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US teen ‘killed himself weeks after It Gets Better video’

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Reader comments

  1. I’m Sorry you flet that you had to take such drastic action Ericjames. I hope the peace you sought is now yours. RIP Brave man

  2. RIP

    There is a lot of false hope being put around by that campaign. Real action needs to be taken and kids must put their safety before comming out.

    And while I will not condone violence I would prefer to take a couple of the bullies with me

    1. I totally agreed with you right up until your comment about taking others out prior to commiting suicide yourself which I would never condone and is an abhorrent thought.

      I second your previous comment about the potential naivity of the campaign, with very young men and women who are still extarordinarily vulnerable and going through the crap that society throws at them exposing themselves when they still have much work to do to make them truly strong against those that choose to hurt them.

      1. Ok it was a bit much.

        I am angry at kids being encouraged to come out so bloody early.

        Life is not glee or will and grace, the kids must put their safety first and we should let them know that staying in the closet for your own safety is not cowardice. That is the exact opposite of the message kids get nowadays from older gay people living in safe cities.

        People are seen as weak or ashamed until they are out and usually on other people terms.

        No one will get the inner strength they need to survive by being pressured to come out cause gaga says it’s ok.

      2. David Myers 18 Jan 2012, 7:18am

        I don’t believe the problem is that the “It gets better” campaign gives false hope (it doesn’t in the longer term – measured in years – or at least getting out of high school!). It is because making an “It gets better video” on a public space such as youtube opens you to being specifically targeting by homophobes who count each of these suicides as a “success” for their hate focussing campaigns. Disgusting! I think the “It Gets Better” campaign is very good and very true, but it might want to warn video posters about the potential for organized hate crime retaliation on those very sites, so that the poster is well warned and is hopefully already able to reject that kind of personalized organized hate campaign and that they also have a strong and actively connected support network to support them when those hate campaigns strike.

        1. I disagree.

          The campaign should be it gets better but you have to be strong to get through the hard times. the vid I linked says I happy now I should have come out sooner, why wait do it now.

          It does not take into account personal circumstances and should not encourage kids to come out.

          Where is the national phone or internet support. That should be a priority

  3. So sad. Although we don’t know why EricJames Borges did this, I do think it shows that the effects of homophobic bullying and rejection are far-reaching and profound.

    So very sad.

    1. I would add betrayal to the list. Being duped by family and friends you thought you could trust can be as damaging. I think I would have been better off if I had been thrown out

      1. 100% agree with you.

  4. A beautiful EricJames shows great courage in delivering a sad and at times emotional video with a message of hope for others. So shocking that he then felt that that message was not enough for him to carry on. A powerful video that should be shown to all those bigots who fight so stupidly aginst the rights of people who simply want to be treated as equal. RIP

  5. Julianna Smith 17 Jan 2012, 6:09pm

    Every article I’ve read that involves bullying would really cut my heart into pieces. And I am sure that it’s also hard on their parents itself. Furthermore, upon reading this news about this suicide of a talented man, makes me feel regretful. If only we could full force to stop this bullying, this hurtful incidents should have been lessed or better yet be vanished. The idea of my children being harmed or lost is not something anyone wants to consider. And I was reading this blog on anationofmoms and found an article that spoke of a service to protect my family. It said that if I followed the service on twitter, I would enter the drawing for 6 months free of service. Check out the article:

  6. Robin Evans 17 Jan 2012, 7:51pm

    I don’t blame him, who would choose to live in a world that encourages people to kill themselves over nothing… He’s better off I think…

    To his so called parents “SHAME ON YOU!”

  7. Please gay kids and people stop killing yourselves. We need you to defeat the real enemy who wants us to kill ourselves, the Christian religion. Do something about them not to yourself. It is the Christians in the west and the Muslims in the east who want to kill you or harass you until you kill yourself. Do something to stop them before they bully and harass and make one more gay kid or persons to kill themselves. But when you go after the Christian do so in a way that will not get you in trouble, like a protest or expose them for what they do to make hate towards the LGBT people and video them and get proof that they are harming gays and fight back, form groups that fight back, peacefully to educate people and help them understand that we only want peace and love and freedom like everybody else who has Civil and Equal Rights. Fight to get that for yourselves and your friends and the future gay children who God is making and who are born everyday to carry on.

  8. David Myers 18 Jan 2012, 7:21am

    Well, I hope his mother is now “satisfied”, bigoted biche that she is. Guess the exorcism worked, eh? “We had to destroy the village in order to save it” – Viet Nam war justification.

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