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Sweden keeps sterilisation rule for trans recognition

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Reader comments

  1. Given that Sweden is widely considered one of the most tolerant and progressive countries on lgbt issues I find it surprising they have such a vile and out of date law on the books.

    It’s really an affront to human dignity. Shame on the government which claims to support change not having the will or the courage to stand up to the small right wing bloc who stand against human rights and dignity.

    1. Bengt Held 17 Jan 2012, 9:28pm

      Since I am a LGBT-activist in Sweden i want to comment the debate. In the Pinknewsarticle there is the following.

      Fact is that the three liberal parties in the Swedish government, Moderaterna, Folkpartiet and Centerpartiet want to abolish the demand to be sterilized to change your judiciare gender. But the forth party in the government, conservative christdemokratic party Kristdemokraterna wants to keep the demand. But the party are not united, a minority in Kristdemokraterna also wants to abolish the steriliziationdemand.

      The chairman of Christian Democrats Göran Hägglund is defending the current rule, the information in the Pinknewsarticle is false inte that aspect otherwise its information is true.

      There are now mixed signals from the governmentparties, the minister responsible for LGBT-politics have said that there not yet any final compromise abouth the rules for changing judiciary gender.

      1. Bengt Held 17 Jan 2012, 9:32pm

        Continued from the other message.

        I think most of the Swedish people is positive, accept or dont care about abolishing of the demand to be sterilized for changing judiciary gender. Most Swedes dont know much about transsexual, the situation is probably the same in UK and many other countries. If you follow the blogdebate in Sweden last couples of days you can see that around 80 % are AGAINST the demand for steriliziation för transsexuals that want to change judiciary gender. Only conservative blogs defending the current rule.

        In the Swedish parliament only the xenophobic Sweden Democrats and (most part of) Cristian Democrats are defending sterilization as a demand for changing judiciare gender. The two parties represent together about 12 % of the members of the Swedish parliament. All the other Swedish parties (both government and left and green opposition) are strongly against the current sterilizationrule for transsexuals.

        1. By what point will this law be changed?

          Will it be this year?

          If not then why not?

          It is shocking that a country like Sweden which prides itself on its tolerance could maintain such a hideously bigotted law on your stature books.

          1. David

            The law is from 1972, it was the first law in the world regulating changing of judiciary gender. The sterilizationdemand is reflective of the attitudes in the society then. Later there were in many years no debate. But it started inte late 1990´s and 2004 the socialdemocratic government with the support from all other parties in parliament started an investigation of the law. The investigation was finished 2007. Since 2006 Sweden have a liberal-conservative government and after that both the three liberal parties in government and the left and green parties have officially decided that they want to abolish the sterilizationdemand. But the christdemocratic party has blocked such decision.

  2. I have to disagree with you Daniel. I think Sweden is correct in what it is doing.

    1. Helen Wilson 17 Jan 2012, 8:30pm

      What’s the difference between what you are saying and the voices of those who chose to castrate gay men like Alan Alan Turing? Its pure bigoted ignorance!

  3. The Swedish Law is not “vile and out of date”. I agree with the law that requires sterilisation for trans people. It makes sense. Sorry guys, but it is just my opinion, which i am entitled to.

    1. Things have changed dramatically for Transgendered people since 1972, this law needs reviewing. And what right does one small party in the parliament have over the lives of people who have gone through risky and life changing surgery

    2. Helen Wilson 18 Jan 2012, 2:55am

      What’s the difference between what you are saying and the voices of those who chose to castrate gay men like Alan Turing? Its pure bigoted ignorance!

    3. de Villiers 18 Jan 2012, 8:35am

      Who cares if you are entitled to that opinion. Why even bother mentioning your entitlement. It advances your view not one centimetre.

      But you are right – it is just your opinion.

  4. I think the LGBT community should focus on campaigning for at least the basic rights for transgender people in countries were they currently do not have any or very little rights. Sweden and the rest of Scandanavia actually have really good LGBT rights compared to alot of other places in the world.

    1. Er, actually, no. We don’t.

  5. I’m confused. If you’re changing your sex….. Then shouldn’t you change it? >.< I'm sure its more complicated than it sounds…..?

    1. Yes, it’s more complicated than it sounds. Also, some of us (in the sense that genderqueer belong on the trans spectrum), are not entirely happy with any gender or happy with both ends of the spectrum. Nobody should be told or forced by others to form or alter their body to a normativity forced upon the individual by a heteronormative society.

      Gender should not be dependent on body form.

    2. People who transition might store sperm or egg cells (or, if they’re going from female to male, just keep their ovaries etc. intact) in case they want children later. In Sweden this storage is banned if you’re trans.

  6. What happened to you Sweden? You used to be cool.

  7. PumpkinPie 17 Jan 2012, 6:56pm

    Chilling and disgusting.

    And there’s some pretty ignorant or just plain hateful comments up in this thread, too. Disappointing.

  8. GingerlyColors 18 Jan 2012, 2:13am

    Some Christians believe that the Kingdom of God is not a democracy therefore Christianity and democracy do not go together and the Christian Democrat Party is a contradiction. Even Sweden needs to completely separate Church and State in it’s politics and free itself from the constraints of religion if it is to progress. In spite of this Sweden is in the top five best countries to be gay but probably not so good for transgendered people.

  9. In a perfect world there would be no need for any gender classification.

    1. de Villiers 18 Jan 2012, 8:36am

      Really? That sounds counter-intuitive.

    2. Why? Because you’re not happy with your gender classification?:

      Well I’m quite happy with my gender so I’m quite happy with my ‘male’ label.

      A world without gender classifications sounds dull, dull, dull.

    3. Sounds like how the dwarves in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels have it sussed.

  10. Curiously, were Sweden to insist on compulsory sterilisation of any given religous or racial group it would be headline news. Yet when Sweden insists on compulsory sterilisation of transsexuals it barely makes media radar. Conclusion: such, evidences the low status on the socio-economic heirarchical, political pecking order accorded to transpeople.

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