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Video: Gay girl forced to use boys’ changing room

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  1. Monty Crisco 24 Jan 2012, 3:25pm

    So the PE teacher thought it ok that a female should undress in front of all the boys? In other words it’s better to totally humiliate a young lesbian, and embarrass a roomful of boys, rather than slightly embarrass some girls? The teacher should be sacked.

    1. Another Hannah 24 Jan 2012, 5:13pm

      I agre totally, this is utterly ridiculous, any civilsed country would not only have sacked the teacher long ago, but have charged here with a crime of which they must be guilty. What is going on in this country? I have no confidence in any state institutions at all these days – not even the basics are up together!!!!!

      1. This is totally wrong …

        The school needs to be revealed and they need to explain a) what action is being taken to prevent a repeat and b) how the teacher handling this has been dealt with …

        However, stretching this incident to say that all public sector organisations (and by implication all public servants) do not act appropriately is a huge (and as a public servant, offensive) jump

        1. Another Hannah 24 Jan 2012, 8:02pm

          I didn’t say all public orgs were bad Stuart. My poin tis given happening like these how can know if the one you are going to is OK?

          1. @Hannah

            I’m sorry but when you said you had no trust in any state organisation at all … it seemed to me you were inferring that all behaved in a similar fashion …

            Thats what I found offensive …

            How can you know the one you are using will be ok … I guess the honest answer is you can’t …

            There are bad apples everywhere – public and private sector … many of them are identified and dealt with … some of them (such as the homophobic teacher referred to elsewhere on PN today) are more difficult to identify, but are identified later … the vast majoirty are honest, decent, hard working and care for those people they work with and for …

            People such as the teacher who acted in the appalling way revealed in this story should be dealt with appropriately …

            Its hard for people to trust I guess, but the bad apples hit the press., the good ones rarely do – they just get on and do the job …

  2. Paul J Burgess 24 Jan 2012, 3:27pm

    I knew this would go viral, and am glad it has. However, we at PTT have been begging for some coverage from Pinknews for the last two years. PLEASE help us talk about the solutions too.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Excuse my lack of knowledge, whats PTT?

      1. Now, whoever marked that comment down – could you explan why … not because I am bothered … but I dont know the answer to a question and I sought to find out the answer – wheres the problem with that?

  3. I was bisexual, but really didn’t understand. I liked guys, but had a sexual desire for women. Nobody knew and the first person I told was my (now ex) husband. It took me another 16 years to finally be with a woman. At school it was so hard as the guys never wanted to be my boyfriend, and I was ashamed of my sexuality (and also confused) as it was taboo back then!
    Glad I finally came out, and I am with an amazing woman now. My advice is go with the feeling.

  4. I don’t think anyone should have to get changed in the same room as someone else. I never liked it when I had to.

    1. Particularly embarrassing at that age too

  5. How horrible and truly mean spirited. The teachers and administrators should be severely disciplined for this and the education authorities should be ensuring this never happens again. They put this girl’s safety at risk as well as causing her untold embarrassment.

  6. The current story on Eastenders is certainly not helping to make things better for gay kids.

    1. michael nadin 24 Jan 2012, 4:04pm

      its really discusting that in 2012 this is still allowed to happen.

  7. What would they do if she said she was bisexual?

    The teacher really doesn’t get it. Embarrassment works both ways. I’m sure some of the lads would have been embarrassed just as the young girl was by changing in the same room as them.

    Sack the teacher.

  8. I am really shocked! Does this really go on in Britain today?

  9. Keith Farrell 24 Jan 2012, 5:20pm

    sorry this hasgot me flustered, why dont the schools get taken to court, this sort of treatment of young people should not be allowed

    1. They do sometimes, Keith

      Sometimes complaints arent made, or if they are some of those handling them do not take them seriously enough …

    2. Another Hannah 24 Jan 2012, 8:04pm

      This is the reason for making sure people feel safe in making complaints and dealing with problems. If somebody LGBT has experince of being abused for complaining about bad treatmentt, they will be disinclined to say anything.

      1. Hannah

        Now there I completely agree with you – there is generally a reluctance (for a variety of reasons – but one of them being lack of confidence) for LGBT people to make complaints whether to police, schools, NHS or whatever …

  10. The actions of the teachers are criminal not to mention the children who attack and harm the gay children. Everybody knows that the Christians have pushed their agenda on the bullies and their parents to make it possible for them to think they can get away with harming others and getting away with it. The only way to deal with these teachers are to take them to court and sue them and then because it will cost the school money then they will do something. Get lawyers kids and sue them and give the money to LGBT groups who fight to ensure the safety of gay kids for a start. It is time to stop the madness and the haters before they harm any more children.

  11. can u really sue the school for this? Anyone know for sure?

    1. Depending on what sort of school it is will depend on who can be sued …

      It could be the LEA, the governing body, the board (if its an Academy) etc

      You may well have to prove that the school management have not stopped this happening and had an opportunity to do so … but in considering that you can look at both the response to any concerns and complaints made by pupils and / or parents and the policies and procesures in place at the school and the disciplinary record of relevant teachers …

  12. My experience in my all girls state school as a bisexual was that the girls, not the p.e. teachers themselves, made me get changed in the toilets, but they were quite lax and normally totally forgot. I was offended, but it was not as bad as it was for my best friend who came out and was forced to get changed in the toilets. I think its only now with a few years hindsight at university we can appreciate that it was just a new form of segregating the ‘other’. Both my friend and I suffered extreme bullying in school, physical and verbal threats and violence were the norm. If it had been because of racism I am positive the school would have taken more action. It must be tackled and not just talked about and the penalties should be the same nationally and implemented nationally.
    not as bad for my gay friend who went by that because that was the least of the bullying.

  13. Doesn’t surprise me if I’m honest. I’m from Oldham. The town is ridiculously segregated anyway so social/cultural groups are already very detached. Things like this just don’t get discussed at all within schools to my knowledge, and if it is it’s only as a PSHE (personal social health education) subject where it is emotionally detached from those in the classroom. I remember being in an Oldham school and homosexuality was discussed as a Religious Studies module for GCSE. It was as if it didn’t happen in this school and was a purely ‘theoretical’ idea. It is good though (and I know this from seeing it around) that Oldham itself has groups for LGBT people. They just need to get them into the schools more.

  14. When I came out at school, several girls in my class refused to get changed with me for P.E, so my teacher told them they were welcome to get dressed in the hallway!!

    Couldn’t express to that teacher how much they made my day :)

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