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US cross-dressing sitcom cancelled after two espiodes

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Reader comments

  1. jamestoronto 16 Jan 2012, 6:10pm

    Good riddance. A garbage show from the get go. Not funny. Bad writing. A concept that has been used once too often and is very very dated.

  2. It was protested before it even aired… but ABC went on anyways. I hope they lost a lot of money with that stupid idiotic idea for a show. they could have made bank, if they were serious and did their homework. That tells you how pathetic American show writers are these days. Its all Reality crap or Remakes of shows when there was talent.

  3. Chester666666 18 Jan 2012, 10:30pm

    Some remakes are awesome

  4. SteveDenver 20 Jan 2012, 4:59am

    What is wrong with TV execs? Couldn’t they tell from the onset that this “comedy” was mean-spirited? Good riddance to rubbish.

  5. Kristian_Brandreth 28 Jan 2012, 3:02pm

    As a Trangender Male working as a Female I did not see any humor in the show. I have worked hard to make it as a executive at a major Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas and do not this show was a fair portrayal of Transgenders and Transexuals. Kristian Brandreth

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