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Pride London’s chair to retire

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Reader comments

  1. i bet people like recto-something and his aliases roy and sal will attend the world pride, have fun girls

  2. David Wainwright 19 Jan 2012, 2:59pm

    Hopefully with this mans resignation Pride can return to being a more political movement aimed at improving the lot of LGBT people, particularly teenagers , time for a move away from The Vanity Fair style for which it has become known in recent years . PRIDE IS A PROTEST .

    1. Seems like such and odd time for him to step down – surely World Pride would have been his crowning moment? That said, I agree with you David Wainright and hope that the committee can put the politics back into Pride – it shouldn’t just be all about the bars, clubs, booze and money!

    2. de Villiers 19 Jan 2012, 9:05pm

      Perhaps for you, it’s a protest. It all sounds a bit victim-orientated to desire that. I prefer a celebration.

      1. David Wainwright 21 Jan 2012, 10:53am

        Yes de Villiers for you and your kind a celebration is preferable, whilst young people are being bullied and driven to suicide , whilst the BBC continues to promote homophobia and ignore Pride the capitals 2nd biggest annual event on the Calendar , year after year giving it no or little coverage . Carry on partying, don’t let us interfere with your fun, it is possible to celebrate ones being and to also make a difference whilst doing so , stop being so selfish , PRIDE did not begin as a party but has always been a celebration . It is time it went back to its roots as a catalyst for change and focused on a direction , in 2012 that should be BULLYING of our teenagers and should be dedicated to Roger Crouch and his work done in the name of his son Dominic . But you just carry on burying your head in the sand de Villiers and pretend everything is OK .

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