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16 January 2012

  • 16th January 2012

    Germany captain: Society cannot accept gay footballers 61

    Philipp Lahm compared football to gladiatorial combat (Photo: Flickr user sdhansay)

    5:06 PM — Bayern Munich and German football captain Philipp Lahm does not believe society is ready to accept gay professional footballers, saying: “The football stadium is rarely politically correct. Football is like gladiatorial combat."

  • First trans teen in Miss England competition leads heat 42

    Jackie Green is the first trans teen to enter (Photo: freshacademy.co.uk)

    4:38 PM — The first transgender teenager to enter the Miss England competition is leading in her heat of the pageant.

  • Israeli trans man gives birth 16

    A patient described "shock" after Yuval Topper's arrival

    4:28 PM — A transgender man in Israel has reportedly become the first in the state's history to give birth. Yuval Topper, 24 had his child at the Sheba Medical Center on Thursday of last week.

  • US cross-dressing sitcom cancelled after two espiodes 5

    The network's entertainment president said he "didn't get" the complaints

    3:47 PM — US television network ABC has axed its new sitcom 'Work It', about a pair of cross-dressing men looking for work, after only two episodes, but its entertainment president said it could be compared with Tootsie.

  • George Clooney: Romney’s gay views on ‘wrong side of history’ 9

    Clooney is set to star in a production of Dustin Lance Black's Proposition 8 play

    2:46 PM — George Clooney doubted Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate over his attitude towards gay rights. Clooney, well known for his liberal attitude, spoke about Romney’s anti-marriage equality stance shortly after picking up a Golden Globe.

  • Chris Bryant attacks Church of England ‘silliness about homosexuality’ 34

    Bryant wrote about the Church's "double speak" on being gay

    1:30 PM — Gay MP Chris Bryant has criticised the Church of England, writing that it “needs to forget its silliness about homosexuality” and its teaching that "homophobia is immoral” and “it’s fine and dandy to be gay just so long as you don’t do anything about it.”

  • Mr Gay UK pledges portion of winnings to HIV charity 32

    Samuel Kneen was crowned Mr Gay UK 2011

    1:14 PM — Newly coronated Mr Gay UK, Samuel Kneen has pledged a portion of his prize money to the HIV/AIDS charity, the Terence Higgins Trust. Kneen, 22, is to give a portion of the £2000 prize money to the charity in support of a friend who was diagnosed with HIV.

  • Call for rainbow flags as Australian Open starts 4

    The call is for a "dignified and colourful" protest

    12:49 PM — As the Australian Open began today, a group is calling for fans to raise rainbow flags to protest in a "peaceful, non-disruptive" way against anti-gay comments made by former tennis champion Margaret Court. Flag-owners are being called on after the former world number one made inflammatory comments about gays last month.

  • Canada to fill ‘gap’ on gay marriage 10

    The Justice Minister said the government was not "reopening the debate"

    11:50 AM — The Canadian Justice Minister has reassured thousands of gay couples who have married in his country that their unions will be recognised there, but admitted there is a "legislative gap" in the rules on foreign nationals' marriages.

  • Lee Steele apologises for ‘tongue-in-cheek’ Gareth Thomas tweet 16

    Steele has reportedly been charged by the FA with bringing the game into disrepute (Photo: Stephen Depoto)

    10:42 AM — Sacked footballer Lee Steele has apologised for his comment about gay rugby star Gareth Thomas in a statement issued by his new club, Nantwich Town FC, but has been charged by the FA for bringing the game into disrepute.

  • Christopher Plummer wins Golden Globe for gay dad role 6

    Plummer took home the award last night

    9:48 AM — Christopher Plummer's performance as a gay father in the film Beginners has won him a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor in a motion picture. Plummer is often remembered for his role as Captain von Trapp, head of the von Trapp family in the 1965 musical The Sound of Music, in which he played a slightly more reserved widower.

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