoted agenda of a homophobic industry (Hollywood).

      As much as I am torn by this, I really do like Jane Lynch, her recent comments on various topics lead me to believe that she may not be entirely “in touch” with the LGBT community and its issues.

  3. Peter S. (formerly 'FengLong') 23 Jan 2012, 4:30pm

    Not exactly the most eloquent of speakers, is she~

    Sarah Palin eat your heart out!

  4. Speaking as an inauthentic homosexual….I mean…how can I even begin to describe how inappropriate the use of the term authentic is…and devaluing. It seems to award people for their authenticity and therefore plces some above others. I feel re-branding is due.

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