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Gareth Thomas favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother

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Reader comments

  1. Why does every news story and Gareth or otehr gay celebrities always begin with “Gay this or Gay that”? The fact that someone is gay should be irrelevant. You never read a story about David Beckham as “straight footballer David Beckham”. Leave the labels at the door. Good luck to Gareth though, hope he does win.

    1. Please ignore my typing errors, I hope readers understnad my point?

    2. It should be irrelevant, but it isn’t. In a society still so homophobic, where images of us are generally either negative or non-existent, successful lgbt people need to have a high profile and shown achieving things in popular culture. Nobody says ‘straight footballer…’ only because heterosexuality is the assumed default, and is still the assumed condition of somebody identified with, admired or perceived as successful. Explicitly identifying public figures as lgbt helps to educate society that these qualities are also attained or possessed by people it has and continues to stigmatise.

  2. Good for him. I’m not particularly a Big Brother fan but the few times I have tuned in he seems the most likable and genuine.

  3. Yawn. Have you nothing better to do with your time?

  4. Let madsen win or he may. Utmoff your ear !

  5. “Tongue in cheek”?!
    Is Steele really that witty?

  6. You don’t seem too keen on spelling or punctuation either.

  7. I like Gareth, and I thinks hes a great ambassador for sport, Wales and gay men …

    Big Brother though – really, who cares …?

    1. Big Brother has alot of fans. Just not all of us admitt it. lmao!

      1. Each to their own ….

  8. I really hope Gareth wins. He is a good ambassador for the gay and lesbian community.

  9. I have really liked this years celebrity big brother. Gareth and Natalie are/were my favourite housemates.

  10. Find this guy dull as piss. Very boring. And disagree that he is a great ambassador for gay men, as someone pointed out. A weak man who comes out in later life,adding to his deceit by marrying a woman to create a beard, yea some role model.

    1. Piss isn’t dull, you just need to know what to do with it.

  11. WHATS WRONG WITH RUGBY!! oh… and shut it you homophobe… but still… rugby is a beautiful game! its amazing and requires genuine strength and stamina to master! unlike football where all you do is kick a ball and get paid millions. When you develop the balls to play genuine rugby, and not the pathetic ‘tag rugby’ get back to me, ok? xx

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