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Ex-South African president: Ugandan anti-gay bill makes no sense

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Reader comments

  1. No it make no senses like a lot of things Christians do today but the Christians from America are involved in pushing the new law to kill gays in Uganda and other places as well. Everybody knows the Christians want to kill gays because their bible tells them to do it and that make them terrorist and murderers. The are using Uganda’s government as the hit men or the hang men so they can pretend that they are not the ones who did it. These Christians are a tricky bunch and need to be watched all the time now.

    1. can i just say, not all christians are homophobes. Its not fair to take a minority from the group, and the use them to lable it. You cant lable an entire group of people like that. And in the new testement, if you actually read it, it mentions nothing about homosexuality. The old testement does, the new one doesnt.

      1. What difference does it make? The old testement appears in the bible and so people so inclined to believe stories from 2000 years ago will view it as legit. That will always be good enough for them.

        1. i understand this, but what i’m saying is dont judge a community by the minority that resides inside of it. Just because a puplisised minority are ignorant bigots, does not mean you can say all christians are out to get us! It’s a little hypocritical. people say they call us stereotypes, judging us, and yet we’re doing the exact same thing to them. Why cant we judge the individuals rather than the minorities??? I’m sorry this was a bit of a rant, but i believe all should be accepted, regardless of religion, gender and sexual preferance. ok… rant over

    2. Kenneth Barr 26 Jan 2012, 4:24pm

      There are Christians, such as my congregation in New York and others throughout the United States, who are actively advocating for human rights for all, including the LGBTTQ community. In the United Methodist Church, the organization at the head of the fight is Reconciling Minitries Network (RMN). We will be on the floor at the upcoming General Conference in Tampa this April, fighting to remove the homophobic language from our Book of Discipline. There are other organizations in Christian denominations doing the same thing, some with a high degree of success. This is also true of all other religious faiths. For us Christians, Acts 10:15 has secial meaning here, “What God has cleansed, you will not profane.”

  2. Jennie Kermode 23 Jan 2012, 5:41pm

    Sadly it still makes sense politically. That is, it provides not only convenient scapegoats but also a simple means of framing and disposing of political opponents.

    Sadly, the bill is not dead. Every now and again there is a renewed push to get it heard. We must remain vigilant, and stand by those Ugandan politicians who have both the political dignity and the courage to seek to govern without such ugly tools.

  3. Sister Goodlove 23 Jan 2012, 5:44pm

    What’s brought on this attack of sanity in Mbeki.

    From The Guardian: Mbeki Aids denial ’caused 300,000 deaths’

    South African president’s refusal to accept medical evidence of virus was major obstacle to providing medicine, say Harvard researchers

  4. Battles have been won on this matter and more will be fought …

    Mbeki has made his view clear that the bill is illegitimate …

    Its an immoral and inhumane bill. No right minded politician could ever bring such incendiary and vile law in place. I hate the use of Godwins law but there is a direct corrolary in this case … think Pink triangles and yellow stars … Does Uganda really want to repeat the events that occurred in Europe 70-80 years ago (but in Africa this time)?

  5. Sophie Gale 23 Jan 2012, 6:49pm

    What is even odder is the fact that the Nigerian version of the same thing passed with but a whisper of coverage within the media. Sad to see political considerations clouding an honest debate in that instance.

  6. Sister Goodlove 24 Jan 2012, 2:22am

    And you seem to have it right up you. :-)

  7. carrie baker 24 Jan 2012, 3:35am

    All of these African and uncivilized countries must reconstructure to human rights and those who ab;use it must be courtmarshed and reprimanded an sanctioned the dictactors of it as well as genocides must be removed and resigned and courtmarshalled for crimes against humanity, MBeki, the ex president of U:nganda who is now condeming the racist president of Uganda right now for hate crimes against the country needs to run again if he hasnt commited any other abuses against the people, for another office in Uganda on behalf of the human rights of their country and the famiiles, along with the election of a human rights woman president for the African countries, and attached gay officials presiding , to remove the militas terrorism and corruption out of the African parliments, The :Ugandas parliment of hate instigators and abusers, must be removed, and other countries who are uncivilized as well, they must be overhauled immediatly for the saftey of children and families and tourims

  8. carrie baker 24 Jan 2012, 3:44am

    MBeki the ex president of Uganda, said well, when he stated that it is none of the african ugandas parliments business nor anyone elses, who two consenting adult who are in love are marrying are dating each other, he said we, he said it is their private affair an business an people who are adult have a right to be happy and in love with who they love, an get along with as long as they are adult an adults an consenting love an freindship towards each other, young adults date young adults , and or off limits to adults at all times and that would be the crime, rape , sexual harrasment and unwanted harrasment of one to another one being a stalker victumizing another is different , thats not love and consenting, thats a crime, you must no the difference, people in love with each and like each other, want to be together, the same, one person that dont like the other is off limits to the others obssesion with them thats not a relationship, thats a crime, These hetero bigots must be stopped

    1. Mbeki is the ex president of South Africa not Uganda ….

  9. carrie baker 24 Jan 2012, 3:48am

    All countries must become a full people government and a democracy for the people acting on an for the people, and they must not be deterred from human rights again, their focus must be stable an for the people and their famiiles and their economy, and any one in any parliment who threatens the citizens an their families and children peaceful freedoms, and human right must be courtmarshalled and arrested for crimes against humanity of the people, they must be removed

  10. carrie baker 24 Jan 2012, 4:52am

    All Foreign countries and as well as the united states , ,must not be found in human rights violations of people, Malowaians, parliments and abusive satanic occults, must be taken to the IPPF , internationanl human rights commitees, and them and countries task forces of human rights from Europe and Britain and Us. must act swiftly an take out of parliment, and courtmarshlal any dictactor or occult religions trying to violate the womens rights as well, theirs clothing is none of the business of men, women are grown, they are not mens chidlren they are thier own entity, men are out of control and arrogantly evil and abusing the societies every where, thats why many are in jail thier terrorist and abuser. they are no good, th;ey cannot govern the dicks in thieir own pants to make them stop rapping their children and women and committing violent attacks on others, , So how the hell can the monsters govern properly legislations and protoclale of honor and liberty and saftey of a country

    1. All “foreign countries” and the United States …

      hmmmmm would “All nations” not have been a better description – or do you feel the US is superior?

      Why court marshall … where is the military involvement?

      Struggling to understand any of your rational … perhaps sit down, think and calmly put it into sentences before posting rather than spouting rhetoric?

  11. carrie baker 24 Jan 2012, 4:59am

    The nations must continue to ban barakas, and all human rights abuses of women and gay communtieis, all countries must get to humanitarian efforts for their countries people an famiiles, an building an creating shelters for all in need, clean water wells against collera, an other deseases, an necessary hospitals and aid for their ailing, there must not be no tolorence for neglect from the parliments an government s of the people and their families and their country , their paid well, to help the people not to become greedy demons with wicked selfish abusive personal agendas, all parliment must be watched by the human rights orgs, and nations and international human rights courts, the abuse of citizens have been bewildering, Action must be taken, They are to get proper saftey and structures for thier children liberties as children to live happy free lives out of terrorism, not under oppression and repression governments, which are suppose to be minding and helping with humanitariasm

  12. carrie baker 24 Jan 2012, 5:05am

    In all countries including us , Women an children are to wear their own individual clothing they are their own individual selves, the creeps of men have to mind their own business and pull their own draws up and keep their dicks in them, they are the number one problem and crime in our nation, how dare they try an tell women an others how to dress, other than dont go out necked in the sstreets because we te men are animals and beasts and we cannot govern our dicks an we become rappest and murders, we gansters, and thugs , so we cannot be civilized and safe around you and your children, the hetero wicked demons these men, women are to wear pants and warmups in the winter because its cold, and if they j;ust like them them and their kids assholes, and in the summer they wear decent length shorts them and their kids with short sleeve shirts because its hot you assholes and because its unhealthy and unsafe not to in the wintter or summer to dress appropeiate for the weather, you sycho terr

    1. Carrie, f*** off. Really, do.

  13. I hate religion. Scripts written by people with all the social prejudices of their time, miss-translated and rewritten to fit prejudices throught history.

    None of it is the words of a deity only what people say it is. Full of vague wordings wronly interpreted, used all with the aim to control people.

    Uganda has allowed themselves to be controlled for decades by people who push their prejudices under the veil of the words of God and Ugandans continue to lack the education to develop a sense of rationality, understanding and free thinking. Instead lead by religious preachers spouting words of hate.

    Its so sad peope live by a book and so easily commit such horrors and cause people so much suffering brcause of words on a piece of paper. That they obviously dont read it properly as they would see no specific condemnings of gay people but numerous examples of what they do is wrong.

    We are all in Gods image, let ye not judge lest ye be judged, he without sin cast the first stone.

    1. Love thy neighbour, god is compassion and forgivness, jesus died for our sins, only God may judge us. We can not judge each other.

      The list is pretty long. People need to open their eyes. You can have faith but your own religion says to accept and love and pray god may judge and forgive. Its not for you to force your beliefs, judge and condemn based on your own values which your religion says are impure and makes you incapable of such an act.

      Im not religious and i know all this. Shows how poorly educated people are and frankly how stupid they are.

      1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jan 2012, 3:28pm

        Take your religion and shove it up your arse.

  14. And this coming from an ex-gay with a drink problem?

    Anyone here think he’s anything but a fool?

    No, didn’t think so.

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