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Gareth Thomas in ‘£7m shandy takeover’

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Reader comments

  1. Great how long before he targets the gays. This man is getting on my nerves and he is not my role model

    1. Well when I was younger he would certainly have been a great role model for me. We just had laughing stocks who weren’t able to come out anyway.

      1. Your idea of a gay role model , is a man that took until he was in his 30s to admit he was gay, whilst being deceitful in a relationship with a woman , even marrying her so as to create a beard. And he certainly has made a laughing stock of himself by his big brother appearance licking up to the to some of the women like a gay best friend cliche.

      2. Ray I assume you were the laughing stock? Thomas just came out and instead of paying his dues and keeping his head down he’s all over the place as some sork of gay spokes man. I saw him on this morining once(I had the flu) not long after he came out and I wanted to tell him to shut his foolish mouth he has nothing to offer and he is the laughing stock. I give him 5 years until the breakdown

        1. Yes, perhaps in my early teens I should have made more of an effort to recognise that someone like Larry Grayson was the role model for me. How remiss of me.

  2. Gay shandy now.

    “I wouldn’t fancy” the bed next to Thomas either’

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 18 Jan 2012, 12:43pm

    Bugger, I misread that as hand shandy.

  4. Helen Wilson 18 Jan 2012, 1:07pm

    Are we sure this is a true report?

    It reads like a joke to me.

    1. Its true. Do some research – he has gone into business with Sean Smith Assocs who have bought it for him to run along with Gar Williams – also a former welsh rugby international.

  5. puts a new meaning to BOTTOMS UP…

    why do so many go on about Gareth Thomas hes pretty ugly….lol

  6. Gareth Thomas needs better advice/representation.

    1. Agreed. His management seem amateurish in he extreme. Even his domain name (URL) has been snatched because his management have been too slow and stupid to secure and maintain it! And as for Big Brother………

  7. GingerlyColors 19 Jan 2012, 6:46am

    Shandy, rugby players and the LGBT community seem quite an odd mix to me. For a start rugby players wouldn’t drink anything weaker than 5%ABV. As for a rugby-team out on the razz . . .

    1. I wouldn’t say rugby players and the gay community were an odd mix:

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